Well lets put it this way, ive always had this thing about traveling through time, and having a time machine. So i set about making one, i decided that instead of being a vessel to travel in, i would rather have something portable.

Many hours thinking i came to a conclusion. If im going to be traveling through time, the actual time machine would have to be timeless (not out of place in the past, present day, or the future)

So eventually i decided to make something that resembled a time piece, mixed with an old compass, and various other inspirations, some from various steam punk items.

However i did not want to make something that was steam punk, as i personally find alot of steam punk to be a bit over comic like, and a bit to fantastical.

So, heres how i did it.

Materials consist of -

Alot of scrap and junk
corrugated cardboard
Mount card
PVA glue
Super glue
Black paint
Spray paint
Some thicker mount card
A few Special oddments - for me this was the lenses.

Step 1: Building a base

Ok, now the base of my time machine was modeled around two ring type peices of metal, and as with the rest of the -ible, you kinda have to work things out for yourself too!
Firstly, i set about cutting out some ring shaped pieces of card, As you can see from the pics below.

Obviously, you could just create this thing from scratch using cardboard. But i think a good scavinge can always turn a good result - The metal sections in the first picture are off an old repromaster! bout 20,000 pounds worth of kit in there day ( we recently scraped ours)

I basically used these as a shape to trace onto the card.

Cut as many as you like to give it a good depth that your happy with.

