How to Make a Rainbow Felt-Tip Pen





Introduction: How to Make a Rainbow Felt-Tip Pen


Step 1: To Do a Rainbow Felt-Tip Pen You Need!

To do a rainbow Felt-Tip Pen you need: markers and paper!

Step 2: This Idea Is So Easy and Amazing!!!

Step 3: Try to Make Is Magic Marker!!!

Step 4: Enjoy!!!!



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    I was completely fascinated watching this video. I kept staring at the pen as the loops changed color. I would have thought the colors would have a brownish mud color. That was very clever, and thank you for sharing.

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    What's fascinating about the video? (serious question)

    Your profile says you live on earth, so I guess you're on summer vacation now, which means you probably have enough time to complete the mission that I'm giving you:

    Find one insulting word that was in my comment.If you find one (or more), you can report it as not nice.

    Good luck :)


    Did I tell you were not nice? This is like texting where people read more into what you say than what you mean. I do not talk the way I write. I am sorry if my writing sounds too formal. Maybe this pen thing is possible, but if it is faked, then too bad this person had nothing better to do with their time. Yes, I am on summer break. I live in the desert, 50 miles round trip from the nearest store, in the USA. It has only been about a month since I branched out from just reading and listening to music on my Kindle, and I started a Pinterest account. That led to having to subscribe or whatever the term is, in order to look at things that interested me. I do not really know exactly how to do everything, or the terms used sometimes, so I err on the side of caution and do not fill in all the blanks. I will try and put some information on my profile, but I have no way to include a photo at this time. Sorry for the length of my response.

    you are totally fine! Yonatan24 was talking to me.

    ( I said that he (yonatan24) was kinda being negative)

    also I wish I was in the desert; I could look for metorites!

    I would not know what to look for, but there is plenty of open space to look.

    It's not always what words you use; sometimes it's how you use them

    I had one question: What's so fascinating about the video

    This wasn't an insult. This was a question. Questions can be insults, but this one wasn't.


    I thought that this could not possibly work. I have worked with kids at school and my own kids, and they usually end up with muddied colors from coloring over the other colors. The bright colors would become dull. I would have never guessed that the colors would have stayed so bright. Maybe I have worked with kids so long that I share some of their fascination and wonder.

    One word: Photoshop. Compare the thumbnail, with the third picture of picture three :)

    I'm not saying that it doesn't work-- It clearly does work. Maybe I'm wrong.

    can u make it without white??

    that's so cool will have to give that try once I buy some new felt tip pens :-)