video How to Make The Fierce Deity Sword
An easy tutorial on how to make The Fierce Deity Sword from Majora's Mask!
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Zelda Parody 1
Zelda Parody 8
An easy build for around 15-20 bucks email me with questions
Now Majora's mask is good but Ocarina of Time is better
natedoddle1 year ago
Really good job but I'm still trying to get the mask in the game
Does this work for LARPing or would it fall apart?
kovue1 year ago
Have you thought about using yoga mats instead? Was just thinking it may take away the need for all those Joins… Great Project though Kudos to you!
OrangeSpy121 (author)  kovue1 year ago
No I never did think of that, I'll keep that in mind for my next foam build, Thanks!
Very sweet!
YFX1 year ago
Is that foam mat stuff hard to sand?
OrangeSpy121 (author)  YFX1 year ago
To be honest I never tried but from working with it I don't think it would be