Picture of Make a Realistic Prop/Fake Knife
     Are you filmakers out there wanting to incorporate a knife fight in your action films but don't want to put your actors in danger? You could dull a knife but that still presents risks AND up close shots can reveal the knife's true edge. Quit stressing out and look no further! Today I will show you how to create a prop knife in under half an hour (excluding paint drying). I have also created this instructable in  a way that will keep you from having to take trips to the store. It uses no advanced tools. Just objects you can find around your house! I in no way have copied this idea from anyone. I was just a filmmaker that wanted a knife to use without putting my actors in danger.

DISCLAIMER: I in no way am responsible for what you do with this fake knife. I am also not responsible for any damage that is caused during and after the process of creating this knife. Also while this knife is safer than a real knife, it may still be able to cause harm depending on the way you have created your knife.

Now that we have that seriousness out of the way, continue onto the first step where we will learn what is needed in order to create our own prop knives!
Ejji4 years ago
Good instructable, but shouldn't a prop knife be like not harmful and be able to look like it stabbed a person without stabbing them?
spark2FLAME (author)  Ejji4 years ago
It is actually all in the camera shots. Unfortunately there is really no prop knife you can create that makes it look as if you have stabbed something. You can however create a latex wound where the person gets stabbed. You can also cut the knife in half and when you switch camera shots have the half knife inserted into the latex wound. You can really just experiment with different ways of making it look realistic. But thank you for your feedback and hope to publish more "prop" instructables soon! (I am working on a few grenade props at the moment)
hey, couldnt you like make it a plastic spring loaded one? like it gets pushed into the handle when you "stab" them?
spark2FLAME (author)  nail face4 years ago
Ya, I'm sure that if you get a cheap switchblade from a flea market or something but take out the locking mechanism then that would work as well.
yeah, and it would be possible (though difficult) to make it deposit some fake blood when it stabs
jediwhiz33 years ago
Woa that is cool. Where can you get that Gerber thing you talked about?
Gerber is a knife/multitool company,
you can get gerber multitools in camping shops and you can get their knives of the internet (i.e. amazone, ebay)
sanagol4 years ago
hey do you want to see a reel prop knife go to /www.instructables.com/id/gun-setprops/ and please leave a comment
mersetaxlaw4 years ago
That is so AWESOME!!!!!!! Thanks so much! I've needed a way to film with knives!
hoppe_groda5 years ago
Or you could use a transparent CD protector ( It's the one on the top of a box of writable cd's) ;)
Jdog11145 years ago
pretty cool instructable good job very nice cutting i will be making one of these!
eternal_me15 years ago
nice instructable!
dwhole5 years ago
Nice write up. My only concern is how 'safe' this really is. This knife may break easily at the bolster (since it's the thinnest), but I bet in a thrusting motion it would easily stab someone. I agree that it's safer than metal, but can still be very dangerous. Think of any prison documentary you've seen, it doesn't take much to make an effective weapon. Do what the pros do - film a real knife in close shots, and switch to a safer knife in action scenes. It does look pretty convincing though.