Here's how to build a sexy looking generator that uses electricity to convert water into an extremely powerful fuel!  In this project, you'll learn how to build an OxyHydrogen generator from scratch.

Step 1: What Is an OxyHydrogen Generator?

An oxyhydrogen generator, like this one, uses electricity from your car battery to split water into hydrogen and oxygen gasses.  (Electricity + 2H20 --> 2H2 + O2)  Together, these make a fuel that is much more powerful than gasoline, and the only emission released is—water!

Of course, to be a completely clean fuel, the electricity used to generate the gas needs to be from a clean source.  Solar, wind, or water power could be a few examples.  

This video shows step-by-step how to make one.  

NOTE: The amount of electrical energy required to make the gas is more than the energy you can obtain from it.  This is NOT an energy generator so much as it is an energy converter.  
<p>What about using John Ellis water (Hydrogen bond angle modified water) that allegedly uses appx 1/50 the current to produce the same volume of Hydrogen using identical production methods. This possibly changes the game. Comments?</p>
<p>How large of a unit would I need to build to help an F-250 Powerstroke get better mileage?<br><br>would the effort result in more MPG?</p><p>And before the whiners start..<br><br>I DO NOT expect to make a diesel run on Hydrogen.</p><p>Just help on the economy.</p>
<p>need to build a hho generator for a 92 Mer sable</p>
<p>Those people that are putting a hydrogen generator on their vehicle to create hydrogen that they mix with the gasoline or diesel to get better mileage are either shysters trying to sell a system or deluded users that don't understand physics and conservation of energy. It can not work.</p><p>And if you had a hydrogen generator in your backyard how are you going to get the hydrogen to your vehicle anyway. A gallon jar full of hydrogen gas is very little hydrogen and you have to pressurize the hydrogen to make it a liquid. Can you do this? </p><p>Then even if you did get a source of hydrogen to your vehicle the mix of gasoline and hydrogen has less energy that pure gasoline. Same with diesel. Hydrogen has less energy per pound that either gasoline or diesel. </p><p>Mixing hydrogen with gasoline to improve fuel mileage <strong><em>does not</em></strong> work. You can reply to me and argue all you want, you can say it did or does for you, you can say you tried it and it does work. You measured incorrectly. It does not work. Don't reply and challenge me as to what makes me an expert. Read and learn some physics. It's not my idea, it's physics. </p><p>Using electricity to make hydrogen in order to use the hydrogen as an energy source is a losing proposition. Just use the electricity instead. </p>
<p>With a better attitude I think you would be able to see the potential. You can generate electricity with the solar on your roof, difference of temperature, wind, pressure, kinetic energy, magnets, etc., to build up the hydrogen so that every time you come home you can fill up what has been generated. And I suggest you do a little more research on the energy density of hydrogen vs gasoline. The hydrogen in the gasoline is what's important. Carbon is key because of how well hydrogen bonds to it. Hydrogen will be a large part of the future as it is abundant and &quot;liquid&quot; economically, since it can be easily produced and converted.</p>
<p>If we could just get past the water to hydrogen fuel source we could make a fuel source that will be better for the world and will help slow down global warming we could make anything happen if we put our minds to it.</p>
Hemoglobin. The best viable fuel source with a dark little secret.
<p>The best way to stop global warming is to shut down the politicians and their friends that are making billions off a non- human caused phenomena.<br><br>There is ZERO data to show man has any influence.<br><br>There dose seem to be a lot of politically generated hot air, but nothing of value in thatisthere</p>
<p>True but what I am trying to say is carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide aren't doing us any favours with global warming are they so if we can create a fuel that does not produce either of them we could stop carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide poisoning.</p>
<p>&quot;Carbon Dioxide&quot; a naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere that is necessary for all forms of life on the Planet.<br><br>Fauna exhales CO2 after breathing in the oxygen NEEDED to sustain their life.<br>Flora absorbs the CO2 for it's life sustenance and emits OXYGEN.<br><br>Shall I continue?<br><br>This &quot;INSTRUCTABLES&quot; and a place of learning.<br><br>But probably not a place to hold verbal battles over politically contrived 'disasters' that are not happening.</p>