I recommend corrugated card as it is easily to get a thick depth, its easy to cut, and great for gluing in later steps.
You can't change time if you see it happen that would change time forever and it's dangerous to do that trust me I know...
<p>is more dangerous not to try to make a diferents </p>
I like to take u about time travel
<p>I want to now all you can say about time travel </p>
<p>Dear everyone,</p><p>I have a few questions for you:</p><p>1. Is there any way I can create a <br>real working time machine?</p><p>2. Is there any way I can create a <br>device that speaks to me, like a</p><p>person is speaking to me, without <br>anyone actually saying anything to</p><p>me, so I can get any answer I want, <br>whether the questions that I ask</p><p>are positive or negative?</p><p>3. Is there any way I can create a <br>real working teleporter or teleportation device?</p><p>4. Is there any way I can create a <br>device that make me be invisible and/or non-solid?</p><p>5. Is there any way I can create a <br>device (like in question 2) that can</p><p>do tasks (possible and impossible) as <br>soon as I ask, tell it to, or</p><p>press a button?</p><p>6. Is there any way I can freeze <br>people and/or create a freeze gun?</p><p>7. Is there any way I can get an <br>instant reply or make someone instantly reply to me?</p><p>8. Is there any way I can create a <br>device that can make me be invincible?</p><p>9. Is there any way I can teleport <br>myself anywhere and/or to any place?</p><p>etc.</p><p>I only want serious answers please.</p><p>Can you please answer/reply to my <br>questions/comments as soon as possible?</p><p>PK2PK2</p>
<p>time maching is what I want to build but till I do not fine all I need and how to do it nothing can happen </p>
<p>Dear everyone, </p><p>I have a few questions for you: <br></p><p>1. May you please send me some <br>Instructables on how to build a real</p><p>working simple time machine with a <br>modern sport wrist watch or anything else?</p><p>2. Is there any way to use time travel <br>without the symptoms and side</p><p>effects (de-stabilising the space-time <br>continuum, changing history,</p><p>memory loss, creating a modified <br>timeline, creating a paradox, etc.)?</p><p>3. Is there any way I can become my <br>younger self when I travel through time?</p><p>4. Is there any way I can travel <br>through time back to a certain date without feeling like I have done anything?</p><p>5. Is there any way I can go back to a <br>time before the time machine was made and have things exactly they were at that <br>time?</p><p>6. Is there any way for me to make my <br>brain function exactly the same way it did on that date?</p><p>7. Is there any way for me to feel <br>exactly the same way I did on that date?</p><p>8. Is there any way for me to have <br>exactly the same thoughts I had on that date?</p><p>9. Is there any way for me to have <br>exactly the same interests that I had, do and even say exactly the same things <br>and words that I did and even said, and be in exactly the same place that I was <br>on exactly the same time and place on that date?</p><p>10. Is there any way for me to travel <br>back and/or forward in time without me being in a different timeline, universe, <br>or even changing history, etc.?</p><p>etc.</p><p>I only want serious answers please.</p><p>PK2PK2</p>
Holy shit the device actually works... I went to the year 6034 A.D and to my surprise I saw a large space ship named The New Voyage Explorer it was set course to some part of thr galaxy. I can't read it well on the map since it had a weird name. Earth was destroyed in 6012 A.D and the human race has been explorering the stars ever since. Don't worry, we still have Mars which was colonized very early and was teleported to a new star system since the original solar system blew up. I don't know why they would do such a thing but eh its the future...
Holy shit the device actually works... I went to the year 6034 A.D and to my surprise I saw a large space ship named The New Voyage Explorer it was set course to some part of thr galaxy. I can't read it well on the map since it had a weird name. Earth was destroyed in 6012 A.D and the human race has been explorering the stars ever since. Don't worry, we still have Mars which was colonized very early and was teleported to a new star system since the original solar system blew up. I don't know why they would do such a thing but eh its the future...
So the question is Player2030... Why did you post a device such like this in the first place. Why don't we need this in the future...
I what to make make one so bad
9/2/2015. Charlotte, Nc email me something from 2013, and reforward to me today... If it works.
<p>does it work</p>
<p>hi, so can you show us like in video how to do it cause I didn't know how? </p>
<p>hah can you send me one at this address shah bangla the ground pathanistan near abubakar masjid rahim yar khan pakistan and tell me about the price of shipping and the price of it i will be very thank ful to you so message me hurry up ok</p><p> thank you</p>
<p>whoa that was wierd was traveling backwords when i wrote that last comment and it came out backwards how cool is that.... but i'm back now time to make some money</p>
Does it work?
Does it really work?
<p>wow tsuj wow skrow yllaer ti</p>
Uhmm, can someone tutor me step by step? It's just I want to go to past. You see, my mom and dad get separated and I'm living on my Aunt&hellip; Please, I want to prevent it from happening&hellip; I'm waiting for a response, thank you!<br>
Can you make me one?
<p>It worked, I traveled back in time and left this post. It really really worked. I added crystals like suggested. You may want to modify the instructions to include the crystals. Also please link a divergence meter which is required to get the timelines merged back together. </p>
Can you meet me somewhere with the time machine plz and if possible make me one plz thx
Can you make me a time traveler
Does it work?
Hey can some one help me make one?
<p>Can I buy this off of anyone? I'm in Orange County, CA. I'm looking to buy something like this for props within the next 2 days. Thank you.</p>
<p>I just built the device and added crystals. About to try to go back in time 5 mins. I will post letting everyone know if it works... Wish me luck..</p>
Did it work
Bros!!! Can yew can tell is ths is true? Im totally confused
Please private message me
<p>Well, I guess I should have patented my time vortex distortion devices.. (I've tried several different designs. Some work better than others...) At first, I had the &quot;Billy-Pilgrim&quot; problem - darn thing would just not calibrate... I kept coming unstuck in time, just like Vonnegut's Pilgrim character in Slaughterhouse Five. I was back in high-school (oh, cool...) and just as I try to resolve some old issues - ZIIIP, blue light, and I am this old guy sitting in front of a bank of screens - except they are these big virtual hologram things, kinda just floating in front of my desk... and just as I manage to figure out the user-interface to see stuff - whoosh, way way back to a place I really don't want to be. It was pretty unpleasent actually.</p><p>But once I got one of the better ones (the &quot;Timeslip-Version3&quot;, I call it..), I was able to tune back the wildness, and get finer control of where (whoops, *when*) I went. Best trick was just dialing forward a few days, to see where stock prices went, and than dialing back to present, and putting on a few trades. Just small and gentle stuff, only a few here and there. Had to stay below the radar, and not be greedy. I have to say, this has really worked out ok. You have to be really careful not to create a paradox, or I am pretty sure you just get vaporized, right? Your entire &quot;wick&quot; of possible timelines just collapses into a singularity, and you simply never existed. And that would not be very nice. Because I am such a cautious guy, I even had to put on some trades that would lose, just so market regulators would not get suspicious. But it has really been fun. I am quietly buying real-estate here and there, and I have have a few really cool older cars. </p><p>But then, I figured I would test a little idea, eh? I would hop forward to 2015 (man, that is hard-core future... Wasn't that almost the date in that film Blade Runner? When Android Nexus-6 Roy is rampaging? ) Anyway, I decided to run this experiment, and see what would happen. This is it, right here. I would write a note, in the future on some web-site, and then jump back to where I am currently operating, and wait, and see if the digital image gives me a &quot;future echo&quot;. Meanwhile, I'll just keep buying more houses and real-estate with my gains, as that will probably be the best place to stash all the money. The stock market may go down, but house prices always keep going up, don't they?</p><p>- Russel Future, June 15th, 2007</p>
Can you tell me how to build please Thank you
When will the world end if u can go into this time machine
I have traveled far in the future and seen the future disruptions in this timeline you people are creating, now there is a second cosmological expansion and the average density of the universe has stopped its natural expansion and begin contracting. Welcome to the beginning of the end of this universe. <br>I am moving to another timeline. ..if your time machines still work I'd suggest you do the same. Btw...be careful how far in the future you go, there is a point where &quot;there is not even nothing&quot; ...
So I'm wondering if u go into this time machine when will the world end?
You forgot to put in the crystal..
I found a particularly small flux capacitor at Dick Smiths (It's like the Australian equivalent of Radioshack) that fit perfectly. Funny thing though - when I had finished using my time machine, I went back in time to stop myself from buying it, and the shop assistant said I had already bought it earlier that day. He must have been experiencing 'future echoes' (As per Einsteins theory of relativity).
Unbelievable. ... You are simply unbelievable... I've been going back in time on the stopped you from buying that stupid Flux capacitor. you are created several Timeline Sir. there was a time line Where I convince you to stop going back to that shop... 7 years later later in this timeline and I'm still trying to stop you.
to talk top it off... Stupid talk to text in this little boxes don't work at all...
<p>Sorry to say that the flux capacitor is outdated now with <br>having been completed by Doc Brown back in 1985, Here we are 29 years later in <br>(2014); I find that clicking my heals and saying &ldquo;there&rsquo;s no place like home, there&rsquo;s no place like home&rdquo; is all you really <br>need to do; that ought bring you back to reality. </p>
<p>what else can you use rather than a flux capacitor? since its outdated.</p>
i dont wanna be mean or anything.... how does it work exactly. like is this bogus or are you serious about making this work?? because i dont wanna put time into it if its not really possible. you have no idea how desperate i am about going back in time. as ridiculous as that soundsss.
I actually tried it, I only was able to go back a few hours.. try adding crystals..
you could go further, but you might blow a flux capacitor.

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