How to Make DIY Snow Globe Earrings: Googly Eyes Crafts





Introduction: How to Make DIY Snow Globe Earrings: Googly Eyes Crafts

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I made this snow globe earrings and ring from googly eyes.

This is very easy and fun project.

What you need:

1) Googly eyes

2) Glitters

3) Glue

4) Water

5) Syringe

6) Nail decoration stones

7) Stud Earring Findings

8) Ring finding

9) Utility knife

You need little cut into the googly eyes and the black part of the googly eyes take it out.

And then through this cut put some nail decoration stone, not much. Put some glitters into it.

Then take water with syringe fill it inside. Keep little gap don’t fill too much water.

With glue gun seal the cut area and secure it. Make sure no leakage. Your snow globe is ready.

Then attach the snow globe with glue, on stud earring findings or ring finding

With these, you can make earrings rings or pendant.

I am not good at explaining so please watch my video.



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    Thankyou very much for this instructable. The description and video are wonderfully brief and precise. I am going to make these now as my granddaughter is crazy about glitter.

    1 reply

    christhamilton Hi I glad to know that you like it.

    I would love to see when you make these for your granddaughter.