I was discussing the possibility of hollowing out a book with a classmate of mine, and she thought the only way it could be done was with a razor blade and a ruler, not to mention the hours of effort and patience.  I had just bought an oscillating cutting tool, and was certain I could hollow out a book more efficiently.  When I looked online, it seemed like all the tutorials described gluing the pages of the book together, and then using a razor blade to cut out the desired section.  And so, I decided it was my mission to bring ease to everyone's life by sharing my hollow-book theory with the world!

Then, Instructables decides to have a spy contest, making a secret compartment in a book the perfect entry!  Just think of all the awesome spy-type thing that could be hidden in a book!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

The tools and materials you'll need for this project are as follows:
  1. Oscillating Cutting tool
  2. A Book. 
          This should be one that you don't mind destroying, and preferably have a hard cover.
  3. C-Clamps. 
          Or another sort of clamp that you can make work
  4. Scrap Cardboard.
Great project. You made this seem very do-able to me. I think I have that same saw from Harbor Freight.
Also a note to keep in mind when choosing a book. Choose one that someone wouldn't be likely to pick up and want to read. Regardless of how you hide it whether it be on a book shelf or lying around your room. Situational awareness can also play significantly into this. Personally I prefer something that looks tedious like old accounting books which being in a college town I pick up at good will rather cheaply. Hiding on a shelf with all the other books can seem logical. But if you pull if off the shelf and lay it on your desk or out of place someone visiting might pick up on this. Especially friends who know what you will be studying. I only bring the second half up because a friend of mine had a stash can made out of a red bull can. He drinks the stuff by the case but when you spend enough time around them you learn particulars. He hates to drink red bull hot, yet he always had 1 can lying out. So one day being curious I picked it up. When I suggested how I arrived at this conclusion he started storing the can in his mini fridge along with the other cans more difficult to accidentally discover. Just my 2 cents, plus lack of situational awareness has gotten even government spies caught.
Excellent point.
I was using a dremel tool and it took forever and the pages were a mess. I have an oscillating tool in the garage and cant wait to try this. thanks for the idea!!
I wonder if you could take the middle "to be cut" paper and clamp it just as shown and then cut whatever shape you wanted by drilling a hole and using a jigsaw ideally or even coping saw (with the blade mounted inside the hole) or other small hand saw. You could probably get a pretty good shape in there if you wanted to and had the pages clamped nice, even, and tight. I love instructables - thanks for this one!!
Thanks for this. Other methods used tools I don't have, but this one is in the garage. I'm going to try it tomorrow, there are lots of old hardbacks hanging around the house.
A very useful and well presented variation on hollow books. Very clever, indeed. <br>Thank you...
Thank you for the compliment, comment, and reading my Instructable! : )
I was currently making a book with a box cutter, when I decided to search instructables. I will dry it with my dremel tomorrow (Makes too much noise to do at this hour)
Good luck! Thanks for commenting!! : )
how can &Auml;&plusmn; cut with out that kind of cutter and still make it easy

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