How to Make Your Own Cookie Shot Glass

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We didn't all get to go to SXSW to try them, and not all of us can go to New York to buy them. Here's how you can enjoy Dominique Ansel's latest creation at home.

Step 1: The Dough

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I used Serious Eats' "Best Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe, but bastardized it* by adding a half cup of flour and beating the dough longer than recommended, so it would be easier to roll out.

Use whatever dough you want, just make sure it's stiff enough that you can manipulate it a little. 

*I did make one attempt with the original recipe--more on that towards the end.
Tessypoo made it!1 month ago

this is such and Epic idea! ill be making some of these tonight.

I also used the same recipe to make it into a "fake "sushi rolls.

I filled the baked cookie with cheesecake filling and then made the (fake) salmon roe out of tapioca pearls.

lainsley5 months ago

do you think nutella would work as a sufficient "glaze" to seal it?

Nicola2831 year ago

Can you put milk in???

nevermind milk, how about Baileys?

uh ha I'm 13!

ok. At 13 you'll probably be happier with chocolate milk. Preferably whole milk for the texture and richness.

karinsurance (author)  bryan31411 year ago
Baileys is what's in the video :)

testing out the glazes now--they're working great!
Gemini_Cat1 year ago

Try just painting in some melted chocolate instead of trying to make a glaze, it works pretty well.

mabelme1 year ago
Juleemt1 year ago

Love this idea!! The Shot glass can be filled with many different things! Like creamcheese or whipped cream... Perfect for a nice and fancy dessert!

ruomini1 year ago
Try coating the inside of the cookie cup with sugar, cooked to the hard crack stage. It will hold up to reheating and stay solid for some time after milk is added.

Download fails

rsamuel11 year ago
Authentic Dominique Ansel Cronut and cookie shot delivery available if you're in the New York area by SOLD Inc- professional line sitters "We wait for your wants!"

Try "nappage"; melt currant jelly with just enough water so it is paintable. I recommend that you that you do two coats, giving the first 15 minutes to firm up. I think it would survive heating. Ansel does use shellac.

Dark Solar1 year ago

Chocolate lining, eh.... I call dibs on filling them with peppermint jello-shots!!!!

Kenny G1 year ago
I know how you can "seal" the inside, coat it with a layer of chocolate. That's what they do on waffle cones

Second the "chocolate" idea. This is what Ben & Jerry's uses for isolating absorbent pieces (like pretzels) that need to stay crunchy from the ice cream. I'd suggest trying the "chocolate shell" stuff and either painting it on the inside, or working on running the hot liquid around the inside before it hardens. Or just coating the whole thing... you know, you can't really have too much chocolate.

Also, I want to try larger versions, like teacup or coffee cup sizes :-)

"you know, you can't really have too much chocolate."

Honey, why are you on my favorite website pretending to be a guy?

nanaverm1 year ago

Neat! I've made cups with cookie dough by forming them into mini-muffin molds with a wooden pounder or fingers. If you had oven-proof glasses of the size you wanted, that might work well, too and be easier.

kilofeenix1 year ago
have you tried lining the inside with chocolate? or just the outside dip the whole cookie in a pot of deliciousness
karinsurance (author) 1 year ago

I love the chocolate idea, but the reason they used a glaze is so they can serve the cookie warm (after reheating) which I think is an AWESOME idea.

So I'm gonna try it again soon and test out a few frostings/glazes and will update with my findings!

I believe the guy in nyc is using shellac. Friends on Boingboing forums seem to think that would be just fine.


agemon1 year ago

I wonder if you can use molde for making shot/glass with ice ?

easier to use these for that and I wonder if I could just pack cookie dough into this and cook it since it is silicone and probably heat resistant to at least 400

karinsurance (author)  bhammang1 year ago

If that works, that would be awesome!!! I'd be curious to see how hard it is to get em out without breaking them, but that might work really well. Great find.

mixotic1 year ago

I second the Magic Shell or chocolate liner idea.

johnb19721 year ago
At the end of the video I heard "Do the shot". I hope a shot wasnt wasted in the making of the video.

Delicious! Fill them with pudding shots. Another way to make the shell is to flip your pan over and form the dough over the outside.

BayRatt1 year ago

Fun!! Even the 'failures' are fun because at least you can eat those. Can't say that about all 'failures' that's for sure! Nice job! :-D

NetWt4Lbs1 year ago
I bet using melting chocolates and coating the inside with that would work...possibly a vanilla flavored rock candy recipe would work too if you were able to work quickly enough...or a thin layer of food safe wax too
CJSudduth1 year ago

I think this idea would work great for ice cream ... or any dessert ... yummy..

Could also bake them a bit longer and use them as ice cream cones! ;)
My mom has been making cronuts for years just sadly never sold them.
Damutsch1 year ago

Can imagine it being really nice with Amarula!

Epic I can't wate to do this