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This is a guide to purchasing ("sourcing") from China, and working with Chinese factories. It will probably be most helpful to people like me - entrepreneurs developing a new product or starting a new business that need to obtain parts and raw materials from China. It is written humorously, but hopefully there is some useful advice.

I've been doing a lot of shopping recently. I have one favorite store. I buy nearly everything there.

Do you think Home Depot is big? Wall Mart? Amazon? Ebay? McMaster Carr?


They are all pathetic and insignificant compared to The Greatest Store The World Has Ever Known. I am sure you are wondering - "how is that possible? no store is bigger than Wall-Mart!" . You are wrong my friend. There is One Store bigger than Wall Mart. MUCH bigger. Where do you think wall-mart, amazon and mcmaster go when they need to buy something? Sorry jimmy - they don't go to another wall-mart. They go to The Store. It is where all goods come from. ALL of them. You know it as: China.

Perhaps you thought you had to be a "big player" to buy from China? Think again. You and me can buy direct from The Greatest Store The World Has Ever Known. It's easy and fun! I will show you how.

So, say thanks to your new friend Globalization, read on, and soon you too will be a global sourcing expert...
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Iroh3716 hours ago
Would I follow these instructions if I want to buy just a single phone from China, say the HTC One M9+?
Hi, I am Janice Shen from Changshu, China. I speak English and I am an experienced buyer doing the foreign trade from China. I provide the service on purchasing clothes, wallets, and some other purchasing service from China. Also can work as the online shopping agent.
Contact me any time if you need any help:, or mobile +86 139 1367 2090.
I am bob at I am a play expert and am looking to purchase water balls etc. (see for an example of such companies) at cheapest prices to sell on to play industry in united kingdom.

Also....I am looking for chinese printing company to print my 300 page novel and to possibly print for other novelists in U.K.

Maybe we can work together.....Bob.
Hello, I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I am Steven and I am from the UK (Leicestershire). This would be a new venture for me but I want to start supplying to the Uk. I have good contacts here for sourcing and I want to work with like minded Brits under the understanding that being British myself I will deal with honesty and integrity (I am not saying that non Brits won't do that).
Hi Steve,

I am quite sorry that to reply you sooo late! I was busy for my new apartment decoration and was not able to check my emails without internet access.
Now, may I ask if you are still interested in cooperation with me?

Please let me know.
Thank you!
Hello I want to shop
Hi Janice, I would like to order a product from It is a quantity of 96 total. Can you help me with that.
Hi Janice, maybe I followed the wrong link here. I am too looking to export goods out of China and looking for customers in the UK. Sorry if this is not the right site to do this on.
please make contact with me again steve.... Bob bill instructables
hello I am looking or someone to help me purchase hair for hair extensions from China somebody that can go back and forth look for companies with good quality hair if that is something you're interested in doing or have any knowledge and experience in please let me know my number is area code 323 816 8071 I live in West Hollywood California thank you
Thanks for sharing in this site.

I got cheat just few days ago from some Chinese that selling Apple products. Once they put their hands on my sent money $450, they're other faces revealed to me. They starting to tell me I have to buy more quantities than they asked before which is 3 items as minimum. They are just a fraud company.

The fraud company is:

Also I have about 18 companies that came with above address, but I don't know if they are fraud or not because I was curious to deal with them after what happened to me. Also Still one company waiting from them to send a Laptop, but no answer from them! I hope they are not fraud too : /

Furthermore, I have ordered many USB that have large capacities, but either they fake or don't keep the data for long time. The good news that they sent me something and they did not keep the money for them selves :)

* How much do you charge for shopping agent?
* How can I get my money or my goods if I have someone in China?

Hi Vegtor,

I am sorry that you got cheat online on some Chinese websites. It also happen to our local people. You just need sharp eyes.
And pls remember you will never get cheaper Apple products in China. The real apple products are more expensive due to the import tax. But for some USB sticks, I could help to find cheaper but good quality ones if you wish.
The way I do the online shop agency is that you let me know what do you want to buy and we confirm via email, I then purchase them for you then ship to you ( not big qty only), you pay via paypal.
More details, you may contact me via my email:


Hallo Janice,

im new here but i see today yr text from three years ago don't no

if i can contact you


hi Bunsion,

Sorry to reply you so late. Yes, I still do the business currently. You can send me your request via email:


Again, at risk of spamming people. I want to start out in this field of supplying goods from China. I don't want to break forum rules or anything so will leave it as above. I am new to this but have been here for 11 years and have good contacts with people I believe to be honest. Anyway, will leave you alone for now, contact me if you wish.

Hi, i have been getting business in the past years which got my contact throug this website. Thanks to this platform.

Again, you may still contact me via email or phone for your questions. I may not be able to help you immediately but will do best to find you the best solutions for buying from China.



