Let's face it, $350 is a lot of cash to be throwing down to purchase a molded jetpack kit to complete your Boba Fett costume. Fortunately, it's not impossible to put together a jetpack from scratch (at least that's what I told myself when I started this project). It's taken me five weeks, and I wanted to share my process in case it might be helpful for others.

For dimensions and original source photos, I used the amazing website, The Dented Helmet. To see all my photos through the process, take a look at my website.

My main materials were:

  • sintra foam pvc in 1/8" and 1/4" sheets from a sign company
  • 2 sizes of cardboard tubing that I picked up at a tapestry shop.

They gave me both for free. :)

I also used:

  • 2 dowel rods
  • Bondo (automotive filler)
  • 2 bottles of pvc glue
  • 2 rolls of masking tape
  • liquid mask.

As far as tools go, I used quite a few different tools, but the main tools were:

  • a box cutter
  • a heat gun (to shape the sintra)
  • an electric sander

Ok. Let's get building!

Step 1: Building the First Pieces of the Jetpack

I used the 1/4" sintra to start things off and build a solid structure for the rest of the pieces to attach to. Get ready for a ton of cutting. If you use a exacto for the whole thing, your fingers are probably going to fall off, so I highly recommend a box cutter for most of the cutting. You can also use metal shears to rough cut the pieces before trimming them more closely, if you happen to have a set on hand.

The great thing about sintra is that since it's PVC, it bonds with PVC glue. To strengthen the connection, I tried gluing a small piece of pvc tube in the corner, but this wasn't the way to go. Instead, I used a heat gut to heat some small rectangles of pvc and bend them into 90 degree angles. Slapped some glue on that, and it was perfect for a bracket.

I built the bottom of the jetpack and used four small spacers to shim the bottom grill away from the other piece.

To curve the back, I used a heat gun in the area where the fold needed to be, then I set a board on top and used that to keep the bend straight. Repeated this for the second bend as well.

To give some thickness to the top of the jetpack, I glued another piece to the top and shimmed it out with small pieces placed lower on the jetpack. I let this top piece overlap the top edge, and once it was dry, I used the box cutter to cut the new piece flush with the other. Then, I rounded it off with a sander.

The cardboard tubing was attached using Gorilla Glue.

Now, let's build those fuel tanks...

Hey kyle, Im on the dented helmet as well. I was wondering if you ised a template to cut everything out? If so can you provide the link?
I looked through the phot by photo and didn't see any measuring tape? I just need the size of the main tube and fuel tanks! much appreciated
I loooooooove this build! I have all the pieces together then it hit me there are no measurements on this build?!?!??
Hey, Shane! Take a look at the photos for the measurements. I have a measuring tape in the background to show you the sizes for everything. :)
imma make it
Before I decide to take on this project how much money would this cost all together
<p>Thank you so much for sharing this! I hope to make one myself for my cosplay</p>
<p>That's great!</p>
That's great! Would love to see a pic here when you're done!
<p>Hello,</p><p> Awesome build. I have a few questions. What size diameter were the cardboard tubes? What size pvc pipe did you use for the missile?Did you use the plans on the dented helmet to make the pieces?For the missile top cone and middile cone what sizes did you use?</p><p>Thank You, Daren</p>
<p>How much does it weigh total?</p>
What diameter were the cardboard cylinders?
Its mando'karla vod, keep up the good work.
<p>how do you make the rocket?</p>
<p>Check out step 4 and step 10. I think that may give you an idea. I'd be glad to answer more detailed questions here, if that would be helpful.</p>
<p>thanks man!</p>
<p>Very nice work!</p>
<p>You should enter the Halloween Props contest! This is fantastic! <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/halloween2014props/">https://www.instructables.com/contest/halloween2014...</a></p>
<p>Thanks for mentioning that! Entered!</p>
<p>I agree</p>
<p>Amazing! Good job Kyle! I actually have one of those big cardboard shipping tubes from some LED lights I got recently for my fish tank!</p>
<p>That is the funniest comment ever! Here is my disclaimer: WARNING: NOT CERTIFIED FOR EVACUATION FROM SCARLACCS OR EXPLODING SAIL BARGES</p>
<p>beautiful artwork and excellent result....please keep in your head this brilliant mind!</p>
<p>Yes. I hope you also posted this on RPF/Dented Helmet/501st etc this is a very nice build and I will be book marking it for my Mando build. Thank you for sharing this with us.</p>
<p>No, I haven't, but I agree that I need to. Tried to post at TDH before here, but I don't think it posted. Suggestions? Could you hook me up? :)</p>
<p>I only have dealt with RPF for posting, but I think you have to have 20 comments before you can post on most forums.</p>
<p>That is impressive ! Looks neat ! voted</p>
<p>Thanks, man!</p>
<p>cool ible but you left off the most crucial thing, the warning! </p><p>&quot;WARNING: Do NOT use near a Sarlacc!!&quot;</p>
<p>Ha! Spoken as a true Boba Fett fan!</p>
<p>That's an excellent diary you've made (along with an excellent jet-pack).<br>I bought mine and if I was ever to do a Boba again, I think I'd follow your plan.</p>
<p>You gave it a really good solid construction to it's look and the appeariance of the prop in all it's glory, I don't know how much it matches the movie version but it looks great.</p>
<p>nice work</p>
<p>Very impressive! I love building things in the Star Wars</p>
Fantastic! Great work dude!
<p>Thank you!</p>
this is such an awsome instructable this has helped me alot for halloween as I am going as boba fett. thanks again<br><br><br>_____-Alex______
Really glad to hear that, Alex! Hope your build goes well!
<p>Wow it looks really great, and you have to love the price difference between and molded one and the one you've built here. Thanks for sharing!</p>
Thanks for your encouragement!

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