<p>But if we can make a clean fuel source we could solve many problems</p>
<p>And we come full circle to the main thrust of this Instructable.</p>
<p>And one other thing their is too much carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the air more than we or the plants and trees need I may be a kid but I know what I am talking about because I am studying this right now so either help me create a clean fuel source or stop replying to me. </p>
<p>Like I said I am studying this right now at home and at college and my teachers don't have anything to do with this only me and I know there is too much carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the air because I have been studying it for the last 3 years so don't tell me I don't know what I am talking about</p>
<p>Everything you Hear or read from those institutions is half truth propaganda custom tailored to indoctrinate you into becoming a parrot like Robot that will vehemently reject and attack anything or theory that doesn't correlate precisely with its reprogrammed Data set . skeptical analysis ? . ok . </p><p>critical analysis ? cool . Reject with no analysis ? Foolish .</p>
<p>Aren't the trees and plants growing faster and greener as a result ?</p>
Are you after coming out from under a rock. Burning fossil fuels like oil are rereleasing the c02 that took the planet billions of years to trap. And were putting it all back up there very very fast. Ive a question for you when they remove all the oil from an area under the earth.what do yoi think happens in that empty void. Take your time to think about that....clearly you will need it
<p>We might be able to pump those voids full of Co2 to keep them inflated .</p>
Sorry about that. My friend and I have been having pretty heated debates about the issue..Thanks ...ps you are very grumpy :-)<br>
<p>You learned your physics incorrectly. </p><p>Not to mention most people can use hydrogen without major modifications to their engine, most people cannot use electricity easily as it is a compleltly different motor. </p>
<p>I'm still waiting for him to find out exactly how much energy would be in a pound of Hydrogen.<br>We still don't know if he meant in a gaseous state or Liquid state.</p>
<p>I filled a balloon with hydrogen and went to weigh it for you, but it floated away :/</p>
<p>Well,</p><p>Obviously you needed a bigger balloon the get a whole pound of it....</p>
<p>&quot;putting a hydrogen generator on their vehicle to create hydrogen that <br>they mix with the gasoline or diesel to get better mileage are either <br>shysters trying to sell a system or deluded users that don't understand <br>physics and conservation of energy&quot; &lt;-- I can tell you don't even know what one of these things looks like OR does. Out of hand though, without even looking or trying, you dismiss the possibility because &quot;science&quot;. Look into Nikola Tesla and see what he proved. He was a lot smarter than me, and definitely you, and the industrialists, after finding out his goals of free energy for everyone, shut him down. Your college education (if you have one) was a lie. Physics' &quot;laws&quot; are partly BS, and meant to keep people from even trying to generate free energy. Maybe you should spend some time out in nature and see what actually exists. Energy is all around us, abundant and free, and ready to be tapped into. We have lightning storms, magnetic north, positively charged earth, its all around us. Why guys like you feel the need to spout off with useless and self-defeating info is beyond me. It is thanks to brainwashed sheep that we are all stuck paying for energy.</p>
Well said, ChristoP4.
<p>These 'detractors' have been trained to believe that &quot;All possible knowledge has been learned, and All possible inventions have been invented&quot;.</p><p>I asked a simple question and they went to war over the need to protect their knowledge from possibly being proven to be outdated and of no further use to Humanity.</p>
<p>I believe that those who are intending to use a hydrogen fuel cell on a car are not trying to increase mpg, but rather trying to improve their exhaust fumes which is a major source of pollution<br></p>
Well to be true it is possible as i have just watched it on tv a company have created a car than can run on hydrogen and you put the water in the car using the same system you are obviously out of date with your information i believe the car company called scorpion
