Introduction: How to Cut Meat - LASER STYLE!

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There's a trick to get this to work - so here's how to cut meat and be ready for the tasty animals convention :)

Step 1: The Trick

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Here's the key trick. Remove the auto focusing sensor and focus manually. This allows you to get really close to your steak without the focusing sensor crashing. Be sure to count turns so you can put it back where you found it.

The problem is, steaks tend to be too thick to cut with a focused laser... So the closer we can get, the further we can cut.

Alternatively, you probably should pound the steak thin :)

Step 2: Cutting

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The first thing you want to do -- is place a drip tray and foil down in the cutter. We don't want to make a mess.

Vector Cutting
10% Speed
100% Power

You may need to do several passes as marbleized fat is more difficult to cut.

Raster (AKA Cooking)
100% Speed
100% Power

This gives the steak that seared in flavor :)

Step 3: Eating

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Enjoy eating your People for Eating Tasty Animals Steak! Perhaps you'd want to boil the meat for 15 or so seconds to ensure there's no harmful bacteria lurking.



dakooney (author)2016-04-12

I always wonder why meat eaters feel the need to make fun of vegetarians and or animal activists. Guilt? They know animals suffer so by acting as if animal activists and vegetarians are weak or stupid helps them get past this. Some of the comments below are laughable.

tedmaul (author)2010-02-09

Visiting the website of the author of this instructable, I see he is into renewable energy & resources. Odd then that he chooses to mock the choice of millions of people not to be part of a process ( the production of meat ) that is enormously damaging to the environment.

It probably won't interest meat eaters to know ( since most are by default unconcerned or willingly ignorant about the calamitous effects their eating habits have ) that it takes 2640 gallons of water to produce 1 POUND of edible beef, or that over 50% of the USA's water supply is used to raise animals for food, or that raising animals for food is the biggest polluter of the water supply & soil, or that 70% of grain produced is used as animal feed, or that rain forests are being cleared to rear animals...etc, etc, etc...

There is no argument in favour of eating meat other than "it tastes good". That remains a fact, regardless of anyone's views on PETA, vegetarians or Ted Nugent.

omnivaal (author)tedmaul2010-02-10

Humans are omnivores. Our digestive system has evolved to process both animal and vegetable material.

Testicus (author)omnivaal2015-08-15

well, technically we are not omnivores. we are more closely related to herbivores than carnivores, and being in the middle does not automatically make us omnivores. true omnivores, like bears for instance, are not in the middle either, but are much more closely related to carnivores. if it were a 10-scale, carnivores and omnivores are together on one end separated by a digit or two, and humans are over on the opposite end. we have square teeth, like herbivores. we have very long intestinal tracks, like herbivores. unlike carnivores and omnivores we don't harbor the necessary levels of bacteria in our guts that assist in breaking down large quantities of animal protein. a more accurate definition of what humans are would be, we are herbivores that sometimes eat meat. because we "can" doesn't mean we always did or were "meant to." i'm not a vegetarian, but i personally don't eat much meat. i prefer the Asian diet, lots of lightly cooked veggies and a small portion of meat. anything more is both unnecessary and unhealthy.

anyway, blahblahblah, you get the point. humans are not true omnivores, we are "behavioral" omnivores. there's a difference. our physiology proves we have more in common with herbivores than any other kind of animal.

Testicus (author)tedmaul2015-08-15

water is a "closed system." it cannot be wasted. there are numerous "arguments" in favor of eating meat, the 1st one being that no other process translates the most protein to your body than MEAT. and it tastes great :-)

Mo0o0o0o (author)tedmaul2015-01-23

5 years and no one called bullshit? Ok, by your maths that means average cow drinks 10,126 gallons of water a day........
My cows must be about to turn to dust because they wouldn't drink more than a gallon a day.

neuman.ryan (author)Mo0o0o0o2015-04-01

Probably not bullshit, that water is everything that production of meat requires, including growing all of the grain, transportation, processing, etc.

mrmerino (author)tedmaul2013-09-23

I think "It tastes good" is a perfectly viable argument.

Foregasm (author)tedmaul2011-10-27

I found the fact that People for Eating Tasty Animals and People for Ethical Treatment of Animals have the same acronym to be quite amusing. I also believe that the author did not mean to poke fun in a malicious way. While I understand your point, water is a renewable resource. Sooooooo...

Chris Logan (author)tedmaul2011-08-19

Were you unable to find water this morning?

