How to Cut Meat - LASER STYLE!





Introduction: How to Cut Meat - LASER STYLE!

There's a trick to get this to work - so here's how to cut meat and be ready for the tasty animals convention :)

Step 1: The Trick

Here's the key trick. Remove the auto focusing sensor and focus manually. This allows you to get really close to your steak without the focusing sensor crashing. Be sure to count turns so you can put it back where you found it.

The problem is, steaks tend to be too thick to cut with a focused laser... So the closer we can get, the further we can cut.

Alternatively, you probably should pound the steak thin :)

Step 2: Cutting

The first thing you want to do -- is place a drip tray and foil down in the cutter. We don't want to make a mess.

Vector Cutting
10% Speed
100% Power

You may need to do several passes as marbleized fat is more difficult to cut.

Raster (AKA Cooking)
100% Speed
100% Power

This gives the steak that seared in flavor :)

Step 3: Eating

Enjoy eating your People for Eating Tasty Animals Steak! Perhaps you'd want to boil the meat for 15 or so seconds to ensure there's no harmful bacteria lurking.




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    I always wonder why meat eaters feel the need to make fun of vegetarians and or animal activists. Guilt? They know animals suffer so by acting as if animal activists and vegetarians are weak or stupid helps them get past this. Some of the comments below are laughable.

    Visiting the website of the author of this instructable, I see he is into renewable energy & resources. Odd then that he chooses to mock the choice of millions of people not to be part of a process ( the production of meat ) that is enormously damaging to the environment.

    It probably won't interest meat eaters to know ( since most are by default unconcerned or willingly ignorant about the calamitous effects their eating habits have ) that it takes 2640 gallons of water to produce 1 POUND of edible beef, or that over 50% of the USA's water supply is used to raise animals for food, or that raising animals for food is the biggest polluter of the water supply & soil, or that 70% of grain produced is used as animal feed, or that rain forests are being cleared to rear animals...etc, etc, etc...

    There is no argument in favour of eating meat other than "it tastes good". That remains a fact, regardless of anyone's views on PETA, vegetarians or Ted Nugent.

    Humans are omnivores. Our digestive system has evolved to process both animal and vegetable material.

    well, technically we are not omnivores. we are more closely related to herbivores than carnivores, and being in the middle does not automatically make us omnivores. true omnivores, like bears for instance, are not in the middle either, but are much more closely related to carnivores. if it were a 10-scale, carnivores and omnivores are together on one end separated by a digit or two, and humans are over on the opposite end. we have square teeth, like herbivores. we have very long intestinal tracks, like herbivores. unlike carnivores and omnivores we don't harbor the necessary levels of bacteria in our guts that assist in breaking down large quantities of animal protein. a more accurate definition of what humans are would be, we are herbivores that sometimes eat meat. because we "can" doesn't mean we always did or were "meant to." i'm not a vegetarian, but i personally don't eat much meat. i prefer the Asian diet, lots of lightly cooked veggies and a small portion of meat. anything more is both unnecessary and unhealthy.

    anyway, blahblahblah, you get the point. humans are not true omnivores, we are "behavioral" omnivores. there's a difference. our physiology proves we have more in common with herbivores than any other kind of animal.

    water is a "closed system." it cannot be wasted. there are numerous "arguments" in favor of eating meat, the 1st one being that no other process translates the most protein to your body than MEAT. and it tastes great :-)

    5 years and no one called bullshit? Ok, by your maths that means average cow drinks 10,126 gallons of water a day........
    My cows must be about to turn to dust because they wouldn't drink more than a gallon a day.

    Probably not bullshit, that water is everything that production of meat requires, including growing all of the grain, transportation, processing, etc.

    I think "It tastes good" is a perfectly viable argument.

    I found the fact that People for Eating Tasty Animals and People for Ethical Treatment of Animals have the same acronym to be quite amusing. I also believe that the author did not mean to poke fun in a malicious way. While I understand your point, water is a renewable resource. Sooooooo...

    Were you unable to find water this morning?

    Oh... Then there was probably enough for both you and the hamburger your neighbor ate.