I have become adventurous in my old age.  I was well over 50 the first time I drove across country (Utah to Virginia).  At one of the many rest stops I found a hematite bead bracelet. I bought one for a pattern and I have since made a few that I wear when the fashion fairy strikes.  A fun piece of jewelry and easy to do.  Finding the hematite beads may be a little tough, but I can help with that.  So here we go in making a “Hematite (Magnetic) Bead Bracelet/Necklace”.

Step 1:

Beading wire – nylon coated, 7 strand (+/- $3 for 40 yds.)
19 – 5x8 mm hematite (magnetic) beads- ($3 per 40 beads) at http://www.magneticjewelry.name/wholesale.htm
162 (+/-) 4 mm round beads (you choice, I’m using black obsidian, rose quartz, and fresh water pearls, leftovers from other projects.)
Crimp beads ($2 a pkg.)
Crimping tool (at craft store, +/- $10)
Needle nose pliers (use your Hubby’s, available cheap at Harbor Freight)
Wire cutters (same as pliers)
u live in utah well so do I :) i used to live by the provo area in a town called spanish fork and now i live in logan :) <br>
I live in American Fork. Utah is great.
would love to chat with you and learn more. <br>jsimp2861@yahoo.com
Lovely! I love how easy these are to wear and how you can wear it in different ways.
Thank you!

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