Picture of How to Harvest Power from an Audio Jack
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We are making a circuit which harvests power from an audio jack.

The growing prevalence of smartphones, even in developing regions of the world, means that using an audio jack for power could meaningfully impact individuals the world over by providing a small source of DC power.
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
Oscilloscope & lead wires
Device that plays audio and takes microphone over a 3.5mm audio jack (we are using a Samsung Galaxy Vibrant).
LCR Meter

3.5mm TRRS Audio Cable (1)
Varied values of resistors, between 1Ω and 15 kΩ
1.5 mH inductor (1)
Schottky diodes (4)
Magnet Wire

Assumed Knowledge
You can use a breadboard. If you’ve never used one before, see
You can use an oscilloscope. If you’ve never used one before, see
OpC746 months ago

I don't see where you added the 1.5mH inductor onto the circuit... Or did you use the inductor to make the 1:20 transformer?

verence1 year ago
Replace the silicon diodes with germanium ones. You will lose only about 0.2V instead 0f 0.7V per diode.

Use a center tapped transformer (see here) You need twice as much windings, but there is only one active diode, so you'll lose only 0.7V instead of 1.4V (or only 0.2V with germanium diodes)

Or... switch of the smart phone, open it and take out the accumulator. Voilà. Stable DC voltage with very low impedance! (Of course, you can't surf the internet any more...)
Airplane power? :o