Step 6: Making the Wig Base, part 2

Picture of Making the Wig Base, part 2
Next we need to add sideburns to our wig base. These are made out of the sturdy fabric, such as cross stitch fabric. I cut mine at about one inch wide. My sideburns are usually five inches long, but it depends on your head size. Sideburns usually extend to where your jaw meets the bottom of your ear.

Put your wig cap on your wig head. Start warming up your hot glue gun. I prefer to set mine on 'high' (380 degrees Fahrenheit/193 degrees Celsius on my glue gun), as it bonds the plugs of yarn better to the wig cap, and is just generally more secure. But if you're afraid of burning yourself, then 'low' (248 degrees Fahrenheit/120 degrees Celsius on my glue gun) will work as well, but you will have to be very careful when combing out your wig.

Once the glue gun is heated up, place a line of glue across one narrow edge of the sideburn. Carefully press the end onto the wig cap, about where your temple would be. Angle it toward the back of the head. After that is mostly cooled down, lift the sideburn up to place a vertical line of glue on the wig cap, along the edge of the sideburn. Press the sideburn carefully into place.