This is how to make a mini combustion cannon sized to fire airsoft pellets. The only materials required are a BBQ lighter, a few screws, epoxy or other strong glue, and a drill.
what is the exat brand / exact model lighter
Sorry for the delay. I used a 'grill zone flexable lighter'
<p>where did u get the lighter</p>
<p>search in flipkart</p>
I found that using a mini spray bottle full of alcohol instead of a cotton swab makes it easier to get the amount of fuel to air ratio correct
<p>How did you make that out of a spray bottle instead of a lighter? I cant get a lighter, so I'd like to know.</p>
Where will we get that
u could probably get one from Walmart but I just found it lying around my house
<p>For my experiment, I have much larger objects that I am propelling instead of airsoft pellets, and I was wondering when you use the exact model of BBQ lighter, could you expand/ enlarge the size of the tube hole so it would be large enough to fit a marble? Thanks!</p>
<p>May I use this for an experiment I'm doing? I'm testing something, and I came across your video and think having a small, hand-held cannon would work best for my experiment.</p>
<p>can aerosol be used</p>
<p> what is the range </p>
I made this back in 2013; except I made a few design changes like I remodeled the bbq lighter case to fit the mini cannon and re designed the trigger. I also found that heet ( a brand of gas-line anti-freeze) works a lot better than isopropyl alcohol.
Can we useperfume
Which is liquid used for shooting?<br>
can mouth wash be used
<p>It doesn't have high enough levels of alcohol so it won't ignite.</p>
Ok I'm srry to burst all ur little bubles but one contrary to watnighthawklight said adding oven a miner amount to much fluid nomatter what u use for fuel it could still blow up I know because my little brother was killed when one blow up in hi hand oh and I've taken these kinds of weapons of inmates at my prion that have been used to kill people and are illegal nomatter what they shoot<br>
I'm sorry your little brother was killed. However, as to the illegality issue. Illegal in prisons yes, by non-felons not incarcerated no.
Hey, im building this cannon but im using lighter fluid as the fuel for it.<br><br>The thing is that I cant get it to ignite. There's a spark and everything, but it just wont ignite. Ive tried using more fuel but still nothing happens. <br><br>But when I take the rear bolt out and light the cannon with another lighter.. BOOM!<br>A lot of fire<br><br>I dont know whats wrong... Can someone help?<br>Thanks
<p>Lighter fluid will not work because it doesn't vapourise to give an explosive air/fuel mixture. That's why alcohol, hair spray and ether are best.</p>
Sounds like the fuel / o<sub>2</sub> ratio is off....i.e. you need more air.
are you using 91% rubbing alcohol<br>
you might be adding to much gas it also it is a bit harder to make lighter fluid ignite unless its a steady stream of gas
Sounds like the fuel:air mixture is way too high try using less fuel :)
You can't use butane in this, the chamber is too small. If you add more than 3% of the volume of the chamber worth of butane it won't have enough air to ignite.
<p>I have a problem. Here's what happens when I use this:</p><p>1. Add rubbing alcohol (91%)</p><p>2. Click! Click! Click!</p>
<p>Sorry, I deleted my first reply because I thought you were commenting on another project. Can you see the spark in the chamber? If it's bright neon blue that means you have too much fuel. If not, you probably don't have enough fuel.</p>
so i built mine, but it won't fire. i rewatched the video, the only alcohol i have in the house right now is 70% so i think that might be the problem.... <br> <br>what other fuels can be used in this?
Do you have to re-swab it every time?
DO you have tO register it as a firearm?
Do you have to register a potato gun? no.
Awsome instructable I would have made it but my sister filled that metal pipe with crayon wax but I totally want to make it.
how old is she? my sister is 9 and she desroyed the thing by using it to play war against her american girl dolls.
awesome lol
Thank you so much for this! I love shooting my cat with it xD <br>I used a pill bottle and nail polish remover instead, works just as good or better than the fuel resivior
i have hydgergen peroxid will that work and sorry for my spelling ellectric shoker is ausome and i hope i make it right your epic!!!!!!
<strong>Will it effect the explosion if you use 70% rubbing alcohol?</strong>
Well, apparently this instructable has been up for a while, but i never saw it Dx <br>WOnderful piece of work. I finished building mine, but only got it to shoot once... i see from other comments that fuel to air ratio is a problem, but have no grasp whatsoever of how much alchohol to apply... Any advice on that part? <br> <br>Thanks and awesome work
Does the bbq lighter cannon works with deodorant?
Does it works with deo?
First, can I use electric tape to cover the self-tapping screws and can I add the fuel from the barrel?
I used model glue (plastic cement) and it seems to work pretty well.
fps? <br>
Feet per second
What happends if you put the 2 bolts to close
Ok. I have two questions. 1. How far does the gap have to be to create a powerful spark. 2. Examples of fuel it can be used. Thanks.
Go to this link now https://www.instructables.com/answers/Airsoft-gun-102/<br>

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