How to Fuse Plastic Bags Into a Laptop Case





Introduction: How to Fuse Plastic Bags Into a Laptop Case

Need a laptop case and want to do your part in saving Mother Earth? Try out this laptop case made from plastic bags.

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Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
-wax paper
-lots of plastic bags (the crinklier the better)
-Fabric for lining (like an old sweatshirt)

Step 2: Preparing the Bags for Fusing

Cut off the handles of the bags (but save them for later). Also cut of the very bottom of the bag, getting rid of the seam.

TIP: If there are any logos on the bag, turn it inside out to keep the ink from running

Fold the bags til so there are 8 layers (folding twice will do this)

Step 3: Fusing the Bags

Open up the windows in the room you're in for ventilation and turn on your iron to a medium setting

Tear out two pieces of wax paper that are large enough to cover the plastic you're fusing.

Sandwich your plastic between the wax paper and begin ironing the wax paper, keeping it moving at all times. Iron each side for 20-30 seconds.

Remove the plastic from the wax paper and check for bubbles in the plastic which will lead to holes and tearing down the road for your laptop case.

Repeat this step for about 10 bags

TIP: You can also fuse logos from plastic bags onto your fused plastic

Step 4: Sewing Together the Plastic Bags

Start by "truing" up the pieces, trimming the edges so they are all straight and even.

Position the pieces to make a rectangle big enough to fit your computer on it twice, with a bit extra for a closure flap. Keep about 2 1/2 in on each side for seam allowance.

Sew pieces together by overlapping them on top of each other and sewing with a zig zag stitch

Step 5: Add Lining

Get your fabric and cut a piece that is the same size as your sewed plastic

Place the pieces together, right sides facing in. Attached them with something that will not puncture them (NO STRAIGHT PINS). Use bobby pins.

Sew the liner and the shell together leaving one end open.

Step 6: Add Padding

Turn the bag inside out and sew a seam one inch from the edge (still not sewing on the open side)

Seam a seam 2 inches from the bottom, or the short side that is sewed closed

Take out the extra plastic bits from Step 2, the used wax paper and more plastic bags and begin stuffing the case. When you get about 4 inches up, seam another seam across the case.

Stuff more and seam until you reach 6 inches from the top.

Step 7: Finishing Up the Case

Fold and sew the top edge down.

Place the case right side together leaving room for the flap. Sew down both sides and turn it right ride out.

Hold in and sew the side of the flap.

Add some velcro and you're done!



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    Thanks for the idea!!!! Another use for all the plastic bags I collect! Saves the environment and creates new stuff from old stuff.

    would nordic skate ski glide wax work rather than oil? this is for the parchment paper fusing . it sounds like great idea with undiscovered uses. shinglessound goof, but too many tornadoes and windy days, insulation factor ? almost all of pantaagucci is made from recyclable plastic soda bottles . i go through my buildings trash can near the mailboxes when we get mailed those neatly folder plastic bags that you are supposed to put your old clothed in so the veterans og falling stars or some other organization that sounds like a reputable org,but it is a different company, whose owners tend to be very rich off your donations,which they dell to make rags, at least the clothes.Very low$$ to the recipients. cars 4 kids fall into this too.
    i use the prepackaged bags as a emerg rain jacket or more common in my case a ground cloth , for a nap in one of the parks.
    i have kilos of glide wax, and a couple good sci wax irons. i cant ski anymore so be nice to find a use.

    Do you have to use new waxpaper each time?

    Nice idea using an iron to bond layers of plastic bags to each other. Can this be scaled up with many layers upon layers until the plastic forms a stiff solid layer? It would be nice to be able to make shingle like pieces of plastic for other projects which need hard sheets of plastic material.

    "Shingle like pieces" Hey-I think you just gave me an idea without intending to, DIY-Guy! I found that a sandwich of 2 Wally World Bags folded into quarters was already making me wonder what I could do with those little squares of plastic---Shingles? Hmm- Constructing panels for a Greenhouse? (I doubt the plastic would take the sun over time, guess not that one-tho I am told a coat of paint shields from UV-not sure on that one, either) there has to be loads of stuff other than clothing to do with these plastic bags, right? Keep noodlin'

    Nick, enough time has lapsed that I can tell you my choice of words was entirely intentional. The intent was to spread the idea of "shingle-like pieces." Congrats on grabbing the idea which was seeded here on Instructables!

    BTW, have you started to finalize the shingles-of-recycled-trashbags idea into a concrete form yet? We'd like to see what you have done, or will do with the idea. :)

    That's actually a really clever idea. I'm going to use that for a chicken coop in the future.

    another thing, using cheap wax paper with the plastic bags is a baad idea, because the paper can sometimes get fused into the plastic if you pull it off too late, or pull it off too early. I recommend using some oil and using a paper towel to apply onto the wax paper (not the plastic!) before fusing. It does make the plastic a little oily, but it will come off easily with a quick soap wash later.