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immrose3 months ago

Nice work

Jan_Henrik2 years ago

Hi :>

wahwah11113 years ago
Dan, Im wanting to use set of 3 Cree XML T6 1000 Lumen LED Emitter with 20MM Aluminum Base with 12vdc marine battery, want maximum lumins.
This needs to be submersible and only used in water. Like to mount them on 6"x6"x.125" Alum by heat sink grease, then encase them in 2 part marine epoxy to edge of bubble on one side with back side of plate exposed to water for heat distribution. Thoughts, Ideas, Problems??
Davidko4 years ago
Your instructable on high powered LED driver circuit is Awesome! just one question about circuit #5 and what value should R1 be? i used 100k ohm and that is too much for my pwm on my arduino.

I also tried circuit #4, but that just didnt work for some reason, I used 1N4733 Zener Diode 5.1V.

Thanks in advance.
lastmenet5 years ago
dan, how can i change the animation of the monkey letric? im using window 7. any sofware u recomended?
emilemil6 years ago
I love the article on off grid party sound systems! Super helpful. I am building one of my own. I wanted to ask a question about the amps: All of the speakers listed are 8ohm speakers, meaning your tk2050 100w amp would only output 40watts into the 8ohm speakers. is 40w enough to drive say a 100w speaker?

im looking into buying a Kustom KPC15 15". 97db 1w/1m. 100w rms(based on good reviews) and that is the problem I am faced with. Thanks for any help!
dan (author)  emilemil6 years ago
sure no problem.
heyfeaver9 years ago
Dan; You seem to have the most up to date info on DYO LED applications.I found you through your "Ultimate Night Vision Headlamp" which I am currently putting together for my wife to use at our bush camp. The camp is running on 12vdc 100amp hr. solar powered batteries.Interior lighting up to this point has been RV 12v. 1156 and 1157 running lights. I don't know how much power they use compared to the amount of light they produce but they sure knock the batteries down. Can I get the same amount of light using less power with one of your power supply curcuits and LED's. (more light less power is the key)
i would use a White 12v LED flex strip so you don't wast power in the conversion from low to high voltage as in fluorescent lights they would also be dimmable so you could adjust the brightness to extend battery life if needed and they only cost about $5/ft:-)
dan (author)  heyfeaver9 years ago
probably you want a 12V fluorescent light, those are the most efficient. probably 8x more efficient than your running lights.
What a tremendous lamp shade! I really enjoyed.I WILL  TEACH IT TO MY STUDENTS.Thanks.God speed
you amaze me.
Wow! Co-founder of Squid Labs. Awesome! You rule!