this a mini CNC 2D plotter made from old DVD drive and L293D motor shield very cheap but intresting

let see how to make

It is very easy to make all the step by step procedure is mention in this instructable

Step 1: Video of CNC Machine Working

Lets see the video this video also cover step by step procedure how to assemble the machine

Step 2: Material Need for This Project








Librairy For Adafruit Shield Driver Motors extract the file and past them to arduino/libraries

Step 3: Assembling the Machine

Open the scrap DVD Drive and remove internal moving tray..

This tray having stepper mechanism on it this will act as our X-axis & Y-axis.

Go through the attached pictures for understanding how to assemble your machine.

make hole on empty DVD drive case mount our X-axis and Y-axis on respective DVD case with the help of nut bolts.

Now place them perpendicular

Step 4: Wiring Details

watch the picture carefully and wire components accordingly

Step 5: CNC Code for Arduino

upload the code to arduino using arduino IDE

Step 6: G Code

To make gcode files that are compatible with this cnc machine you have to use the Inkscape.

Inkscape is professional quality vector graphics software which runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

It is used by design professionals and hobbyists worldwide,

for creating a wide variety of graphics such as illustrations, icons, logos, diagrams, maps and web graphics. Inkscape uses the W3C open standard SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) as its native format,

and is free and open-source software. Download and install Inkscape from https://inkscape.org/en/download/windows/ (Important: download 0.48.5 version)

Now you need to install an Add-on that enables the export images to gcode files. This add on can be found here with installation notes.

please follow the video on you tube how to create G-code file

some ready made G-code files

Step 7: Processing IDE Program (GCTRL)

Upload the gctrl file to processing IDE

and click on PLAY button in processing window.

