Have you ever wanted to dress up like a cat, but didn't just want to wear silly little ears? The musical Cats has created a whole new style of cat costumes, with wigs that give a very feline impression.

Cats costumes make fun and creative Halloween costumes. And children are always fascinated by a giant cat prowling around. There are many parts to a Cats styled costumes, but the unique wigs can be the most intimidating.

This Intructable contains step by step instructions to building and styling your own Cats style wig. It is a fairly simple process that can be completed by anyone with glue gun experience and a steady hand.

Caution! This project makes extensive use of a hot glue gun! Be careful, hot glue, as it's name implies, is hot!
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Step 1: Materials & Tools

Picture of Materials & Tools
Materials Needed:
-Lions Brand Homespun Yarn, in various colors
-1 pair of Control Top Pantyhose
-Fabric for sideburns - cross stitch fabric is recomended
-Thick thread
-Extra hot glue sticks
-Clear glue

Tools Needed:
-Fine toothed comb
-Book that is approximately 14" in diameter
-Hot Glue gun
-Sewing Machine or needle and thread
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I think any roving wool would work. As long as it pulls apart to make the fluffy ends. I used Homespun and did like the feel of it. The thread is a pain but not too much.

Thank you!!

kreibson made it!1 month ago

Made my granddaughter a rumpleteazer wig several years ago and am getting ready to make one again. Her second round in Cats. She's grown a lot since the first one. This is by far the best tutorial I found. I was so happy to find it again after 3 years.


Does it have to be Homespun? are there any other brands of yarn that would work fine?

Hi, I would like to start with my cats wig as well, but I do not know which yarn to use.
Please let me know which brand and which you used as I have to look for it in Germany.
sseide24 months ago

First question: What is the "clear glue"? Just a regular Elmer's type glue?

Second question: The wig I am working on is my first, I am just a bit concerned about the longevity of it because it is put together with hot glue. Im not saying its no good, just wondering if anyone knows how long it will last or if anyone has had issues with fur buds falling off??

Thanks! Great tutorial!

Misto921 year ago
Hey just wondering if you have any tips for making a fan ear wig? I'm trying to make a Timothy Scott Mistoffelees style wig. The tips of the yarn of the side burns are a lot more feathery than the Jacob Brent video version. Great tutorial though, It's really helped me out making a Rumpleteazer wig for a friend. Thanks. :D
Do you have any photos of the Rumoleteazer one you did as I am trying to make her one now
Thank you so much for this tutorial. I made an all black one, took a few days but it looks amazing! X

so when I started making this wig I had a spin I wanted to do on it, I wanted it to be long and very ferrel like, but I underestimated the yarns ability to hold together. When you pull the plugs and fluff the ends it measures about two inches in length. I got a method going to hold a little bit more in by tying a long strand at the top and bottom then pulling the bottom plug appart. I'm attempting to keep longer pieces by keeping a knot at the top and bottom and then hiding the bottom knot with other strands on top. Here's my progress so far. Also copied a different tutorial for the ears.

Woah! So cool!
mistyrose992 years ago
Love this tutorial and I think I'm going to try it for Halloween this year, but as Misto, so for the fan ears would you just continue up from the sideburns to the crown or are there any extra steps you have to do for it to come out right? Thanks for the tutorial xx
blissontap2 years ago
My son is playing Skimbleshanks in his middle school musical. I followed the directions on your site and made an AWESOME Cats wig! I brought it in to show everyone and now I get to make 59 more wigs :) Thanks so much for putting this online!

