How to Make a $5 DIY Spray Booth Turntable





Introduction: How to Make a $5 DIY Spray Booth Turntable

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If you spray paint or apply spray finishes you'll love this. You can build a DIY Spray Booth Turntable from $5 in hardware and some scrap plywood. The turntable is 16" x 16" and perfect for spraying small projects. It's also crazy simple and you can easily build it in under an hour.

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This is the Spray Booth used in the video (obviously not part of the $5 to make the turntable)


Step 1: Cut Pieces to Size

From the 24" x 24" plywood cut pieces to:

  • (1) 16" x 16"
  • (1) 16" x ~8"
  • (2) ~8" x 4"

Step 2: Build Base and Attach Lazy Susan Hardware

In the 2 small side pieces drill 2 pocket holes on one of the 8" edges. Use 1-1/4" pocket screws and attach the small pieces to the larger 16" x 8" piece to form a + sign design.

Mark a center line vertically and horizontally on the base. Use these marking to mount the 6" lazy susan hardware to the base. with 5/8" screws.

Step 3: Drill Mounting Holes in Base and Attach the Top

Rotate the top of the lazy susan 45 degrees and mark through the mounting holes onto the base. Move the lazy susan top again flush with the base and drill 1/2" clearance holes in the base.

Lay the top upside down on the workbench and draw centered horizontal and vertical lines as you did the base. Flip the base over onto the top. Through the clearance holes you just drilled, line up the mounting holes of the lazy susan top with the center lines.

Attach the top to the lazy susan hardware with 5/8" screws.

Step 4: Use Your New Turntable to Spray Your Projects!

That's it, I told you this project was super simple. But it's simplicity is only rivaled by its usefulness.

Put the turntable in a spray booth and spray finishes like paint, lacquer, or any other aerosol finish.

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    If you mount the lazy susan to the top, then remove it and mount it to the base, you can then just drill one hole 45 off and use it to access the top for reattachment.

    Thanks, where did you get the paint booth?

    I watched this on You Tube, liked it and was the 153 subscriber and a BIG thanks for sharing this. It will come in handy for me.

    What are you using as a paint booth

    your pictures?

    I already have a turntable - I use an old cake icing one. I was more interested in the "shed" you've got the turntable in - what is it, or how did you make it?