first press 'p' to select you com port if you want

you can set jog speed by pressing 1,2, or 3 button

from keyboard press 'g' to load G-code file your machine is ready to plot

as soon as you hit enter by selecting g code file now you have done

your plotter is ready

thanks for your attention

<p>I made it!Very fun project to make.</p>
<p>Thanks for helping me out</p>
My plotter is drawing jumbled up sketches. I'm unable to find the source of error. The jumbled sketch also varies to some degree each time. Please help.<br>
<p>If the size of its paper like in the view of 30 x 30 cm, where do .ino arduino program should be changed?</p>
<p>after a lot of trial and error that make my head dizzy my cnc finally done thank for great instructable and i plan make bigger size from printer and scanner thank all keep trying and done give up</p>
mine is also not working . actually my motors are not working , no error shown in programming part . can u help me out
Check cable to motor and are you add power supply to shield cause if not add PS power to motor weak sometimes not enough to run it sorry 4 my english
<p>O'DonovanM, I'm sorry, I accidentally deleted your post, I guess. Contact me, please. </p>
<p>Hi Berth</p><p>I was thanking you very much for all your help.</p><p>You mentioned that Inkskape started plotting in the centre and the Arduino program should be Changed the X Y min max to -18 +18.</p><p>Thanks again.</p><p>K</p><p>PS Please don't delete this one Ha Ha.</p>
<p>what is the size of paper 2x2 ? or 4x4 ? ty</p>
<p>i use 4x4</p><p>try make start plotter in corner but always in center</p>
<p>Hi TanB10</p><p>I just use any size and plot in one corner of it.</p><p>K </p>
<p>The Image I mentioned</p>
<p>In my first us inkscape and makerbot unicorn gcode when I goto save as that an error xyz.gcode could not be saved.</p><p>I am follow all the step but now what to do next step , please give the solution.</p>
download inkscape 32 bits.
<p>what is the size of paper used is it 2x2 or 4x4</p>
<p>iam getting this error &quot;m18 drives off, command not recognised:m18&quot; while executing the g-code please help me.</p>
<p>sometimes i get that error too i don't know why but that error came in the end after job done, i just don't know how to make start pen in the bottom corner till now it always in the center can any one know how ???</p>
<p>your gcode file is probabelly empty </p>
<p>i would like to start my plots from a corner and not from the middle just like file cat from wannduino, cause i start draw in inkscape always in middle, i try -20 to +20 instead of 0 to 40 but it always in the middle, please helppp</p>
<p>Hi all some things I found.</p><p>In step 4 you are told to connect Y axe to M3 M4 this did not work for me I connect Y axe to M1M2.</p><p>If printed text is back to front I switched a1a2b1b2 in reverse order eg a1 becomes b2 and a2 becomes b1 and so on.</p><p>If one axe moves and the other stays still then (1) check that all wires on the axe that wont move are connected correctly or (2) you may need to switch only one pair of wires eg a1 a2 becomes a2 a1.</p><p>I have two types of images.</p><p>(1) Starts in the middle of the plot Arduino software change X and Y min max -18+18.</p><p>(2) Starts right hand side closest to me Arduino settings X Y max 36.</p><p>I hope that this might help in some way.</p><p>K</p>
<p>X Y Min Max</p>
<p>Hi , </p><p>everything work good except that it draws half of the pic of just part of it ! i'm thinking I'm not configuring the start point or inkscape properly ! would explain your point (1) &amp; (2) more please . </p><p>thanks </p>
Hi Aboudez<br>I had the same problem and I changed the min and max settings in the Arduino .ino sketch to -18 +18 and uploaded it to the Arduino.<br>I then found the center of the plot area and centered the pen here before starting.<br>There is a lot of trial and error but you will get there.<br>K
<p>Thank you <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/BertR15" rel="nofollow">BertR15</a> sir .... Guys u can watch this video ---- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE8r2sd_NkA&amp;feature=youtu.be</p>
<p>Hi BertR15 <br> can you please upload your cnc.ino file so that i can compare with mine.</p><p>and i am facing problem setting my XandY steps per mm and Limits for X and Y.</p><p>please Let me know ASAP.</p><p>obviously my sketch output is insane ,I need Help. </p><p>and regarding connections to arduino i dont have clarity with them , I request you to explain me </p>
<p>Everything is already clearly explained! If you would read all previous comments it all becomes obvious!</p><p>1 - Use the arduino sketch (the ino file) made by AquaManiac.</p><p>2 - Have a look in your gcode files and look what range it will plot (-19 to +19 or 0 to 40). Adjust your limits accordingly.</p><p>3 - In Inkscape, make a little drawing of a line with a length of 25 mm and adjust the steps per mm so that the plotted line is 25 mm.</p>
<p>I am using 2 DVD stepper motors, but still, the output is not what I expected it to be.. but the motors which I am using have different pin-out for wires..? does that means they do have different steps/rev..?</p><p>The output for STAR is in the picture.</p><p>The Gcode for star and elliptical are</p><p>config i am using in the code are-</p><p>steps/rev = 20; steps/mm(x&amp;y)=360; x=(0:40) y=(0:40)</p><p>Help me out !!</p>
<p>I Have tried Everything Every Formation you Give. But Nothing goes happen. My X axis doesn't work properly But Y Axis Works Perfectly...Why..??</p><p>I Interchange Every Possible Connection But Nothing Happened.</p><p><a href="https://www.pinterest.com/pin/628111479249911041/" rel="nofollow">https://www.pinterest.com/pin/628111479249911041/</a></p><p>Please See The Video And help me with Your Opinion... <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/BertR15" rel="nofollow">BertR15</a> ...<a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/CNC%20World" rel="nofollow">CNC World</a> ..:)<br><br>https://youtu.be/fzfBfp75e0k </p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>whether can be used two Easy Driver Stepper Motor Driver A3967 instead of the L293D MOTOR SHIELD??</p>
<p>Thanks for the great instructable. Here is the one I made. I used two L293 driver boards. Worked like a charm!</p>
<p>This was supposed to say MI</p><p>I have tried switch motor wires, I have tried changing the x and y min and max values, and I have also tried to change the stepspermillimeter but all these drawings keep coming out wrong. Can anyone help me?</p>
<p>I figured it out, My stepper motors were going to fast.</p>
<p>How did you fixed that? </p>
<p>I changed the code</p>
<p>Mine also seems really jerkey, is that normal?</p>
<p>Hello guys, i need help.<br>I have two dvd but this was different. it can be seen more clearly in the picture.<br>Can you tell which part is similar to the image A1, A2, B1, B2. so I can start to solder it.</p><p>its make me confuse all the video I saw nothing like this. i hope anyone will answer my question thank you and sry if my english so bad. i hope you answer with picture.</p>
I have made cnc plotter but its making wrong and hazy things
<p>Every things was ok but while printing any thing its not properly. I check every thing 10 times but same its not create any thing.... its only dots and some lines......plz help me........n srry for bad english.....plz help me..</p>
<p>super project. Thank you</p>
<p>Hi everybody.. Thanks for this amazing project.</p><p>I've been playing arround with AquaManiac version of both Arduino code and OSX app (thanks dude. wonderful job). </p><p>Now I have this weird problem which is that when it is printing, suddently it stops<br>with the a very hight pitch moise coming from the stepper motor. Been touching delay paramenters, but cant find the reason.. </p><p>Using AquaManiac (thanks again :)) app, when this happens, the box with the port connection resets (gets blank).</p><p>Using proccesing code, also happens.. </p><p>Any ideas what could be happenig?</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>Hello There,<br><br>I attempted your project with one main difference : I used old scanners' stepper motors instead of DVD drivers' since they are bigger and also easier to connect the wires to since I find soldering to these small ribbon cables of the DVD drivers extremely painful. Anyway I checked all the connections, hardware seems fine so is software but when I attempt to move any of the axes (X &amp; Y) it produces some whistle noise and that's it !!! I suspected the power outlet so I changed the phone charger from your block diagram above and replaced it with a PSU and still no moves and only whistles ! Any suggestions or thoughts on what went wrong &amp; how to fix it ? Thanks in advance</p>
I made same with this instructable...<br>But the machine drawing some symbols when I inserted YouTube gcode.<br>Please help me.Tried 10 times.but same results.
<p>Hi,</p><p>it is a very interesting project.</p><p>Can one uses CD Drive instead of DVD Drive in this project?</p>
<p>probeblly yes</p>
<p>So I start to make it from 2 CD drives to give it a try.</p><p>I just don't know how to solder the four wires to the stepper motor, because here on CD Drive there is not four but five outlets on the stepper motor. Two of them is for + and - of the stepper motor. With a 5V DC I can start the motor in one direction or in another if I change + and -. But what is the other three outlets of stepper motor for?</p>
<p>From the other side this motor tray looks like on this image bellow.</p><p>So I really do not know where to solder four wires to this stepper motor?</p>
<p>I think you can</p>

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