I do have one question: midway through I realized that the 14" pieces I'd cut were too long, so I had a lot of cutting the yarn pieces at the knot and reknotting the 2 new pieces. Did I miss the part about cutting yarn into different lengths for different parts?
Lumberpete2 years ago
Im making a munkustrap wig and so far I have done the ears, the fringe and a side burn and it's look good so far :D
HI Can you please please sell me one of these wigs?? I don't really have time to make one, but I will get one from you! :))
ashaver12 years ago
I am at this point now and I am very concerned that the yarn won't hold up to much design when I want to straighten it with a comb. I hope that I will be able to comb it later without it all coming apart on me. Did you experience any problems with this issue? Thanks!
nsoloman2 years ago
These wigs look amazing!
We are doing Cats as our school production and are planning to make all the wigs for a cast of about 80. Do you know roughly how long they take and roughly how much you spend on one wig so we can kinda work out how long it will take and how much it will cost?
SeektheBat2 years ago
*super late comment go!* I bought a nylon wig cap from store and plan to use it to make my first cats wig. I'm am finding that its super thin and almost impossible to write on. Do you think it would work at all. Or should i just do as you say and sew up the pantyhose (i dont trust my sewing matching at this time.) Thanks for any help and the help you have already given.
bsmith902 years ago
I have to make two cats wigs for my son and his friend for a dance routine and I'm so blessed to have come across these awesome instructions :) Do you happen to know what the colour of homespun yarn you used in the middle wig on the photos - I need that browny/reddy colour and it's hard for me looking at the Lion Brand website to determine the right colours?? If you remember the colours you used, could you let me know. And I think I read lower down that you recommend 1 skien of wool per colour per wig, right? THANKS SO MUCH in advance for your reply.
Sdk1133 years ago
There it is. :)
Sdk1133 years ago
I made it like you said to! It turned out beautiful, in my opinion! :)
asheepanda3 years ago
Hey, Thanks so much for putting these instructions on here for people to see! I had a fashion show to do for Cats and my wig turned out awesome! Here is a picture of my model in the wig :)
That's Awesome!!
Thank you :)
I loved this Instructable! I am SO going to make one and be an all black CAT for Halloween and who knows maybe just for some fun days in the summer. I really like the ear style but they seem a bit too rounded, is there a better way to maybe make them a bit more fierce and triangular?
kreibson3 years ago
I wanted to say thank you so much for these wonderfully easy instructions. My 5 year old granddaughter is going to be Rumpleteazer in a mini version of CATS. I didn't want her to look like a store bought costume. You have made my day. I made one so far but it was too big for her so I am scaling down even smaller. I used little girl hose for the first one. I think I might need to go to infant size or maybe doll size. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
afirestine3 years ago
I was wondering how many scenes of yarn you ended up using? I am thinking of making a wig out of black (dominate color) white and tan/brown to go for a calico kind of look. I am just wondering how many scenes of yarn I should pick up.
melgre2 (author)  afirestine3 years ago
I think 1 skein of each color should be plenty if you go with Homespun. There is a lot of yarn in each skein, and I've been able to make an entire single colored wig out of one skein. It kind of depends on how closely you space the plug, but yeah, 1 skein of each color should be good.
Oh! Awesome! Thanks a lot for the quick response! :)
Sdk1133 years ago
How do you pull them apart? I keep trying, but it just won't work. I've done this until my fingers are sore with no success...
melgre2 (author)  Sdk1133 years ago
Well, once you have the strings out, Homespun is basically loose fibers. I hold the knot with one hand and the ends with another and just pull. Maybe your strands aren't long enough?
glawrence23 years ago
Thank you SO much for this, has been a lifesaver! Think im going to be making a few more before the show! Heres my one, have cut or styled it yet, but it looks great! Thank you! :)
glawrence23 years ago
This looks fantastic! Just wondering if you'd be able to give me a rough time scale on how long it takes? I have the rest of my costume planned and/or completed, but time is running out!
melgre2 (author)  glawrence23 years ago
Well, it depends. Prepping the yarn takes the longest time, in my opinion. I think I spread the yarn prep for this wig over two days. I glued the entire wig in one day, it took me about.... three or four hours at the most. I styled it the next day, which only took me about an hour.

Of course, I have made a few wigs now, so I know the fastest ways for me to do it. My first wig took me longer, as I was very careful and was afraid of putting a hair wrong. But I don't think it should take you too long to make your wig.
Thank you! Have prepped most of the yarn already, and will be ready to get it done as soon as i find myself a wighead! Will let you know how it goes! Such a good idea, very much appreciated :)
I have never made a wig for my cat or dog. It seems that they don't like wearing anything. Anyway I love your wigs.
it's not a wig for a cat, it's a wig for a costume of the musical cats!
linda14 years ago
What a wonderful instructable!! You sure have to have a lot of patience and more time than I can spare to make this wig. I am very impressed. I just don't like the ears. I'm wondering if you can shape them with wire or pipe cleaners and then add the yarn fluff or whatever to resemble ears more closely. I certainly learned here so thanks al lot!
melgre2 (author)  linda14 years ago
You can pretty much do whatever you like with the ears. People have made this style of wigs, but with fabric or leather ears.... It's very flexible, this tutorial only goes over the most common way to do a wig in this style. Some people extend the sideburns up to form fan ears.

There isn't a 'right' way to do a Cats wig, it's mostly about making a wig you're happy with.
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