<p>This site has a be nice policy but so far it's really difficult to be nice here. I would imagine anyone posting anything here wouldn't change your mind, but honestly, you really should do some research on energy sources. How energy is converted from one source to another. <br><br>Yes, you can create a car that runs on Hydrogen, it's been done and done well, but you cannot make a car that runs on water converted into hydrogen on the &quot;fly&quot; (enclosed in the engine by itself without outside sources doing the conversion) it is not possible, you need energy to convert water into hydrogen &quot;H20&quot; is water.. The car you are referring to claims to do this with the help of the gasoline engine...<br><br>This is just basic science.<br><br>Each water molecule has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, each hydrogen atom is attached to the oxygen atom with a polar covalent bond, you need to split off the oxygen to create pure hydrogen, doing that takes energy, which by the way currently takes more energy than you get out of it. and at best, a perfect system (of which there will never be one) it will be 99.9% efficient and never a net gain. If we could freely convert H20 to hydrogen we would have unlimited energy on the planet right now.<br><br> You can simply do a google search to prove yourself completely wrong.</p>
<p>I have done lots of research about this and even MythBusters did something about it and yes you can run a engine on just hydrogen or mixed with another fuel to get better mpg</p>
<p>Just following up on the play nice rules.<br><br>I built the unit per the instructions.</p><p>Mounted it behind the grill, ran a tube to the air breather and put a switch under the dash.</p><p>Regulated the current to 10 amps.</p><p>Previous mileage was a consistent 19 +/- a few tenths.</p><p>1100 mile round trip I averaged 19 +/- a few tenths.</p><p>ergo, no gain and no loss.</p><p>Perhaps if i doubled. or even tripled the unit....?</p><p>Bumped the amps?</p>
<p>not this unit you need to do more than just change the fuel source you need modify the engine. Thomas Edison after being told he was crazy failed thousands of times making the lightbulb longer than a few minutes (which later was implied by the LED) succeeded at making a lightbulb using a fulfilment burn for months.</p>
<p>So, I built it, installed it with the idea of proving the theory either right or wrong....<br><br>Stated my results in plain, easy to understand English.</p><p>And without any offering of proof to support your opinion, you call me a liar?</p><p>How smug you must think yourself to be.</p><p>How stupid you have proven yourself to be.</p>
<p>okay guys, I'm going to propose something simple, that apparently you have been missing. NO ONE IS SAYING THIS WILL MAKE A 100% EFFICIENT SYSTEM. So get over it. That's not even a viable counter-argument, because it's irrelevant. &quot;You'll need an outside power source!&quot; GREAT. ADD ONE IN. Cars have batteries already right? Or is your beloved gasoline engine 100% efficient?<br><br>Jesus guys... keep it objective, please. <br><br>No one is saying &quot;replace your gasoline engine with a 100% efficient hydrogen engine where you dont need a battery or anything only water because it's magic&quot;. Got it? No one is saying that.</p><p>Try some constructive thinking for a change.</p>
<p>Stanley Meyer disproved Faraday by inventing a method to break water into its basic gases of Hydrogen &amp; Oxygen, at a WHOOPING 1600% efficiency. This permitted him to run an engine on water, because he needed very little energy to run his gas generator. The reason why this has not yet come out into the open is anybody's guess. Read between the lines and you might get the answers.</p>
Basic science. Nothing in this world is even 100% efficient. One of the most efficient processes is the motor that turns a flagellum in E Coli. is almost 100% efficient but not quite. (Brown, W.,&nbsp;In the Beginning: compelling evidence for Creation and the Flood, 7th&nbsp;ed., Center for Scientific Creation, Arizona, USA, pp. 17&ndash;18, 2001.)
<p>Stanley Meyer was a FRAUD!</p>
<p>Tonyreveiro: It is very sad if you believe the Stanley Meyer claim; you have company, to be sure, for there are always those who seek miracles or chances to find cheap energy. His method was not one of those.</p>
<p>.....er, how did such a clever person as you, yrralguthrie, come to get stuck with swampland? Did you get an irresistible offer of a FREE (economically-attractive!) drill when you bought it?</p>
<p>I inherited it, do you want some!</p>
<p>Not if it means I have to go to Hamerica.</p><p>Was it your brother that inherited the Microsoft shares?</p>
<p>Dude you strike my as a backwards grandpa that is stuck with ideas of the past, if you where not you would not have take the grandpa way out with the &quot;don't question me&quot; mentality. Although I do agree that the idea of teaming it up with liquid fuel makes no sense your way of trying to &quot;shut people down&quot; makes you appear that way for you're completely missing the tranportation applications that it these are working on already.</p>

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