A bristle bot is a fun little robot that you can make out of a few things around the house.
They are really quite easy to make and are a lot of fun!

Many Bristlebots are the same, mine is different!

I will be teaching you how to make a Bristlebot using a Pulsar Oral B Toothbrush!

These new Bristlebots also look really cool!

Step 1: Supplies & Tools


1. Pulsar Oral B Toothbrush
(the reason we need this brush is because there is a tiny vibrating motor inside which will be powering our little robot!)
2. Double Sided Adhesive Tape
3. 1.5V Button Cell Battery


1. Wire Stripper
2. Scissors
3. Tiny Scissors
4. Pliers/Wire Cutter
5. Heavy Object (book)

<p>i can't find a button battery in in my school </p>
<p>I created this little bot and everyone loved it when I used them for my. Thankse much!</p>
<p>I got a gr8 name</p>
<p>I got a gr8 name</p>
<p>I got a gr8 name</p>
<p>I got a gr8 name</p>
<p>I got a gr8 name</p>
Still cant believe that someone took repackaged the bristlebot idea and is selling them for $8 at the cheapest under the name &quot;Hexbugs&quot;
<p>absolutely.............just right and in india they sell it for 400 rs which is a lot for us</p>
+1, FTW
i have made mine today,it's brillient.
Dude i just finished mine and it is awesome!!!! I am 11 years old and i have been searching instructables for along time and couldn't find anything but advanced stuff that said it was really easy. I also have like no parts in house at all but i do have that kind of tooth brush. My friend and i were planning on making a little invention thing where we invented stuff.<br> AGAIN THINK YOU A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know right!!! i was sooooo happy when i saw something that did not cost 100 dollars!! ^-^ ^-^
This is awesome! I love the idea of drawing with it.
Thanks! <br><br>Yea I enjoy it!<br>It's fun to tweak the Bristlebots to paint how you want them too. :)
Do you have an instructable on how to control the bristle bot?
great sir !!!!<br><br>

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