Picture of How to Make a Sock Monkey
My wonderful Daughter-in-Law was here with her family over Christmas.  Sock Monkeys are something she has made and sold at craft fairs and little gift shops.  I remember when she came to me with a poorly written pattern and a pair of knee highs to make her first Sock Monkey.  Now she has the whole process down to a science.  She shared all the little tricks she and her Hubby, (my son), figured out during their Sock Monkey adventure.  She encouraged me to share it with you.  Just so you know; I made 3 of the 4 monkeys in this picture.  So here we go, learning How to Make a Sock Monkey.
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Step 1:

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1 pair of knee high socks (for large monkey $2.50 a pair at Target, for smaller monkey use children’s socks for $2.00 a pair)
Polyester stuffing
Thread (to coordinated with the color of the socks)
Sewing machine
Chalk (if your socks are dark colored)
Magic marker (if your socks are light colored)
Embroidery floss
Buttons or child safety eyes
Straight pins

Step 2:

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First turn your socks, inside out.  Lay your inside out socks, out on your work surface.  Have one with the heel in the center and folded down toward the sock opening.  The other with the heel folded out (like a traditional Christmas stocking).

Step 3:

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Here is a drawing (I am still learning how to use the computer program) of the two socks.  The red lines show where you want to draw the lines on the inside of your socks.

Step 4:

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.   So here is the sock that will be the monkey main body and legs.  Draw a line from the top of the sock to just below where the fold down of the heel is.
lizzyg1200 made it!1 month ago

I thought the instructions were kind off confusing. It took me a while to make out some of them. But other than that i really liked the out come and thought it went well. 3.5 out of 5 stars

I made a sock monkey for both of my new granddaughters. They came out so cute, and I do not know how to sew! I also made the sock monkeys clothing out of material that matches the grandbabies footie pjs. So now they have matching outfits with their sock monkeys!

Wonderful. I glad it went well for you! Thanks for letting me know!

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LD_P made it!6 months ago

I remixed this design into a sloth! Thank you so much for the lovely base idea!

lhilton1 LD_P6 months ago

So cute!

LD_P lhilton16 months ago
Thank you! The tutorial is here! :)
jcarra1 year ago
I love sock monkeys, thanks for this pattern. I used to make them but had forgotten how.
I have to make one of these!! So cute!
chicopluma3 years ago
reminds me of the 31 minutes monkey
craftknowitall (author)  chicopluma3 years ago
31 minute monkey?
the monkey of the tv show "31 minutes"
craftknowitall (author)  chicopluma3 years ago
Oh, okay! Thanks!
@chicopluma: Was "31 Minutes" (originally "31 Minutos") broadcasted/shown abroad?
yes, that one
So fancy! I love that you used an odd colored sock to make it, too! Adds lots of character. :)
craftknowitall (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thank you, and thanks for looking.
I've always wondered how to make sock monkeys and I have plenty of knee high socks. This will have to go on my craft to do list.
Have fun, I did!