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I have a daughter who loves to color (she take after her mother).  I found an adult (more difficult than a child’s) coloring book for her birthday.  Then I came across this on pintrest, (http://stacyvaughnblog.blogspot.ca/2012/04/dvd-coloring-case.html) and when she pinned it off my board, I just knew I had to create one to go with her coloring book for her birthday, and since all the things in this kit are either in my recycle bin or my material stash or hidden somewhere else in the house, this was an inexpensive addition to her birthday.  I think I will get new color pencils for it though.  She doesn’t really want my old ones, plus, I’m not so sure I want to give them up.  Here we go.
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Step 1:

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A used DVD case, (you know you have at least one in that DVD tower, if you just look)
2 complimentary scraps of material (check you material stash or a friend’s stash)
1 sheet of 8.5” x 11” scrapbook paper (raided the scrapbook paper box)
Craft knife
Chip board (I used a fun fruits box from my recycle bin)
Terrifically Tacky tape (TT tape)(or spray adhesive, or glue if you don’t have anything else)
Some pencils (for spacing purposes)
10 sheets of 7.5” x 5” white paper (for drawing purposes)
Tape measure

Step 2:

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Open the DVD case.  See those lumpy things that are used to hold a DVD in place.  They have to go. 

Step 3:

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So using your craft knife you can do as I did and cut away each part that sticks up, or, just cut out the whole circle.  Either way will work. 

Step 4:

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Be careful, and don’t do like I did, and cut through the clear plastic covering.  (I just took some clear package tape and taped over the cuts.)  It will be on the back, so not a great problem.

Step 5:

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Cut a 7.5”x 5” piece of chipboard (the fun fruits box). 
It was hard. Lol
computer freak3 made it!3 months ago
WOW I love it, it is really cool and great if you love to draw and go out... it fits in my purse.. thank you for sharing... I absolutely love it? i also added some lace to the inside. it makes it really pretty
Kurisutsure2 years ago
I love this idea!!
Wow! This is so creative!
kmac13 years ago
So cool and convenient. I'm chomping at the bit to make one of these now! Great idea!
ltdaria3 years ago
Very clever
Very cool!
l8nite3 years ago
this is a GREAT idea ! I keep drawing supplies in each of my vehicles, a wire bound book of index cards and mechanical pencil at the minimum but I could clip this to the sunvisor and not have to search the glove box !
craftknowitall (author)  l8nite3 years ago
Thank you!