Step 4: Screws/DVD Drive

There are a large number of screws to be removed. I suggest cutting a long strand of duct tape to stick your pieces to, so during reassembly the console can go back together smoothly.
View the pictures below to determine screw locations.

Firstly, remove the DVD eject button by inserting a small flat-head screwdriver in between the DVD drive and the eject buttons base.

Casing Screws
The top shell is attached to the chassis though the use of six T10 Torx screws. They are highlighted in red in the picture below. These screws are identifiable as flat headed rounded screws, and are about 3 1/2" long.

DVD Removal
Once the six casing screws are removed, flip the console right side up and lift off the upper shell. Disconnect the SATA cable and power cable from the DVD drive. You should be careful with the DVD drive power cable as the connector is fragile and wires can be torn out, so grab all the black wires as close to the connector as possible, and forcefully wiggle the connector out. At the front of the DVD drive there are two friction clips, which prevent movement and rattling. Also lift up the metal tape that holds the drive to the chassis. Lift out the drive and place the friction clips on the duct tape roll.

Motherboard Screws
These screws are highlighted in green in the picture below. These connect different pieces of the motherboard to the chassis. They are about 1" long, bronze colored, and have a round top. Unscrew them all with your T10 Torx screwdriver and place them on the tape roll.

Heatsink Screws
For these final eight screws, highlighted in blue, tilt the console to a vertical position. We do not want to remove the screws while the system is upside down, as the weight of the heatsinks on the final screws could have enough stress to crack some traces. With the console vertical, remove the final eight screws with your T8 and set the console right-side up.