How to Make EASY Ribbon Practice Poi





Introduction: How to Make EASY Ribbon Practice Poi

Poi is an amazing flow art which helps increase flexibility, strength, creativity, and self-esteem! Who couldn't use a little or a lot of all of those? You can find a HUGE collection of poi instruction videos on youtube and various poi and flow-arts themed website with a simple "how to spin poi" Internet search.

So let's get started. What you'll need:

4 x 10" ball bungee ties

6 x 1-yard cuts of ribbon

For the ribbon: Use whatever design, width, or color you'd prefer. I used red, yellow, and orange 1.5" lace ribbon for a fiery look. Another great combo would be green, purple, blue satin ribbon or you can purchase 1" character themed ribbon and make it kid-approved. The thicker ribbon will have more resistance to wind during the flow but it will still be relatively equal in weight to the handle.

Step 1: Connect 2 Ball Ties

Connect the two ball ties by inserting one loop into another and pulling the ball through. Before tightening, ensure the knot is in the halfway point in the bungee. Pull on both balls in opposite directions to tighten them.

After you have connected 2 of the ball ties, repeat this step with the other two ball ties.

Step 2: Connect the Ribbon & Spin!

Find the middle point of the ribbons and pinch them and wrap them around the ball tie. Make a knot around the ball tie (and another double knot for a tighter fix).

After you have repeated this on the second set of ribbon poi you are finished!!!!

Step 3: Connect to Other Things!

These ribbon poi are versatile as ever! They can be attached to hula hoops or bike/scooter handlebars too! Make sure you keep the length of the ribbon under 20" (10" total when folded) if they are on the bike so they don't get caught up in wheels or the rider!


I tied the ribbon under the bottom ball tie instead of above it by pulling the knot out of the ball bungee and using a reef knot like I did for connecting the two bungees! It looks a lot cleaner and prevents the gap in the ribbon falls.



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Can the ribbon be longer or shorter? Or is there a specific length?

The ribbon can be as long as you can tolerate it without getting tangled. For me that is around 15". You can definitely go shorter!