About two years ago, I acquired a table for free. It has scratches, a few chips, and the most useless fold out leaf ever. The table has since became a symbol for all that is wrong in the world, and I was instructed by my boyfriend that it had to go. I really liked the detail on the legs of the table, and I felt really bad throwing it out, so I decided to try and turn it into something more useful.

If you want to try this project at home this is what you will need:

1 x Old kijiji / thrift store / hand me down table

1″ thick foam

Fabric to cover the table

Staple Gun (and staples)


Step 1: Prepare the Table

The first thing I did was to take the fold out wings off the table (It had these awkward fold out things, that were just annoying), this was fairly easy using  a screw driver.

Once the sides had been removed, I began to pain the legs and underside of the table, while the table was on its back.

My cats decided when I was painting this was the best time to play.

The table had a thick coat of varnish on it, so instead of sanding it down and painting, I decided to just paint it multiple times. Once finished, I left to dry. I did not paint the top of the table. A few days (weeks…) later, I decided to cover the table in fabric to make it more of a bench.

Such a simple Idea and so approachable. Thanks for sharing! <br>
Oh, and your blog link is broken:) have a nice day! <br>

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Bio: Getting Crafty up in Canada and hopefully not hurting myself..Hopefully some more recipes and things coming soon!!
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