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This is a guide to purchasing ("sourcing") from China, and working with Chinese factories. It will probably be most helpful to people like me - entrepreneurs developing a new product or starting a new business that need to obtain parts and raw materials from China. It is written humorously, but hopefully there is some useful advice.

I've been doing a lot of shopping recently. I have one favorite store. I buy nearly everything there.

Do you think Home Depot is big? Wall Mart? Amazon? Ebay? McMaster Carr?


They are all pathetic and insignificant compared to The Greatest Store The World Has Ever Known. I am sure you are wondering - "how is that possible? no store is bigger than Wall-Mart!" . You are wrong my friend. There is One Store bigger than Wall Mart. MUCH bigger. Where do you think wall-mart, amazon and mcmaster go when they need to buy something? Sorry jimmy - they don't go to another wall-mart. They go to The Store. It is where all goods come from. ALL of them. You know it as: China.

Perhaps you thought you had to be a "big player" to buy from China? Think again. You and me can buy direct from The Greatest Store The World Has Ever Known. It's easy and fun! I will show you how.

So, say thanks to your new friend Globalization, read on, and soon you too will be a global sourcing expert...
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If you're looking for a searching engine for Chinese products, try:

Excellent article. The best place to get started is to search all China wholesale products/suppliers here:

enetgirl1 month ago
Dan thank you very much some awesome information!!! I appreciate it.:)
evanyu1 month ago

Hello, I have already help my clients source products and suppliers and forwarders successfully for more than 2 years, please visit my personal website to know more details about me and my background and experiences. You can find competitive price and good quality if you have a native speaker to help on your business. If you have any thoughts, that is most welcome.

I often buy from

They are very good quality and service.

GZCD1 month ago

Recently, it's growing more risky to import directly from China. The "supplier" you find online or in the exhibition fair may be a scammer. The products you're buying may be of poor quality, not like what you've required.

Therefore, the best way to reduce the cost and risk is to find a partner as your "eyes" in China, who could investigate your supplier before your payment and inspect your production before delivery. Such a partner should be professional with rich international business experience. The cost for each on-site inspection with report must be of very low cost, no more than USD 120. The payment for service should be AFTER the satisfaction of importer (Otherwise how could you make sure the business is safe for such a long distance trade?). One of the companies who could meet all these conditions to let importer to do safe business and save a lot of money is:

kqin3 months ago is a really cool site selling replica hermes handbags. Great products and Great prices with very reasonable shipping charges. With the follow up emails, it's obvious the owner, really cares about his customers.

Give them a try .... you won't be sorry.

shanonwang3 months ago
Hi, this is shanon in china, i have been taobao agent for Uk/italian/israel clients more than 3 years.generally they select the items themselves, i paid for them and buy it, when i receive the items, i took picture send to them and check the quality for them, they said ok, i arrange the cheap shipment for them. Anyone need help, pls contact me !


whatever agent you selected, pls rember not buy big amount at first, in order to avoid scam!
if you want buy from China,and am a chinese people,i suggest you check this website,they free return by no reason in 30days,their website accept paypal payment,

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拓展视野5 months ago
我是中国人,通过google搜索“china Purchasing”看到这篇文章,我英语水平一般,只能通过google翻译看,所以回复也是用中文:p
我感兴趣的是,你们喜欢的是中国什么产品?假如我要是个人作为“china Purchasing”代理,你们会有兴趣么?谢谢。
jfang35 months ago
This is really a cool Instructable. It's a little different from this, but if you want cheap goods from China you can try abcsources. They're not manufacturers, but they ship directly from China and still have low prices. I sometimes like to just cruise the site for all the cheap Chinese knock-offs like the "HiPhone" and the "IFone"
qazwsx7415 months ago
Hi, I live in Los Angeles, I always order famous brand clothing , bag, shoes etc from China, good quality and cheap price, there are many good online shopping store in China, I like shopping in taobao,, it is Chinese largest online shopping platform, like ebay in US. There are many good product, high quality, but cheap price, it is worth to buy.
Top fashion famous brand in the world, whatever you want, there are. When you want to buy, just send the link to her, good price for you, she is a very nice , she will check the quality for you before you pay for it, so do not worry about the quality, she will make sure good quality for you.
If you need anything, you can contact with her, email: Phone number: 1-213- 973-3194. If you are in American and canada, you can message to her, it is free, and get reply very quickly.
You have to pay for it by West union, if you want to pay for by Paypal, do not waste your time.
rongroup7 months ago
Are you perplexed when you can not find the suitable suppliers? Are you at a loss when you receive unqualified goods? Are you exhausted when you try to solve the trade disputes with your suppliers?
Choosing CHINAAGENT365, you'll avoid the above problems. Established for 8 years, CHINAAGENT365 is the professional purchasing agent in China and also your best purchasing agent in China.
CHINAAGENT365 has hundreds of long term cooperated factories. Whatever you want, from a pen to a plane,small or huge quantity, just tell us your demand. We'll administer your whole purchasing process,you just wait to receive your goods at your home.

