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With the new school year approaching this month, and noticing that I often dig around in my bag for a pencil, I realized I needed a new pencil case.

But the dilemma I have is that all the pretty pencil cases are very expensive, and all the dull ones break easily! So what am I to do?

Well... how about make my own?

This pencil case will cost you under $3 and a few hours. For me, it took five hours or so, but be reminded that I chose to hand sew my pencil case! A sewing machine will probably take off at least three of those hours.

The only sewing skills you will need are how to thread a needle, how to do a oversewing stitch (also known as a blanket stitch), a running stitch, and a hem stitch, all relatively easy.

A great instructable on how to sew: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Sew./

The pencil case I made is modeled after the Studio Ghibli character, Totoro. You don't have to make yours like I did, but with this pattern you can pretty much add any detailing you like. For example, I'm currently working on another Hello Kitty pencil case, and my first one was a Domo-kun pencil case. ^_^

This is my first Instructable! :D

Step 1: Sketch It.

I've never made a pencil case before, and only have a limited knowledge of how to sew (basic hand-sewing, no machines yet). But before we even think about that, we have to sketch the actual pattern!

In deciding materials, I chose felt. I've worked a lot with felt before, making dolls and plushes. Felt is sturdy, easy to work with, very forgiving, and cheap. Plus, it's awesome to use if you're a beginner!

I wanted a triangular pencil case, so I sketched it out. The reason there is a "x6" and an "x4" next to the rectangular and triangular pieces is that I'm choosing to double the layer of felt I'm using to make the pencil case, so that it will be durable.

The second sketch is of the pieces I'll need to accessorize the pencil case. If you want a plain pencil case, then you can skip that part.
You should check out my totoro phone case
Cute! <br>
I WILL MAKE THIS <br><br><br>
I LOVE IT!!! And who doesn't love Totoro? :3 I am a HUGE Hayao Miyazaki fan, my favorite is castle in the sky!! :)
thank you very much ! ;D
cute! i think i need to make one for myself =D
:D Thanks! And don't be afraid to try it~! You can make it any way you like (:
omg cuteness! I'm sooooooo making this for school! once I get a zipper XD I might just us velcrow though ;3 these are great instructions ;3 I feel certain I can do this! maybe X3 and I deffinately will do this for domo too X3
:D Yayyyy~! Velcro would be a nice addition. You could also deconstruct a small bag or something that already has a zipper and use that one. Good luck! :]
So creative and cute! I would love to try making this.
Go for it! It's relatively easy and won't take you more than 5 hours if you're handsewing.<br>If you're using a sewing machine, well, you can definitely finish this in less than 30 minutes.
I made a pikachu and it's so cute!!!!!
:O Pictures! I must see!<br>I made a Pikachu pencil case as well, perhaps I'll put up pictures later ^^
Totoro! : ) I love him!
:D Who doesn't?
OMG. An instructable about Toturo!!!! I love him. My dad went to Tokyo and brought home one of these toys. SO CUTE!
WAHHH you're so lucky~! I hope to one day own one of those giant Totoro plushes. They're so adorable!
Adorable! I love Totoro!
Thank you! :D I'm also a huge fan of Studio Ghibli films. My Neighbor Totoro is my favorite. :]
nice case
Thank you! :D
Cool, I could use a change pocket, too, can you make one? But in Metric! Inches are sooo antiquated.
That sounds like a lovely idea (: And of course! I'd love to make my 'ibles more non-US-friendly :D<br>I'll hop on it as soon as possible~! x3
Cute case, I like the ears!
Thank you! :D

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