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Introduction: How to Make a Spiral Pencil

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Just recently I went on a long car ride and happened to have a few pencils and an x-acto knife. I did what any maker would do, I started whittling at one of the pencils til I had a cool-looking spiraled pencil. In this instructable I will show you how to make a spiral pencil!

Step 1: Picking the Right Pencil

To make a spiraled pencil you will first need the right pencil. Shown here are three different types of pencils. The first is a six sided pencil. Sounds simple enough, but could prove itself to be difficult for the beginner. The second one is a Ticonderoga pencil, also six sided. Appaently the world's best. The wood on these are sometimes a little bit harder thus being tougher to whittle, if you have a sharp enough knife then go for it. The last is a colored pencil. It is completely round. Its shape will make it easier for beginners to practice on, although the hardness of the wood differs.
After you pick your pencil, you should decide whether or not you want it sharpened. If so, do it before whittling.

With that said, you're ready to start whittling!

Step 2: Whittling

Start by cutting 2 lines that go all the way around the pencil in a spiral shape.
Now you can start cutting out the shape. Cut all of the wood from the surface of the pencil that lies between the two spiral lines. After that, start cleaning up the spiraled area. Simply scrape with the x-acto knife or sand with a file.

Step 3: Finished!

You are now finished with your spiral pencil! Here's a few suggestions of what to do with it!

Go brag to friends about how awesome your skills are and show them your pencil!

Roll the pencil on a table and see the awesome endless squiggle!

Post a picture of your awesome pencil!

the possibilities are endless!

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Wow i am going to make this im going to try and make a dual spiral with more shallow cuts for better wrighting in my lifetime i have drawn so much i worked 5 pencils to a nub :D its fun drawing with a 1/2 inch pencil

I would do this but I have a tendency to lose pencils… :)

Awesome! I just showed my sister mine compared to yours and mine is horrible compared to yours!!!!

Well, I wouldn't use it that much for writing because it could snap easily. You should post some pics!

very cool, but the thought of you playing with an exacto knife in the car makes me nervous. :)

5 replies

Don't worry, I've pricked myself enough with exactos in my day, I'm basically immune to pain! The bleeding though, I still bleed.

I think im gonna try one and impress apon the electronics class :)

Yeah! they're easy to make but very impressive looking!

I concur! I'm a majorly talented klutz. Such a pursuit in a moving vehicle would just about guarantee a subsequent trip to the nearest ER. He's a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

Wouldn't it be really cool if you carved a totem pole design into the pencil?

What if you could dovetail a couple of pencils together and... well that's it really...

2 replies

really hard to do, but not impossible (:
would be great for 3D lettering or if you put several together putting lines on blank paper (removing the graphite from every other pencil could be good for makeing multiple copies of the same line maybe for cutting up later) a lot more stable than just a couple of rubber bands)

You could have used a thin strip of sandpaper at the end to make it nice and smooth (well smoother :P)
So far I've only done that with a candle :D Got to try with a pencil, when I have too much spare time :D

i've made a couple of these before but I used a table belt sanders rounded end, and just pulled down and twised the pencil. I made about a dozen in an hour, they were pretty awsome but they were very easy to break.

Very nice job, but please don't things like this in a moving car again, we don't want to have to call you lefty.
Keep them coming this is cool

I don't know why, but this is the coolest thing ever.