This project really is one of my favorites. It didn't take a lot of time or money and looks great. The table looks like it was custom made by a professional, but really only requires some simple electrical work. It is the perfect size coffee table for the space.

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We had an extra, cheap drum laying around and didn't mind if it got messed up so I thought I would play around with it.  At first I thought we would throw a coat of paint on it, top it with the glass from an old patio set we had, and call it good.  My plans changed after I tore into it.

I have included a picture a picture of a drum almost identical to the one we started with.

Step 1: Remove All the Hard Ware

Planning on a quick coat of paint I started removing all of the hardware.  To remove these top bolts you can use a drum wing key or a just a pair of strong hands.

Since my wife wasn't around busy I used a wing key.

There were a lot of screws. Whenever I am taking something apart that has lots of pieces, I like to put screws back in the hardware so I don't lose them or get the pieces mixed up.

<p>have acquired a drum , like the one in the pics , undid it with a Alan key used for radiators lol , took it to a glazier got the glass cut , fitted battery fairy lights, attached glass and re did it up,, sold for &pound;100, will add photos , when I find what I did with the camera lol </p>
<p>Hi, this looks great and Im going to attempt a similar project. Can you tell me how you fixed the glass to the drum please?</p><p>Thanks</p>
Creative and decorative, very good job!
Adding those lights that emulate candle lights would look really cool in there. That or lights that change color gradually
I think either option would look slick.
Really great, i love how this turned out!!
Yay! I'm so excited you broke it down into steps. Such a gorgeous project. :)

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