Picture of How to Create a Pallet Desk
oct 2012 024.JPG
This project, while it does require some skill in using a “Skil” Saw (sorry, no pun intended), was a relatively easy undertaking that took approximately 3 hours from start to finish.  You will need safety glasses, a Skil saw, tape measure, power drill with a 3/4″ extra long bit, pencil, level (or long straight edge), screws, 4- 1/2″ washers, 4- 1/2″ Eye-bolts (2 that will fit through the depth of the pallet and allow an extra 1/2″+ and 2 to attach to your wall) and 2- 1/2″ nuts for your bolts, 2- Threaded Rods, 4- Hook and Eye Turnbuckles, spray finish, sand paper, and 2′ piece of 2×4 and a piece of plexiglass.
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Step 1: Step 1 : Measure the Pallet

Picture of Step 1 : Measure the Pallet
I made my desk by merging the two pallets to allow for a different end design and length but in retrospect I recommend using only one pallet.  Measure the depth you want for your desk (hint: you can find a pre-cut piece of plexiglass at a home improvement center measuring 24″x48″ so you may want to work with those dimensions),

Step 2: Step 2 : Cut and Sand the Pallet

Picture of Step 2 : Cut and Sand the Pallet
oct 2012 028.JPG
using a level, mark the pallet with a pencil in a straight line across the pallet and cut with Skil saw. (make sure you leave enough overhang from a vertical support on the pallet to accomodate a 2×4 that you will need to secure your desk to the wall.then sanded the pallet to get rid of the splinters and sprayed a clear coat of varnish or you could brush on tung oil.

Step 3: Step 3: Drill holes in the Pallet Desk

Picture of Step 3: Drill holes in the Pallet Desk
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Next you will need to drill two holes in the far front corners of your desk.  Then drill matching holes or at least holes that will position your plexiglass on your desk where you want it.  Hint: It can be tricky to drill plexiglass without cracking it so try to drill 3/4 of the way through your glass and quickly pull your drill back out, the heat from the drill will complete the hole.  Position your plexiglass on the pallet, place a washer on the top, position your I-bolts, place another washer below the pallet and secure the bolts with the nuts.
Very nice! I love floating desks - this one looks fantastic.
B0w_hunta2 years ago
You could make draws for the slots where the forks go
l8nite2 years ago
very creative ! think you should use a pic of the finished desk as the lead pic though
Rich992 years ago
This looks slick! Great job!