Well lets put it this way, ive always had this thing about traveling through time, and having a time machine. So i set about making one, i decided that instead of being a vessel to travel in, i would rather have something portable.

Many hours thinking i came to a conclusion. If im going to be traveling through time, the actual time machine would have to be timeless (not out of place in the past, present day, or the future)

So eventually i decided to make something that resembled a time piece, mixed with an old compass, and various other inspirations, some from various steam punk items.

However i did not want to make something that was steam punk, as i personally find alot of steam punk to be a bit over comic like, and a bit to fantastical.

So, heres how i did it.

Materials consist of -

Alot of scrap and junk
corrugated cardboard
Mount card
PVA glue
Super glue
Black paint
Spray paint
Some thicker mount card
A few Special oddments - for me this was the lenses.

Step 1: Building a base

Ok, now the base of my time machine was modeled around two ring type peices of metal, and as with the rest of the -ible, you kinda have to work things out for yourself too!
Firstly, i set about cutting out some ring shaped pieces of card, As you can see from the pics below.

Obviously, you could just create this thing from scratch using cardboard. But i think a good scavinge can always turn a good result - The metal sections in the first picture are off an old repromaster! bout 20,000 pounds worth of kit in there day ( we recently scraped ours)

I basically used these as a shape to trace onto the card.

Cut as many as you like to give it a good depth that your happy with.

