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This is the original bow I started with, I spent a month trying to determine what kind of pipe was used to make the bow.  No one seemed to recognize it.  I bought and tried several different kinds of pipe, until I discovered that it was blue 3/4 inch PEX pipe.  I got white thinking I could paint it.  PEX pipe doesn’t paint well.  You will spend a lot of time getting the shine off the exterior of the pipe before the paint will even dream of sticking.  Save yourself some trouble, and buy red or blue pipe, that way the color is taken care of.
<p>This is the best! </p>
Made this for a group of kids in my school. I had fun making it.
<p>wow realy smart</p>
Great idea, these are hard to find cheaply - or you do find them and they are so cheap they brake on first use.
Thank you so much for this great idea. I will be using it for my son's &quot;hunting birthday party&quot;. I am using instead of the swim noodles, the &quot;wedge pencil erasers&quot;. I hot glue them and if works wonderfully! <br>http://www.amazon.com/School-Smart-Wedge-Pencil-Erasers/dp/B003U6KYIE <br>Thank you so, so much for this great idea! Bow and arrows work great!!! <br> <br>
My sister is starting archery. I think this might be fun to make for her so that she can practice at home.
Jeezy creezy, you continue to amaze and impress me! This is fantastic. Lucky grandson!!

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