I am allergic to some base metals.  When I learned how to make beaded bracelets, it was easy to go one step further to create beaded watch bands, so that I could wear my watch again. On certain instructable you have seen pictures of my hands and some beads.  Those beads are my watch band.  So, this is; “How to Make a Beaded Watch Band”.  I made three bands, using 3 types of beads.  Look at the extra pictures to see how the different beads look during each step. Okay, let's get started.

Step 1:

Beads (of your choice, cost $3-$12 a package depending on what you choose)
1.0 mm stretch beading string ($2-$3 a roll)
4 lobster claws ($3 a pkg. of 4-6)
Pkg. 3 hole spacers ($4 a pkg.)
Piece of felt
Super glue
Tape measure
A watch face with pins (to complete the watch)
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Nice &quot;ible&quot; &amp; very cute. Similar to the ones I have seen sold for way to much $$$
Way too much is something I agree with. I really like my own creations. Thanks for looking and commenting.
Oops forgot - have u ever tried these with memory wire so they don't need sizing or stretchy cord?
No, I haven't had much experience with memory wire, so I really don't know if it would work. Thanks for looking and for your comment.

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