This instructable will show you the ins and outs of making a simple rave mask that is sure to impress your buddies/girlfriends.

You will need:

A welding mask
A LED kit
Soldering iron
Spare wire
Heat shrink jackets
Zip ties
A switch

Sorry in advance for the sideways pictures.  Instructables doesn't play nice with sideways camera-phone pictures.

Step 1: Grab a Welding Mask and Make Some Holes.

For the first step, go to amazon.com and buy a welding mask.  It doesn't really matter which one you buy.

For this mask, I just bought the cheapest one (I'm not going to actually weld anything).  Take the headstrap out by unscrewing it.

NOTE:  the kit's units (LEDs) come in threes.  Drill your holes accordingly. (I just traced a template on a piece of scrap cardboard to help me measure).
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