I want to start my own store with clothes and accessories. Well, my first idea was order things from aliexpress but I want to design it by myself. Contact me if you are interested

kingchum19 days ago

I want to buy a headset from the store, I hesitate price is very cheap, but it isfree shipping, I want to know if this is true

kr0t29 days ago

Hi there.

I wrote an application to search products in China.

You can download it from Google Play - Prices in China

I hope it will be useful

Hello everyone,

I am Joseph Adam, I am Canadian native, I currently act as an agent for small stores in Canada. I mainly do so for electronic parts and accessories.

If you want to buy electronics, you can have decent prices on, I figured that for individuals, the prices are very similar (once converted in USD), as Taobao, even sometimes better.

Although if you wish to buy quantities, you'll want to buy from a wholeseller or do business with an agent. On USb keys for example, I personally test speed and memory durability before placing orders for my clients, and negociating on the spot is a great advantage.

If you wish to contact me, my general email adress is:

Thank you!
22china221 month ago

Buying from China is really tough as chances of fraud is really high as mentioned by few others. But recently I got a nice site to make purchase in wholesale. they offer daily deals on many products although its a new one but is really cool.

CBB Screenshot.PNG
PiyushS25 months ago

Dear Business owners,


I must say this is one of the best blogs on looking for a genuine suppliers/ manufacturers from China & India that I have personally come across and being in the similar field I agree quite a bit with the writer. Said that I still feel it is important to understand the types of products you are planning to produce or source out of China & India because if its electronics, auto parts, electrical appliances, blankets, gift items, models etc. then China is your best bet and products like handy crafts, paintings, organic food items, pharmaceutical, jute products etc..India has an edge. I strongly feels that the most important thing is to find a right supplier for the products irrespective of the location.

Outsource n Save is a consulting firm which assists clients from all over the world who would like to find the right source for the products they are interested to procure from India & China. Our services includes conducting extensive research, calling & verification, personal visits to manufacturers & suppliers, translation & interpreting service, reference checks, personal assistant etc.

To know more about our services and how we can help you in sourcing quality product/s from a genuine supplier in best possible price, write to us at:

All the best to all upcoming business owners:)

Patrick Sang | Skype: tfo.psang

Absolutely right.

billmotley4 months ago

As of November 2014, this article is in need of many updates in order to give current general knowledge on the subject of purchasing from Chinese sources. No time now, but if I find the time soon, I'll post appropriate links.

haha,you don't need find it.I am in a native,maybe I can help you

Mohamedm124 months ago

hello dear i want to contact with someone in china to make an order of some products and i have pictures of them

Hello,I am a Chinese,maybe I can help you.But I hope you can help me as well.

My skype:huaugustine

LewisY Mohamedm124 months ago

I can help you ,I do cocnrete batching plants ,my name is lewis,skype;lewis-china1,

LewisY Mohamedm124 months ago

I can help you ,I do cocnrete batching plants ,my name is lewis,skype;lewis-china1,

LewisY Mohamedm124 months ago

I can help you ,I do cocnrete batching plants ,my name is lewis,skype;lewis-china1,

LewisY Mohamedm124 months ago

I can help you ,I do cocnrete batching plants ,my name is lewis,skype;lewis-china1,

LewisY Mohamedm124 months ago

I can help you ,I do cocnrete batching plants ,my name is lewis,skype;lewis-china1,

LewisY Mohamedm124 months ago

I can help you ,I do cocnrete batching plants ,my name is lewis,skype;lewis-china1,

DavidC314 months ago

Ha,Ha! Thanks for writing this helpful article. Right now,the biggest mall might be, but individual consumers out of China might not easily buy stuffs from China due to payment or shipment issues. But ,some taobao agents buy stuffs for people,and they reship the the stuffs to your house.( The advantage is that you can reach all options of chip stuffs,which you can never find at your local places, the weakness it that it might take a little bit time to get the item. So, to draw a conclusion, if you want to buy some light, easily shipped items, such as clothes, and light electronic stuffs, using taobao agent is a good choice, which would save you a lot of money!

I can't believe Taobao has a platform in english

sisandad4 months ago

HI I would like to buy men suits and shoes both ladies and mens shoes from china so i am a bit clueless on what to do

For a Chinese,you are their purchaser,haha,I am from Shanghai city,China

taaaymarie2 months ago

Hey! Please can someone tell me how I can buy Mac Cosmetic Products from the China Website? I have the whole site translated which is rad, but it doesn't allow me to enter my UK address. Please could you help! Thanks Tayla

Hello,I am Augustine Hu.

I'm in Shanghai city,China.

If you want to buy something from china,maybe I can help you.

By the way,I am not a trader

Usually,the seller's sites do not support oversea shipping.If you want your stuff to be shipped abroad ,you need get a shopping agent!Just google "taobao agent" and pick one.The yoybuy ,which was mentioned before,will do!Good luck!

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