This project, while it does require some skill in using a “Skil” Saw (sorry, no pun intended), was a relatively easy undertaking that took approximately 3 hours from start to finish.  You will need safety glasses, a Skil saw, tape measure, power drill with a 3/4″ extra long bit, pencil, level (or long straight edge), screws, 4- 1/2″ washers, 4- 1/2″ Eye-bolts (2 that will fit through the depth of the pallet and allow an extra 1/2″+ and 2 to attach to your wall) and 2- 1/2″ nuts for your bolts, 2- Threaded Rods, 4- Hook and Eye Turnbuckles, spray finish, sand paper, and 2′ piece of 2×4 and a piece of plexiglass.

Step 1: Step 1 : Measure the Pallet

I made my desk by merging the two pallets to allow for a different end design and length but in retrospect I recommend using only one pallet.  Measure the depth you want for your desk (hint: you can find a pre-cut piece of plexiglass at a home improvement center measuring 24″x48″ so you may want to work with those dimensions),
Very nice! I love floating desks - this one looks fantastic.
You could make draws for the slots where the forks go
very creative ! think you should use a pic of the finished desk as the lead pic though
This looks slick! Great job!

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