A couple of months ago I got a pretty extreme haircut that was way different than anything I had before.  What I discovered after I got this part of my hair buzzed off was that my hair grows incredibly fast.  I didn't notice this when my hair was long, but when it's short, every fraction of an inch makes a huge difference.  I also have very thick, wavy hair so when the buzzed part starts growing out, it starts looking very silly very fast. (Well, sillier than usual)
I had a friend shave my head for me last time it got too long, but I believe in self reliance and I decided that if I couldn't maintain it myself then I didn't deserve this awesome haircut.  Also, that friend is in Canada and I'm in California, so I was on my own as far as hair cutting was concerned.

Step 1: Materials

What I used and what you probably will need:
-big garbage bag (to wear as a smock)
-clippers (I ended up using two different models, but more on that later.)
-scissors (to cut arm and neck holes in the garbage bag)

Last time I got my hair cut I wore an old t-shirt that I didn't care about, figuring I could wash it afterwards.  It got so many little hairs stuck in the fabric and no amount of washing would get them out.  This time, I found a box of huge garbage bags in my garage so I decided to just wear one of those to protect my clothes and minimize clean up.  It worked great and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

I didn't have any clippers so I bought these on Amazon and I think they were less than $30.  I don't know much about clippers but Wahl is a reputable brand and the clippers that I have for my horse are that brand, so I figured they were good enough for me.
you hair fond more news here http://iasmafashion.com/check-tips-get-astonishing
<p>i have a haircut like this too but my side that isnt shaved is mucn shorter (at my jaw) and i'm loving the look.</p>
does anyone else get hair splinters? I do my brothers hair, and if I miss a piece or two they end up stabbing into the bottoms of my feet and are way more painful than normal splinters
<p>I'm getting my hair done like this on February 3rd.</p><p>I'm sure I will have the same problem as you since my hair is very thick and wavy. o3o</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing! </p><p>After many years without cutting my hair I was thinking about undercut (something like Ragnar Lothbrok style from The Vikings series :D), but I'm too scared about how it could look if I'll cut them. But I'm sure your instructable will come in handy once I'll gather enough courage :D</p>
<p>I got it cut by a professional first to get the initial shape and make sure the edges were straight and stuff, but now I can do it myself. I've had it for almost two years now :)</p>
<p>I wouldn't cut it by myself first :D But I think I could manage maintaining it later. </p><p>However the hardest part for me is the change. My little sister calls me &quot;Hagrid&quot; so you can imagine how my hair look :D</p>
<p>I understand! I have always had really long hair so when I cut this, it was a huge change, but I've been enjoying it! I'm planning on posting an Instructable soon about dying hair since I've started dying the short part of my hair orange to match the Instructables robot, haha.</p>
Cute haircut :)
<p>Thanks :)</p>
Thank you!
Your pretty and awesome hair cut
I just used the plastic bad method, worked great!

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