How to Maintain a Sidecut or Undercut hair style

A couple of months ago I got a pretty extreme haircut that was way different than anything I had before.  What I discovered after I got this part of my hair buzzed off was that my hair grows incredibly fast.  I didn't notice this when my hair was long, but when it's short, every fraction of an inch makes a huge difference.  I also have very thick, wavy hair so when the buzzed part starts growing out, it starts looking very silly very fast. (Well, sillier than usual)
I had a friend shave my head for me last time it got too long, but I believe in self reliance and I decided that if I couldn't maintain it myself then I didn't deserve this awesome haircut.  Also, that friend is in Canada and I'm in California, so I was on my own as far as hair cutting was concerned.
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Step 1: Materials

What I used and what you probably will need:
-big garbage bag (to wear as a smock)
-clippers (I ended up using two different models, but more on that later.)
-scissors (to cut arm and neck holes in the garbage bag)

Last time I got my hair cut I wore an old t-shirt that I didn't care about, figuring I could wash it afterwards.  It got so many little hairs stuck in the fabric and no amount of washing would get them out.  This time, I found a box of huge garbage bags in my garage so I decided to just wear one of those to protect my clothes and minimize clean up.  It worked great and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

I didn't have any clippers so I bought these on Amazon and I think they were less than $30.  I don't know much about clippers but Wahl is a reputable brand and the clippers that I have for my horse are that brand, so I figured they were good enough for me.
Your pretty and awesome hair cut
fluffydragon9 months ago
Cute haircut :)
Thank you!
Sam DeRose9 months ago
I just used the plastic bad method, worked great!

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