susan8012 months ago
Being outsource in China for many years ,knew about materials and prices ,any stuffs you would like to buy pls dont be hasitate to contact my skype:susan.luo80

I would love to give you my best support .
bellzerr1 year ago
What a great Instructable! I have been thinking of buying from China and you have eased many of my fears. Thanks so much for this article, Dan.
Hi Bellzerr,

We are the purchase service provider in china, devoted to apparel and textile industry. We are very pleased to be your eyes and ears in China.

Looking forward to your reply. My skype is mollyzhang6. Email is

Molly Zhang
mollyzhang1 year ago
Dears,it's Molly here from ShiningHub in China. We are the purchase service provider in China, devoted to apprarel and textile industry. Up to now, we have established connection with more than 2,000 manufactories. As soon as you tell us you requirements on your products and your target price, Our merchandising consultants will help you out in business. They will send you a report including 3 manufactories for you to choose from based on your requirements. Besides, our company also provides the one-stop purchase services like: • Free Online Inquiry System • Sourcing Consultancy • Factory Audit and Evaluation • Quality Inspection • Order Control incl. Free Online Order Control System • Logistics • Payment Escrow • Travel Assistance • Trademark Registration • Online Retail in China Coming Soon Hope it is helpful for you. If you are interested, pls feel free to contact me. My skype is mollyzhang6. Looking forward to your reply. Molly Zhang Customer Service Dept. Tel: +86-571-8839 6786 Mob: +86-133 9571 0605 Fax: +86-571 8839 6787 E-mail: Website: Your Smart Buying Office Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd 16F Jin Jiang Bldg, 111 South Hu Shu Road, Hangzhou, P.R. China, 310005
josnyan1 year ago
very detailed instuction to do business with china company.. but if you are one big wholesaler buyers or importers. you do not have time to communicate with all factories. for example, you importe jewelry,bag, scaf, belt from china, you do not enough time to contact one by one. the best way is that you can find turstable china soucing agent  Who can handle everything for you and accept paypal .
maxutwo5551 year ago
seeking professional slingshot? visit
I moved to China from the UK earlier this year to export goods.

Those of you who want to learn more about buying from China have a look at my blog:

Thanks and good luck.
arjunsai1 year ago
Great article! One of the tips I learned (from link provided below) to verify a supplier before trusting them with a large order is to check out the registration of their phone number. 

If a factory claims their factory is in a certain province in China but the number is a mobile phone registered in Hong Kong, you know you have a problem.

I did a lot of Googling for different information and strategies before starting my own importing business. I eventually went with this Guide on How To Import from China but there are others available online as well.
dawm1231 year ago
you can buy from taobao agent ,like .There have all kinds of products,and the price is so cheap.The most impotant thing is that operating is convenience and easy .
Taobao Agent only focus on Taobao. But if you want to find product source, you need some cooperator to beat the jungle. As far as I know, is the wholesale website where factories are listing their products, with detailed prices. Last time I tried getting the product source from with the help from China purchase agent- And I received it. However, I paid service fee. ... Agent sometimes is really helpful, but you need to find a trustable one by starting with a small order.
MattDownys2 years ago
Agree that the above are some good instructions. I have came across another resource page where it talks about how to find suppliers, evaluate suppliers and many more topics. Found them here:
jyang152 years ago
well, well... 16 steps ;)

Good instructions for online. But there is ANOTHER offline way to buy from China directly if you're a stores owner or big online selling company. 