Oh... Then there was probably enough for both you and the hamburger your neighbor ate.

BuffaloNickel (author)tedmaul2011-05-23

Quoted from

"All muscle tissue is very high in protein, containing all of the essential amino acids, and in most cases is a good source of zinc, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, niacin, vitamin B6, choline, riboflavin and iron.[54] Several forms of meat are high in vitamin K2,[55] which is only otherwise known to be found in fermented foods."

There is plenty of an argument other than "it tastes good". sure, you can get your proteins and such from other foods, but you will not get all of the different kinds of proteins your body needs to function correctly. Most vegetarians I know either have an unhealthy body weight, get injured easily, or are anaemic (iron deficiency). Those I know who are completely healthy do not NEVER eat meat, they just eat it on occasion, recognizing the health benefits. If you do not balance your diet correctly, you will have health problems. Although the way that meat is produced in the world is not necessarily something I agree with, meat is an integral part of our diet.

in addition to that it tastes good.........

Kelticfox (author)tedmaul2010-02-10

What your argument fails to mention is that the water is recycled into urine, sweat and saliva.

The urine soaks into the ground, the sweat evaporates and drool...... well I dunno. I believe 9 year old children learn about it and it's called the Water Cycle.

Granted to raise an animal uses a large amount of resources, but at least farm animals have a use (i.e. Food). Your bog standard house pet also contribute to your afore mentioned problem, yet produces no valuable output (other than enjoyment).

And I work as a Chef.....

Schober (author)Kelticfox2011-03-19

He also forgot to mention that populations of everything (including humans) are on a natural and relatively steady increase, based on natural limiting factors. Humans eating the animals is just one of those factors and if left out of the equation the populations of the animals we consider food would increase to a point of critical volume. Creating a bad situation for them and us and causing more damage than we might intend.

We once tried removing wolves from Yosemite Park (because we thought they were dangerous), this allowed the elk in the area to live longer and have more offspring, those offspring then ate the sapling trees in the area, giving less ground cover for the areas around the river, which let the river bank erode away making the river wider, making it too shallow for fish to swim in. While all this is happening all of the old trees in the park were dying off, and since the overpopulated elk had eaten all of the saplings, there were no trees to replace the dead ones, leaving a bunch of dry timber to be ignited that could burn the whole forest down.

This is stuff I learned in 8th grade Biology, and there are many more examples. Remove one natural factor from an ecosystem and the whole thing falls apart, you create a break in the food chain that is hard to repair.

karleksbi (author)tedmaul2010-03-04

Thank you!
I actually didn't know any of that. Learn something new every day ^-^

Hurray! Vegetarianism!

"Your bog standard house pet also contribute to your afore mentioned problem, yet produces no valuable output (other than enjoyment)."

That's grossly incorrect. your bog standard pet is a better therapeutic aid than a psychiatrist in some cases. A pet can relieve stress and anxiety, regulate your heartbeat and blood pressure and even help us in our social lives providing companionship that we as humans need. Enjoyment should be simply be an added perk to all the benefits of having a pet... not the absolute reason for having one.

gathem (author)2014-01-10

When I told some friends I had just got a high powered laser cutter for Christmas, the first thing they asked was if they could try cooking steak with it...

I had seen your instructable in the past, but never checked into it (as I didnt have a cutter at the time). While you have done some great initial research... it seems like your meat came out pretty rare, and not evenly cooked. Is that the case? Was it edible? Was the goal just to cut it out and then BBQ it?

I think if I were to try this, I would cut the steak very thin ~1/4 in and then do a raster sear on both sides, followed by cutting it out. Have you tried working different thicknesses?

Very interesting post

jmmladinov (author)2012-09-04

As always those who consider themselves politically and socially on the left are also the most insensitive and intolerant amongst us. If I care to eat animal flesh then I am not to be tolerated and should even be insulted. Of course the answer is that I need to follow their 'enlightened lifestyle'. Yet I would never force so much ass an egg or piece of bacon down their throat. Their lack of tolerance is always visible, and usually followed with their lack of a sense of humor. To be constructive; open a nice bottle of red wine, have a couple of glasses, and grill up a nice be T-bone.

mrmerino (author)jmmladinov2013-09-23

It's only circumstantially a left-right thing. I'm sure there are many Right-siders who don't eat meat, I find myself somewhat on the left of the spectrum and I love meat.

rockyt (author)2007-08-30

if the big guy upstairs didn't want us to eat animals, why'd he make them out of meat?

nocturnaltofu (author)rockyt2007-10-07

humans are made of meat too.

