In this instructable, we will turn a Vivitar PN2011 from a boring point and shoot toy camera into a high speed, low drag, Teflon coated, maintenance free imaging device!  Specifically, I’ll attempt to demonstrate the addition of these features:

1.      Multiple Exposures

2.     Bulb mode

3.     Swing in filter

4.     Pinhole redscale capability (Bicam)

You can do any one of these modifications or all of them if you wish.  Additionally, you can still use the camera as designed if the situation does not call for a “special” mode.

Step 1: Camera Overview

The PN2011 came to us out of the great panorama craze of the 1990’s.  Vivitar, always ready to make a quick buck designed a nice two toned point and shoot with the capability to shoot panoramic photos….well not quite panoramic.  The pano mode was just a mechanism to crop the top and bottom of a regular film frame to get a long and thin image.  The switch that crops the film also crops your viewfinder which is a nice touch.  It has no flash, so it is an outdoor shooter only. 

The shutter speed is 1/250 of a second (again, good for the outdoors).  The plastic lens is 28mm at a fixed f8.  Nice and wide for those panoramic, but not as wide as the much coveted Vivitar Ultrawide and Slim at 22mm.  One thing this camera does have is a tripod socket…normally unheard of in this class of toy camera.  The socket is essential when using the modifications outlined in this instructable and one of the reasons I picked this camera.  The camera operation is about what you would expect from any toy camera and the internal mechanisms seem well designed and robust.  No batteries to run out and nothing to set except the pano or not switch.  Overall, a solid if limited camera.

The PN2011 does not have the cult following of the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim even though the PN2011 is, in my opinion, higher quality (I have both).  At least you can get the camera back open easily with the PN2011.  It is probably a good thing that these cameras are not as popular  as you can pick one of these up for chump change at your local thrift store. 

Confused. How does the multiple exposure thing work? I keep pulling my thread but nothing happens.
<p>Kashi,</p><p>For this instructable, I had 2 strings coming out of the camera. One for the bulb feature and one for the multiple exposure feature. Make sure you have the correct one! You may be just opening the shutter. The multiple exposure one pulls a mechanism to recock the shutter. Hope this helps!</p>
Um, yeah, I can tell the difference between the two. I take a picture, pull the string, but am unable to take another on the same frame.
<p>Below is a pinhole photograph made with the Vivitar PN2011.</p>
Pretty cool! Modifying a simple camera like this into a pinhole camera has a lot of advantages. It is light tight, has a film transport mechanism and a built in shutter (the lens cover). Since the pinhole produces the image through diffraction instead of refraction, no one should complain about the quality of the lens!
<p>Thanks for pointing out that this camera has a tripod socket. I found one for 0.99$ at the local thrift store and I'm getting ready to pinhole mine for the upcoming Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.</p>
help! after taking it apart my shutter won't work anymore. it still makes the clicky noise when it winds but the shutter doesn't click
MaGic,<br><br>Don't panic! The most likely cause is that you tightened the lens board screws too much. This pinches the space the shutter paddle occupies and the paddle can't move. You will hear a click, but the shutter does not fire.<br><br>Disassemble your camera again and loosen the screws that hold the lens board. Do a few tests by cycling the shutter a few times to make sure it fires before you put the front cover back on.<br><br>Good luck!
Do you think this will also work for the Vivitar Ultrawide and Slim? its basically the same thing but more panoramic-y
Yes, you can do these types of hacks with the Vivitar UW&amp;S. Check out this instructable:<br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Bring-Your-Vivitar-Ultra-Wide-and-Slim-Into-the-Fu/<br><br>Lots of good hacks.<br><br>
this is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. Ill be sure to do this
I'd encourage you to modify it!&nbsp; It is really easy and fun.&nbsp; I tried to format the instructable so you could do any single modification or all depending on your needs.<br /> <br /> Even if you don't, the PN2011 is a pretty snazzy camera and fun to shoot.&nbsp; I like putting it an enormous tripod and watch the reactions.&nbsp; Most people are convinced it is some cool new digital!
Hmmm...<br /> I think I have one of these.<br />

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