How to Make a Fish Trap in 30 Seconds





Introduction: How to Make a Fish Trap in 30 Seconds

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If you have a plastic bottle and a cutter/knife/scissors, that's great --- you can make a fish trap in a minute -- it is so satisfying to catch a fish!
That is the reason I make this Instructable.

Features of this design:
Rocks in the bottle --- sinks the bottle; stabilize the bottle against the waves.
Small bottle --- easier to lift when filled with water; will be harder for small fish to escape through this small opening than the 5L bottle opening.
Cut the bottle at a low level --- the top and the bottom part will fix together firmly without tape, glue, fishing line, or wire.
Not to use fishing line --- easier to opening/close the trap; easier to make the trap.



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    This is excellent for catching small bait. The plastic bottle can be any size, but I prefer 2 liters rather than 20 oz. or smaller ( though they work just as well in a pinch) I like to add a rope and bright float to them, like a solo cup or anthing that catches your eye when looking for them as markers to find them again, I leave them out for a few hours at a time. Thank you for making this instructable. :)

    try with a bigger bottle with a larger cap ;) and drill the bottom of the bottle ;) oh and...what have you done are more than a minute compressed in 30secs;)

    what if a small fish just ate all the trap and easily gone out because of the hole.

    the plastic disorients them, the trick is they don't see the hole top get back out. :)

    For all of you that think that killing fish is wrong, this is a fish trap that (I'm guessing) is mainly used for catching fish for bait (that's what I'll use it for) or for putting in a fish tank/ pond.

    And are the fish still alive?

    What should I put as food/bait?

    same concept as a fly trap the fish/fly enter for the bait but when it's time to exit most all of them go to the top and progress round and round looking for the opening, almost never going to the center where the opening is. They don't have the capacity to think like we do, so their lack of reason traps them, not a closed door.
    (in response to "torned00" )

    sand in the bottom uses a lower profile and thus the fish have a harder time finding the opening to get out.