It;s GO TO YIWU! The huge wholesale market there would be a good start to buy from China directly. 

You can read all info. of Yiwu market and how to buy from Yiwu China on this site - . Fresh and original content, 100% !
Hi, I am Janice Shen from Changshu, China. I speak English and I am an experienced buyer doing the foreign trade from China. I provide the service on purchasing clothes, wallets, and some other purchasing service from China. Also can work as the online shopping agent.
Contact me any time if you need any help:, or mobile +86 139 1367 2090.
I am bob at I am a play expert and am looking to purchase water balls etc. (see for an example of such companies) at cheapest prices to sell on to play industry in united kingdom.

Also....I am looking for chinese printing company to print my 300 page novel and to possibly print for other novelists in U.K.

Maybe we can work together.....Bob.
Hello, I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I am Steven and I am from the UK (Leicestershire). This would be a new venture for me but I want to start supplying to the Uk. I have good contacts here for sourcing and I want to work with like minded Brits under the understanding that being British myself I will deal with honesty and integrity (I am not saying that non Brits won't do that).
please make contact with me again steve.... Bob bill instructables
Hi Steve,

I am quite sorry that to reply you sooo late! I was busy for my new apartment decoration and was not able to check my emails without internet access.
Now, may I ask if you are still interested in cooperation with me?

Please let me know.
Thank you!
Hi Janice, maybe I followed the wrong link here. I am too looking to export goods out of China and looking for customers in the UK. Sorry if this is not the right site to do this on.
Thanks for sharing in this site.

I got cheat just few days ago from some Chinese that selling Apple products. Once they put their hands on my sent money $450, they're other faces revealed to me. They starting to tell me I have to buy more quantities than they asked before which is 3 items as minimum. They are just a fraud company.

The fraud company is:

Also I have about 18 companies that came with above address, but I don't know if they are fraud or not because I was curious to deal with them after what happened to me. Also Still one company waiting from them to send a Laptop, but no answer from them! I hope they are not fraud too : /

Furthermore, I have ordered many USB that have large capacities, but either they fake or don't keep the data for long time. The good news that they sent me something and they did not keep the money for them selves :)

* How much do you charge for shopping agent?
* How can I get my money or my goods if I have someone in China?

Again, at risk of spamming people. I want to start out in this field of supplying goods from China. I don't want to break forum rules or anything so will leave it as above. I am new to this but have been here for 11 years and have good contacts with people I believe to be honest. Anyway, will leave you alone for now, contact me if you wish.
Hi Vegtor,

I am sorry that you got cheat online on some Chinese websites. It also happen to our local people. You just need sharp eyes.
And pls remember you will never get cheaper Apple products in China. The real apple products are more expensive due to the import tax. But for some USB sticks, I could help to find cheaper but good quality ones if you wish.
The way I do the online shop agency is that you let me know what do you want to buy and we confirm via email, I then purchase them for you then ship to you ( not big qty only), you pay via paypal.
More details, you may contact me via my email:

chinabought2 years ago
Hi guys,if you want to buy something good quality and cheap price stuff from China,you may browse this website:
My name is Anita,we have good reputation in the international trade field.Hope you guys could try our website:)))
Vegtor2 years ago
Don't ever send money by any type of money transfer. Don't deal with Chinese or you will know the CHEATS too late: This site is a rubbery: once they got your money they won't send you any thing. Also they start to put new excuses to pay them more!! IT'S ON YOUR OWN RISK

Fraud site:

minjiaxin3 years ago
you can visit to buy led lighting from a china factory.
quccy3 years ago
Hi, I am new here.
Lots of rules to buy from china. The article is good.
And i have some experience about buying online. I like to buy from echinawallet and chinabuye. They can offer best service. Do you have any other ideas, please feel free to tell me.
sylviago3 years ago
well i usually buy at chinabuye so i have no experience with other online store, but i believe that chinabuye is great, they have free shipping and a 1 year warranty on all my gadgets.
Well, i placed my order with Chinavasion and dealextreme, but never received feedback/response on it till day. Then i have to go with Chinabuye. I got sticked with them for their great service, timely delivery and best quality products. I am from India, i receive the products with no shipping charges and quite reasonable rates on all their products i buy.

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