I love my iPhone, so I'm also paranoid about scratching it. However, I can't stand those big plastic cases, and came up with a way to make thin Duct tape cases for several gadgets. This instructable also has an optional card holder on the outside of the case.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1. iPhone
2. Scissors
3. Duct tape!
4. A needle and thread
5. Sock with an ankle long enough to hold an iPhone (thinner fabric is better)
6. A square plastic bag
wow man pretty nice know what im makin for my dad for christmas (&maybe 1 for me) thx lot
I have an HTC desire. This is the bare bones version: no pocket. Great instructable: very easy to follow!
I liked ur idea and am going to try it on Samsung Galaxy S2<br><br>You could've cut the 2 small holes at the bottom for the speaker!
This is Rad! <br>Thanks for posting, very cool and nice neat work too!<br>I'm gonna make one for my external Hard Drive, and maybe experiment with an extra pocket on the side for the cord... hmm...
There never has been nor will be such a thing as extra money! I REALLY want one of these!! <br>PS: I have some other good APPS want to recommend. Maybe someone will like it.<br>http://best-video-dvd-converter.blogspot.com/2010/08/best-free-iphone-4-apps.html<br>
This is so cool! I'm going to make one after a cryptex.
<p>Thanks for the idea i love my case, i made an adjustment however, i found it slightly difficult to remove my phone from the case so i put a lifter strap as shown in my pictures <br /> &nbsp;</p> <p><br /> <br /> below is after you pull the strap up to lift the phone out of the case, this is as simple as cutting a hole in the case and making a duct tape &quot;strap&quot; and threading it through the case and taping it on the other side.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
I really like this!&nbsp; I'm going to make one for my iTouch, and I'm going to make another to see if it'll work as an eyeglasses case.&nbsp; I&nbsp;think I'll leave the sock a bit long, and fold it back over the top as a cuff, to add a bit of color (I'll be using blue or purple instead of black).&nbsp; Thank you!
THANK&nbsp;YOU i needed a ipod case thank you soo much!!!!!!<br />
Is it absolutely necessary to sew up the bottom of the sock?&nbsp;I mean, you cover that end with tape soon after anyway, so what's the point of taking the time to sew it up?<br />
&nbsp;It really isnt absolutely necessary, but it does prevent the tape from sticking to your iPod. &nbsp;This could also be solved by putting another, shorter piece of tape onto the stick side, making it more like a bandage - sticky only on the ends.
Any way or neatly stroing the earbuds? The case is very simple, easy, and effective - perfect!
I've thought of storing earbuds, but I wouldn't want a giant bulge in the case. Maybe you could have a square pouch that you just put the cord, wound up into a circle into the square, and have the heads hanging out.
This is a WONDERFUL idea!!! thank you very much for writing this!!

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