Picture of How to Make a Costume for a Dog
I think that no matter how you personally feel about dogs, we can all agree that dog costumes are hilarious. Yes, it's true that we are laughing at them, and not with them, but as long as they're willing to play along with it I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with that.

It's actually pretty easy to make a costume for a dog, just as long as you keep a few basic concepts in mind.

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Step 1: Know your limitations.

Picture of Know your limitations.
By this I don't actually mean YOUR limitations. I mean the dog's. Let's face it: your dog does not really want to wear a costume. Dogs don't really want to wear anything at all. To demonstrate, here's a video clip of my dog, the first time he ever had a collar put on him. He doesn't understand what it is and doesn't entirely understand how his own foot works, but he knows he doesn't want this thing on his neck. So please keep in mind what your dog can comfortably tolerate when you come up with your costume idea.  If your dog will not wear a hat, you should not come up with a hat-dependent costume.

kiwi168774 years ago
My dogs get a little depressed when we put stuff on them. Any ideas?
HenryBasenji (author)  kiwi168774 years ago
Peanut butter seems to be the cure for all of Henry's depression. (Also, we try not laugh out loud at him, he really hates that.)
I just made a costume for my dogs! So cute!
rockadio1014 years ago
Trebawa you are wierd
kooplah4 years ago
These are great! I love the Oscar Wilde one.
pie popper4 years ago
I have a German/Australian Shepard mix. My little brother likes to put stuff around his neck and put leashes on him. I think he'd be OK, but I'd have to make a big costume. xD
Trebawa4 years ago
Your dog is adorable. I have a Basenji mix (I think), but I fear she's a bit too temperamental to wear a costume.
HenryBasenji (author)  Trebawa4 years ago
Henry is not thrilled but largely not bothered by these costumes. He hates anything he needs to step into or pull over his head - those fall victim to his wrath the second they are off! (He's good for a basenji, but he's still a basenji.)