Picture of How to Make a Duct Tape iPhone Case
I love my iPhone, so I'm also paranoid about scratching it. However, I can't stand those big plastic cases, and came up with a way to make thin Duct tape cases for several gadgets. This instructable also has an optional card holder on the outside of the case.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
1. iPhone
2. Scissors
3. Duct tape!
4. A needle and thread
5. Sock with an ankle long enough to hold an iPhone (thinner fabric is better)
6. A square plastic bag

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting Your Sock

Picture of Measuring and Cutting Your Sock
Once you have your sock, slip the iPhone into the ankle, and stop when the top of the phone is flush with the end of your sock. Use chalk or an eraser to mark where the bottom of the phone is in the sock, and then cut across the ankle a few millimeters below your mark. Cut lower if you want your phone to sit deeper in the finished case.

Step 3: Sewing the Sock Together

Picture of Sewing the Sock Together
Once you have your cut sock, take the phone out, and sew straight across the cut end. I'm horrible at sewing, so I just whip stitched across.

Basically, after threading the needle, you double the thread back on itself, and tie a knot about a foot away from the needle. Push the needle though both sides of the sock, and then repeat on the same side, about 2 millimeters over. When you get to the other side of the sock, tie another knot to keep the thread from coming undone. I also turned the sock inside out when I was done.
wow man pretty nice know what im makin for my dad for christmas (&maybe 1 for me) thx lot
EcoJym3 years ago
I have an HTC desire. This is the bare bones version: no pocket. Great instructable: very easy to follow!
abalian3 years ago
I liked ur idea and am going to try it on Samsung Galaxy S2

You could've cut the 2 small holes at the bottom for the speaker!
glassgirl774 years ago
This is Rad!
Thanks for posting, very cool and nice neat work too!
I'm gonna make one for my external Hard Drive, and maybe experiment with an extra pocket on the side for the cord... hmm...
This is so cool! I'm going to make one after a cryptex.

Thanks for the idea i love my case, i made an adjustment however, i found it slightly difficult to remove my phone from the case so i put a lifter strap as shown in my pictures

below is after you pull the strap up to lift the phone out of the case, this is as simple as cutting a hole in the case and making a duct tape "strap" and threading it through the case and taping it on the other side.


kaste5 years ago
I really like this!  I'm going to make one for my iTouch, and I'm going to make another to see if it'll work as an eyeglasses case.  I think I'll leave the sock a bit long, and fold it back over the top as a cuff, to add a bit of color (I'll be using blue or purple instead of black).  Thank you!
kidorigami5 years ago
THANK YOU i needed a ipod case thank you soo much!!!!!!
Is it absolutely necessary to sew up the bottom of the sock? I mean, you cover that end with tape soon after anyway, so what's the point of taking the time to sew it up?
 It really isnt absolutely necessary, but it does prevent the tape from sticking to your iPod.  This could also be solved by putting another, shorter piece of tape onto the stick side, making it more like a bandage - sticky only on the ends.
zoso955 years ago
MHeitman5 years ago
Any way or neatly stroing the earbuds? The case is very simple, easy, and effective - perfect!
Head Crab Ned (author)  MHeitman5 years ago
I've thought of storing earbuds, but I wouldn't want a giant bulge in the case. Maybe you could have a square pouch that you just put the cord, wound up into a circle into the square, and have the heads hanging out.
This is a WONDERFUL idea!!! thank you very much for writing this!!