SecondSun (author)nocturnaltofu2007-11-12

Which is why eat humans (see canibalizm) LOL sorry i couldn resist

Big Bwana (author)SecondSun2008-03-11

Hate to tell you this but every part of every mammal is eatable, with the liver of a polar bear being the only exception due to it's high vitiman content, but in small doeses it's eatable to ...

SecondSun (author)Big Bwana2008-03-13

What? What about bones, colons, glands etc? Some organs of a moose are not eatable for example. There are a lot of mammals we can't eat. My comment was a joke and I seriously hope your is as well.

Big Bwana (author)SecondSun2008-03-14

Ok I didn't say it would taste good , but bones - where does Jello come from, colon - think hotdogs (( if your lucky they might of actually cleaned it out fully, you might also need some lips for color )) Glands yes they are normally tossed but they are eatable. And as for there is lots of mammals we don't eat well here's the problem, there's so many cats and so few recipies....

SecondSun (author)Big Bwana2011-01-23

If you think every part is eatable, please go eat the liver of a moose.

SecondSun (author)Big Bwana2008-03-14

Yes, but in those cases the "food" is severely refined (gelatin comes from collagen).

Any lifeform is edible if it is severely refined. Even some inorganic substances are edible if they are severely refined.

Iron house-keys and nails are edible, when refined properly...

Even the liver of the polar bear is edible when refined.

I assumed we were talking unrefined, since refined includes pretty much everything.

Big Bwana (author)SecondSun2008-03-15

Actually, I was at first thinking totally unrefined, I could go as far as even uncooked, but reasonably fresh, in a survial situation. Yes the skin, fur, bones, glands would not be consumed, they would be used for coverings tools ect, but every part of every mammal is eatable but the polar bears liver, which is why other mammals like loins can eat us with out fear, well other then a spike in there LDL levels ..... but the cat humor got to me, and that site was funny, even if the kids are having nightmares now ...

Goodhart (author)Big Bwana2008-08-23

It would be nearly impossible to eat the tarsal glands of a deer, for instance. Some glands, like the one that produces the "scent" of a skunk, would be just as problematic. Our digestive system is not like most other animals (cats, opossum, dogs, goats, woodchucks, etc). Can most animals "eat" what vultures and crow eat?

Carmelite (author)Goodhart2009-08-24

Try "eating" a rhinoceros horn. Or animal brains. those are bad

Goodhart (author)Carmelite2009-08-24

I've had Thymus already :-) (sweetbreads)

corey_caffeine (author)Big Bwana2009-07-03

*cough* kung pao chicken *cough*

Goodhart (author)Big Bwana2008-08-23

most sausages and hot dogs are synthetically covered now (anything in the grocers anyways).

abnor (author)Big Bwana2008-06-23

haha. maybe you should invent a few and get back to me with the instructable on cat recipes ;D

yourface101 (author)SecondSun2009-02-11

every part is pretty much eatable, but they will kill you sometimes :)

Warlrosity (author)SecondSun2009-02-27

Ido do you?

(Mark 7:15) I think it means that Christians can eat whatever they want.

Running through this comment string. think again. Anything and or pig skin can not be eaten or touched for that matter, ditto for shell fish. Its all in the legal sections of the bible, which was more of a smart guide back then, just taken to literal by some.

Lithium Rain (author)rockyt2009-12-01


KEYBOARDISBROKEN (author)rockyt2008-12-20

i just joined P.E.T.A People for the Eating of Tasty Animals

you got a new member! steak any one?


Tedkarlsson94 (author)rockyt2009-03-01


w00ty32 (author)rockyt2007-11-14

i no, but i like vegetarians, more meat 4 us!

rorr40 (author)w00ty322008-12-20

I like Vegetarians too, preferably roasted with teriayki sauce.......

Warlrosity (author)rorr402009-02-27

mmmm tasty

yourface101 (author)rorr402009-02-11

we help the environment by eating them tasty animals :D

ARVash (author)rockyt2007-08-30

I think the best defense is, they eat each other, and would eat us if given the chance.. I'm pretty sure it doesn't break their social contract.

trebuchet03 (author)ARVash2007-08-30

It doesn't hurt that they're tasty... And contain essential amino acids only found in animal products.

yourface101 (author)trebuchet032009-02-11

P.E.T.A.=people eating tasty animals :D

sarge69 (author)2010-02-09


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