Well lets put it this way, ive always had this thing about traveling through time, and having a time machine. So i set about making one, i decided that instead of being a vessel to travel in, i would rather have something portable.

Many hours thinking i came to a conclusion. If im going to be traveling through time, the actual time machine would have to be timeless (not out of place in the past, present day, or the future)

So eventually i decided to make something that resembled a time piece, mixed with an old compass, and various other inspirations, some from various steam punk items.

However i did not want to make something that was steam punk, as i personally find alot of steam punk to be a bit over comic like, and a bit to fantastical.

So, heres how i did it.

Materials consist of -

Alot of scrap and junk
corrugated cardboard
Mount card
PVA glue
Super glue
Black paint
Spray paint
Some thicker mount card
A few Special oddments - for me this was the lenses.

Step 1: Building a base

Ok, now the base of my time machine was modeled around two ring type peices of metal, and as with the rest of the -ible, you kinda have to work things out for yourself too!
Firstly, i set about cutting out some ring shaped pieces of card, As you can see from the pics below.

Obviously, you could just create this thing from scratch using cardboard. But i think a good scavinge can always turn a good result - The metal sections in the first picture are off an old repromaster! bout 20,000 pounds worth of kit in there day ( we recently scraped ours)

I basically used these as a shape to trace onto the card.

Cut as many as you like to give it a good depth that your happy with.

I recommend corrugated card as it is easily to get a thick depth, its easy to cut, and great for gluing in later steps.
How can a time machine be built that simply.........does it even work?
iam sending you this reply from the year 4073 if you get this it works but you are proberbly dead by now ?
Are you really real clanger
I you really real
do they even have the internet in the year 4073?
not really iam in a museum using an antique pc that i have come across the huminoids around me have always wanderd what this machine was used for they dont need pc s as they have all been genetically alterd by the goverment and there so called internet is already built in to there molecular structure controled by the new world order
Wow! U look awesome. ...is that how we will look like in year 4073?
Oh my gosh Your really saying the truth! Is the pizza nice in the future? I am from the year 0!
lol, there was pizza in the year zero? <br> <br>0 b.c. or a.d.?
yes it does work, it will take me galloping forwards in time at a rate of 60 seconds per minute
how? you like press a button and set the time and place? can you go to the past?
Technically, you can only GO to the future, not the past.&nbsp; This is because time only flows forward, and you're simply removed from the time stream for whatever length of time.&nbsp; You can LOOK at the past, but you can't change it.<br /> <br /> Anyway, mine is way different; I&nbsp;built the prototype in a suitcase, and now it's inside an old laptop.<br />
<p>Does it actually work?</p>
<p>Can it take galloping into the future at a rate of 1 year per second ?</p>
odd mine takes me forward at 60 minutes per hour
Actually I've read a comment of Mr Skinr<br>Technically, you can only GO to the future, not the past. This is because time only flows forward, and you're simply removed from the time stream for whatever length of time. You can LOOK at the past, but you can't change it.<br>When we goes to future how can we get back to present??????<br>
<p>I would need to change the past and you would need another time machine that will make you go back to the present</p>
<p>Can I buy one from you.</p>
<p>Dear everyone, </p><p>I have a few questions for you: </p><p>1. Is there any way I can create a real working time machine?</p><p>2. Is there any way I can create a device that speaks to me, like a person is speaking to me, without anyone actually saying anything to me, so I can get any answer I want, whether the questions that I ask are positive or negative?</p><p>3. Is there any way I can create a real working teleporter or teleportation device?</p><p>4. Is there any way I can create a device that make me be invisible and/or non-solid?</p><p>5. Is there any way I can create a device (like in question 2) that can do tasks (possible and impossible) as soon as I ask, tell it to, or press a button?</p><p>6. Is there any way I can freeze people and/or create a freeze gun?</p><p>7. Is there any way I can get an instant reply or make someone instantly reply to me?</p><p>8. Is there any way I can create a device that can make me be invincible?</p><p>9. Is there any way I can teleport myself anywhere and/or to any place?</p><p>etc.</p><p>I only want serious answers please.</p><p>Can you please answer/reply to my questions/comments as soon as possible?</p><p>PK2PK2</p>
<p>Dear everyone, </p><p>I have a few questions for you: </p><p>1. May you please send me some Instructables on how to build a real working simple time machine with a modern sport wrist watch or anything else?</p><p>2. Is there any way to use time travel without the symptoms and side effects (de-stabilising the space-time continuum, changing history, memory loss, creating a modified timeline, creating a paradox, etc.)?</p><p>3. Is there any way I can become my younger self when I travel through time?</p><p>4. Is there any way I can travel through time back to a certain date without feeling like I have done anything?</p><p>5. Is there any way I can go back to a time before the time machine was made and have things exactly they were at that time?</p><p>6. Is there any way for me to make my brain function exactly the same way it did on that date?</p><p>7. Is there any way for me to feel exactly the same way I did on that date?</p><p>8. Is there any way for me to have exactly the same thoughts I had on that date?</p><p>9. Is there any way for me to have exactly the same interests that I had, do and even say exactly the same things and words that I did and even said, and be in exactly the same place that I was on exactly the same time and place on that date?</p><p>10. Is there any way for me to travel back and/or forward in time without me being in a different timeline, universe, or even changing history, etc.?</p><p>etc.</p><p>I only want serious answers please.</p><p>PK2PK2</p>
Can this work?
I have big space for made it and I want to be a part of this.. But I'm always laps I don't know where I mistake.. I always try to setup of inductance with register for good response by invertor but it always fall in down..
Here's mine!
<p>Can you give me a list of the materials I need ?</p>
Great work! I love the use of the number 'ticker' dial. And a good arrangement of cogs. How long did you spend on that?
Thanks! I gathered parts from Salvation Army stores for about a month, then put it together one Saturday. Very fun. Friends and family already think I'm a little crazy because of the Hobbit Hole (see <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cjjl3lVdx),">http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cjjl3lVdx),</a> so when I told them I was making a time machine, they all just nodded and gave knowing looks. One store clerk asked me when I would get it finished. &quot;Does it matter?&quot; I asked, &quot;It's a time machine--I will get it done last week!&quot; Thanks for the inspiration!<br/>
Haha, that is a good story! My family has become used it it now, so when i tell them I'm building a pulse rifle its the norm.
O, your comment has made my day. Talk about LOL, my roommate is getting scared.
Great answer!
this is how it works very simple
<p>Can you show all the instructions in a more clear way ?</p>
i made one and it looks awesome. its bigger than this one and i call mine the flux machine.
nice one! any chance of some pictures?
here you go.
<p>Can you travel through time with this ?</p>
nice job, i like the use of old computer drives inside!
the biggest piece which is on the middle is a motor from a drill.
even better!
no but i can get them
I went another direction with mine...
<p>Can you travel through time with this ?</p>
nice, good job there! i like the funky bit in the bottom left corner, and those wires also look sweet. thanks for posting a picture!
well I was really inspired, went through my house and collected a lot of scrap junk and just glued everything together, nowhere near as cool as yours, but,
<p>Can you travel through time with this ?</p>
<p>Can you travel through time with this ?</p>
yours looks more modern his looks more Victorian
nice work! good job, many earlyer versions of my time machine did resemble this. i kno it looks good, but my suggestion now, is something for a grip - leather or material, then mask off some of the good pits, and give a lick of paint, and some dry brushing. Thanks for getting back with a picture!
You can't change time if you see it happen that would change time forever and it's dangerous to do that trust me I know...
<p>is more dangerous not to try to make a diferents </p>

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