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I show how to make a cube of matches. It is pretty simple once you get through the first few steps. After that it’s very repetitive. Matches are cheap so it is inexpensive to make, I spend $2 for 2 boxes of 250 matches each and ended up using about 294 with about 37 damaged or misshapen. This does not really have any practical purpose just an interesting way to store or display your matches. It is made without any glue or tape, just interlocking matches.

Step 1: Materials

-Wooden Matches (About 300+)

-Time (It is rather time consuming)

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)

Lighting one on fire.


erik984 (author)2017-01-19

this is awsome

viral1997 made it! (author)2016-05-05

Was really a Fun but burnt a lot of Time.

Still worth trying once Check out the images of my cube.

slu6alka (author)2016-03-29

Wow, this is incredible! I made something similar a few years ago, but I used less sticks...and then I burnt it :) Can't wait to try yours, thanks for sharing!

viral1997 (author)slu6alka2016-04-08

@slu6alka can u pls send one more pic of the othr side.? or cann suggest some steps to proceed.

Thank you Vmuch.

slu6alka (author)viral19972016-04-09

Hey, I used this instructable:
when I made mine, also there are tons of You Tube videos! Good luck!

AnnaL64 (author)slu6alka2016-03-30

Where did you get those blue matches?!!!!

slu6alka (author)AnnaL642016-03-30

I bought them from LIDL... they have some stores across Europe, not sure about the other continents.. Here's their global site:

alfadog67 made it! (author)2016-04-01

Mine's only 9x9x8, since my matchbox had 230 matches in it. It was great fun to make, but didn't use rubber bands. Instead, I stacked the matches into a cube, and poked the vertical ones through the top. It's a nead 1-hour project.

IndigoOnion (author)2016-03-31

*slow applause*

SidA2 (author)2016-03-28

I was scared in your video that when you burn it, the rubber band will melt and the cube would somewhat explode... good thing that the band isn't needed to make it stay in place :D

SidA2 (author)2016-03-28

I was scared in your video that when you burn it, the rubber band will melt and the cube would somewhat explode... good thing that the band isn't needed to make it stay in place :D

sgerevini (author)2016-03-27

I *need* to make it!!!

jimofoz (author)2016-03-27

Strange, but cool, er - hot...

needledoc (author)2014-10-17

I only see a video showing how to light it on fire. Where are the instructions people are talking about on how to make it? I already know how to light matches on fire, that's what they are designed to do.

BrianM172 (author)needledoc2016-03-27

There are two videos

BrianM172 (author)2016-03-27

Oof... Make a hut outa this... Mabe put like safety pins for holding the ceiling together? It could be like a treehouse on the ground... And once it gets cold, light it up!

azizkres (author)2016-03-27

Awesome! I don't think I will make one myself, at least not anytime time soon, but it's great seeing it :D

Boomdog02 (author)2016-03-27

i think the first step should be : have lots of free time on your hands and be really during baseball season!

The_42nd_Paradox (author)2015-04-21

I kinda want to make one to roast marshmallows. That is if the fire gets hot enugh.

HEISENBERG_PN (author)2014-11-12

Two hours later..... I DID IT!!!

I was scared to cut the elastics :-)
Good tuto.

burningpotato (author)2014-10-25

i guess you could say this is a "match box" ;)

mrpesas made it! (author)2014-10-23

Fun little project

eclipsestorm (author)2014-10-22

neet, now to go burn it

zkcelikbas (author)2014-10-21

Thanks Malegowski we've spend nice times while building.

guaps (author)kalmurat2014-10-17

Risky click of the day - but it paid off. Some really cool, massive castles built from match sticks.

kalmurat (author)guaps2014-10-18

i just wanted to share some beautiful crafting. it really didn't cross my mind that people will be afraid to click on the link.

guaps (author)kalmurat2014-10-20

I think your link was great, and a perfect tangent for this instructable. But I have gotten a lot of spam and other spyware/malware/virus emails that only said "check this out". I just thought it was funny. Thanks for sharing!

fixfireleo (author)guaps2014-10-17

lol. same thing i was thinking! :) of course, they can still infect a good looking page. they got me with pics of the BP oil spill once.

beckj51 (author)2014-10-18

The posted video was not functional earlier today. It just cycling through your posted images of the completed cube. Seems to be working fine now.

marshall.rowe.9 (author)2014-10-17

How to light, relight, and still relight a cube of matches...but nothing on how to build. Would be a real "cool" instuctable, if it included construction instructions!!

fixfireleo (author)2014-10-17

interesting but you CHEATED with the rubber bands! this would be a real mind bender to make without them. also, i'm glad you included the burning video because you would have totally lost man points if you didnt set it on fire! :)

ptrobrn (author)2014-10-17

Should just call it "A Pyro's Little Friend"

czarnian (author)2014-10-17

Lacks explanation, pictures, just uploading a video is not an instructable. Not cool.

spacecakes (author)2014-10-16

I'm trying my hardest to not be negative here, but that has to be the worst instructable ever. How are we to make one of these without even knowing the basics?

K4nyix (author)spacecakes2014-10-17

You... Haven't watched the video, apparently ! The instructable is the video.

DavidNZ (author)spacecakes2014-10-17

tbh I found it rather straight forward....

lvgoldengirl (author)2014-10-16

These are great ideas for Fireplaces , to start your logs & kindling,,,neet idea,,,thks

tjk1939 (author)2014-10-16

Wonderful. Nothing like an instruction on how to waste time.

NitroRustlerDriver (author)2014-10-16

Use long matches designed for lighting fireplaces and you would have a GIANT cube.

The small cube might be good for starting camp fires.

dpiccine (author)2014-10-16


chadbro828 (author)2014-10-16


chadbro828 (author)2014-10-16

You say "I show how to make a cube of matches.". Where do you do that??

The video is titled "How To Make A match Cube" right there :)

Istarian (author)2014-10-16

That's one heck of a fire starter. Probably work nice for getting a bonfire going.

AwesomeChickenHacker (author)2014-10-16

could you post some pics on the starting layout please? It looks awesome!

SNEHALCHEVLI (author)2014-10-15

I try it this Diwali..

WhouDini (author)2014-10-15

nice man!

watchmeflyy (author)2014-10-15

Too awesome for comprehension! Setting it on fire must have been exhilarating...

juliaRC (author)2014-10-15


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