I recommend corrugated card as it is easily to get a thick depth, its easy to cut, and great for gluing in later steps.
<p>How to build a time machine.</p><p>To build my flux capacitor I had to first make3 of my own<br>Geissler tubes charged with ionized cesium gas. Then I had to take three plates<br>of copper and three of silver 6 feet square, 1 foot thick and reduce them in<br>size using my molecular condenser to a size of three microns square, mass is<br>critical but not size. I attached the silver plates to the input side of the Geissler<br>tubes and used the copper plates as a spark gap transmission using an air<br>dielectric for the &ldquo;capacitance side&rdquo; I joined the tubes on their output side<br>to create the &ldquo;Flux Point&rdquo; of Travel in space.</p><p>To get the power I needed I decided to use a z-pinch<br>fusion motor that generates 3 terawatts<br>of output power by creating a magnetic field around the dilithium wire array that<br>vaporizes the wires to form plasma. The magnetic field pinches the plasma until<br>it collapses on a core of D2Li6 in crystal form to create the power needed to operate<br>the flux capacitor and with plenty to spare for spatial movement also.</p><p>As the flux capacitor requires only 1.21 Gigawats of<br>power I decided to use a reactionless RF resonant cavity thruster like a<br>modified EmDrive for spatial movement, to increase performance I wound some<br>super conductor around a ferrite core for a 200H coil to generate the magnetic<br>field for focus causing a maximum speed of 3 lyps.</p><p>Because the cost of Dilithium Crystals is sort of high, I<br>made my own by combining deuterium (D) and lithium6 (Li6) in vapor form then quickly<br>cooling it to 25 Degrees Kelvin. You must use cation when vaporizing the Heavy<br>water to extract the deuterium into the Lithium vapor or you end up with<br>tritium and ruin the whole batch. Raise the temperature of the Dilithium<br>crystals to around 200 K so you can pull it into wire form for the z-pinch<br>fusion motor ignitor.</p><p>Assemble the whole thing in to the carrier of your<br>choice, Car, train, police box, cardboard box or Egyptian pyramid; space-time<br>drive will pull 20M Metric tons of mass so use your imagination on design.</p><p>To prove it works here are the winning Powerball numbers<br>for 2/3/16 &ndash; 26,28,31,60,67, pb 23 </p>
You forgot to put in the crystal..
My time machine is from after the crystal based era.
<p>so you built a time machine that wasn't that strong</p>
<p>I went 8 years</p>
<p>did it actually work</p>
<p>How did it feel while you were in the Tipler cylinder/time vortex?</p>
I found a particularly small flux capacitor at Dick Smiths (It's like the Australian equivalent of Radioshack) that fit perfectly. Funny thing though - when I had finished using my time machine, I went back in time to stop myself from buying it, and the shop assistant said I had already bought it earlier that day. He must have been experiencing 'future echoes' (As per Einsteins theory of relativity).
i dont wanna be mean or anything.... how does it work exactly. like is this bogus or are you serious about making this work?? because i dont wanna put time into it if its not really possible. you have no idea how desperate i am about going back in time. as ridiculous as that soundsss.
I actually tried it, I only was able to go back a few hours.. try adding crystals..
you think it could go back like... a couple of days?? what kinda crystals??
Most likely, um I would try Amethyst crystals.. I heard the work best.
oh. well... so, is that the only one then??
I'm not sure.. I'm kinda new to the whole subject, but I am learning
i thought you said youve gone back in time before though...??
I did, I'm still learning on the subject, I hopefully will be able to learn enough to go back in weeks, not just hours.
do you believe you can go back in months?
Wondering if you ever accomplished that, bumpus, but since this post is from 2008, I don't know if you still come here.
oh well good to hear. buuuuttt, will me in my past be able to see me or is it like... im in different phases and me from that moment wont be able to see me in the future moment... or am i completely off and everyone there can see me. wait... so will changing the past alter the future??
<p>there are 12 vortexes on earth,8 of the 12 are in the oceans around the <br> world,first off you need a earth magnet and compass,then you need to <br>find one vortex on land,there is one vortex on north america,you find it <br> by walking into it, you will know cause your compass will spin,the <br>magnet is used to make the compass needle stop,now you need to use the <br>magnet to bring the needle east-west away from the poles,step 2,you need <br> copper wire,3.a small power cell,aaa cell works best,4,a power meter,5, <br> rubber mat(small) 6,a push button switch, 7,foil wrap,8. duct tape,9 a <br>big clock,like a house clock ,say half a foot in size,,there is one more <br> part you need to make this work,can you guess what it is,,if you can <br>guess the last part,i will tell you how to put everything together,it <br>will jump you backwards in time or forward in time,,theres 2 ways to <br>make this work,the first way you go backwards the second way jumps you <br>forward in time,,,i been to 2600 AD AND FAR BACK IN 1000 BC,I DIDNT WANT <br> TO GO TO FAR BACK OR FORWARD IN CASE THE LAND HAS MOVED OFF THE VORTEX <br>OR THE VORTEX MOVED TO A DIFFERENT SPOT, then id be stuck til i could <br>find the vortex again,,i seen my great great great great great great <br>grandson,it was like looking at a pic of me,,i stopped the pleage of <br>2540 that would of killed everyone and every living thing dead,i did it <br>by killing person zero,,so you all should say thank you,your off spring <br>will live on and on and on,theres one funny thing about time travel and <br>that is you can only move yourself thru time,you cant bring back <br>anything from the past or future,it just disapears,well thats it,think <br>it thru,guess the last piece and i will tell you how to build it,ok,that <br> fair,i cant just give my sercrets away,</p>
come on man... everyone knows quartz is the crystal of time.
What kind of crystals?
you could go further, but you might blow a flux capacitor.
Heh, then I could go back 88 minutes.. :P
Is this truu??<br>
<p>its not possible </p>
<p>I help but wonder if you&rsquo;re really wishing to get ya head <br>out of the clouds by getting back to your own planet; rather than passing back <br>in time. I mean come on, do you really for one moment think that cardboard is magical????? </p>
Dude. IT ISN'T REAL!!!!! They are pulling your leg!
*pats head*
Unbelievable. ... You are simply unbelievable... I've been going back in time on the stopped you from buying that stupid Flux capacitor. you are created several Timeline Sir. there was a time line Where I convince you to stop going back to that shop... 7 years later later in this timeline and I'm still trying to stop you.
to talk top it off... Stupid talk to text in this little boxes don't work at all...
<p>Sorry to say that the flux capacitor is outdated now with <br>having been completed by Doc Brown back in 1985, Here we are 29 years later in <br>(2014); I find that clicking my heals and saying &ldquo;there&rsquo;s no place like home, there&rsquo;s no place like home&rdquo; is all you really <br>need to do; that ought bring you back to reality. </p>
<p>what else can you use rather than a flux capacitor? since its outdated.</p>
<p>'Future Echoes'? What!!!???. That doesn't exist. Why do you humans lie to yourselves so much.</p>
red dwarf???
It's an old British televsion show with Rowan Atkinson. <br> <br>Wait..or is that White Dwarf? <br> <br>I always mix them up. <br> <br>Or am I thinking of Black Adder? <br> <br>Lol, I don't know. Nevermind. I guess you'd better ask someone who actually watches these shows and ignore me. :)
You rock Googleman. And for picking that reference, you deserve a virtual hug: _*V1RTU@L*HUG*_ ...Love that Red Dwarf. -Mick
<p>P.S. I have both amethyst and quartz. So if crystals are needed, I'm good.I also have obsidian, and a few others.</p>
<p>I was watching a movie called project almanac, when I wondered, could I make a time machine? If you could send me footage of you time traveling, that would be amazing.I would love to time travel.reply if you are ok with sending me footage.then I will give you my email.</p>
How can a time machine be built that simply.........does it even work?
iam sending you this reply from the year 4073 if you get this it works but you are proberbly dead by now ?
<p>what kind of invention do they have in 4073?</p>
do they even have the internet in the year 4073?
not really iam in a museum using an antique pc that i have come across the huminoids around me have always wanderd what this machine was used for they dont need pc s as they have all been genetically alterd by the goverment and there so called internet is already built in to there molecular structure controled by the new world order
Oh my gosh Your really saying the truth! Is the pizza nice in the future? I am from the year 0!
lol, there was pizza in the year zero? <br> <br>0 b.c. or a.d.?
<p>nope, there wasnt any pizza that year because they didnt had any ovens</p>
<p>Totusvoloestmei, It's the same year. </p>

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