Introduction: How to Open a Lock With a Coke Can

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Step 1: To Do Open a Lock With a Coke Can You Need!!!

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Step 2: If You Left Your Key From the Padlock and Think Over How to Unlock It, Sitting and Drinking Coca-Cola Don't Through Away the Can Form Coca-Cola to the Bin Because It Can Help You to Open the Padlock.

Picture of If You Left Your Key From the Padlock and Think Over How to Unlock It, Sitting and Drinking Coca-Cola Don't Through Away the Can Form Coca-Cola to the Bin Because It Can Help You to Open the Padlock.

Step 3: The Way to Do It You Will See in the Video (How to Open the Padlock With the Help of Coca-Cola Can)

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Step 4: Have a Good Day! See Ya!

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SusanI8 (author)2016-03-25

Just one suggestion - I notice you use a metric ruler to cut the "key", so you should mention that.

crasstafari (author)SusanI82016-03-26

99% of the world ouside the US uses metric.

HerbertD1 (author)crasstafari2016-03-27

Exactly. The meter is also arbitrary, as you can see of the the definition by wavelenght which is complicated like pi. The real stupid is the multiplicators.

12inches=1foot 3foot=one yard but not 1000yards=1mile.

And seamiles unequal landmiles even different landmiles and pounds simply totally stupid as shit.

You re lucky that ther are microprocessors that can easily count ounce pounds(and stones EN).

Our only left over from babylonian ages(really!) are seconds minutes(60)and hours(24). The French failed to introduce the 100hour 100min clock.

Deathstick (author)HerbertD12016-05-22

Well, you have peaked my interest far more than this recycled Ible amongst a list of plagiarized ideas.

I took the liberty of simplifying your first equation, "An arbitrary meter is equal to the definition of wavelengths which is also equal to Pi?" I don't even see how you begin to solve that without using multiplication.

Why would it make more sense for a mile to be 1000yrds, knowing 3'=1yrd? I am guessing since you know French history, you probably used Pascal's Triangle to get here somehow, I'm curious how.

"Seamile", is not a thing. "Landmiles", nope. I am not following your jump from "landmiles"(again, not a thing) to "pounds", and why these are also stupid. Although, strangely I can agree with you on "landmiles".

You have no appreciation for punctuation, so I assume "ounce pound" is not a new compound word. Not sure luck is the feeling one gets about a microprocessor's ability to "count" either. I would rate the ability to spell check much higher.

Seems as though you are "really" serious about the Babylonians only leaving us with time increments, so I guess we are ignoring Astronomy, religion and the idea of ascension, bookkeeping, written laws/agreements, etc...

BorgOvermind (author)crasstafari2016-04-29

So will the US.

SusanI8 (author)crasstafari2016-03-27

But I'm guessing 80% of Instructables' readership are in the US.

WannaDuino (author)SusanI82016-04-08

make that 60%

Mayank_j (author)SusanI82016-03-28

Make that 70

J MortonB (author)crasstafari2016-03-30

crasstafari... are you talking about all those countries that HAVE NOT landed a man on the moon?

Deathstick (author)2016-05-22

Killing me with the THROW/THROUGH thing. Not really into regurgitated "hacks" thing to be honest.

lm5392 (author)2016-05-11

the metric ruler is NOT used to measure but for a straight edge this works good on some locks but there are locks that are to tight for this to work

TonyC120 (author)2016-04-29


medwards38 (author)2016-04-10

This didnt work for me...but the angle grinder did! :)

LynneF6 (author)2016-03-24

I;m afraid someone who sees this would go around unlocking Bikes etc

Zaacharia (author)LynneF62016-04-02

The bad guys already know all these tricks. Did you know you can open a Kryptonite bike lock with a pen barrel? It was only a recently that bike owners found out what the crooks knew for years. If you know the trick, you can guard against it

Meglymoo87 (author)2016-04-02

thats pretty awesome but shockingly too easy (hmm)

Eli101 (author)2016-04-02

i dont get it

Z_Suleman1998 (author)2016-03-31

Coowul . From the UK cough

HLightning11 (author)2016-03-21

you should maby not have any padlocked valuables... if someone else sees and decides they wanna rob you/others = \

jreauclaire (author)HLightning112016-03-21

If that's the only thing protecting your "valuables" you may want to reconsider:

A. what's actually valuable


B. how to protect your valuables

CreativeGeek (author)jreauclaire2016-03-27

Lessee here for 'valuables'...

1) My work ID/time badge, can't clock in without that.

2) Equipment required for my job.

3) My lunch, and a small first-aid kit.

4) Shaving supplies, get out the door quicker by shaving before clock-in whenever the facial hair gets a little long in the tooth.

shortw (author)jreauclaire2016-03-24

If someone wants to rob you, they do it anyhow........ regardless.

daotee (author)shortw2016-03-26

.....or maybe they die tryin'?!!

Zoolok (author)2016-03-27

TBH there are easier ways of breaking into things. Bolt croppers, cordless drills, and crowbars. Shimming padlocks is really only for opening when you've lost a key. Anything that needs to be secure will have a better lock than that used.

HerbertD1 (author)2016-03-27

I was aware of that. but "the turn" was enlightening to me, that makes use of the padlock itself to stiffen the shim :-D

the_ickynator (author)2016-03-25

I get how it works. at first, i was like huh then i realised. NOICE!

jbass012706 (author)2016-03-24

this is great! My son put a padlock on his backpack and lost the key.

Also, I love the music! Who is it?

binky888 (author)2016-03-24

handy hack, thanks for the post, pretty useful and alarming at the same time.

JohnD316 (author)2016-03-24

Locks of any kind only keep honest people out.

JohnD316 (author)2016-03-24

Locksmiths call the real tool for doing the same thing, "fingernails". They can be purchased at locksmith supply stores.

chipm (author)2016-03-24

Did you learn this in prison?

SherpaDoug (author)chipm2016-03-24

I learned how to pick locks as part of learning to repair radios in ambulances. The radio compartments are always locked and no one ever knows where the key is. When you get called to fix a radio you can either 1) pick the lock and get your job done, 2) wait forever for someone to try to find a key, or 3) give up and go home. Only one of those options results in a happy customer.

fontanella (author)2016-03-24

great music.

Gelfling6 (author)2016-03-21

I imagine the same thing would go with combination padlocks as well as the keyed. Time to upgrade to the circular style!

CosmiChild (author)Gelfling62016-03-24

Circular padlocks are easy to open (with one trick) as well as these presented above.

BryanB7 (author)2016-03-24

Tride it works grate . Thank you

Precision1 (author)2016-03-24

Wow - what a great helping hack. Unfortunately the bad guys are probably aware of this and shows we need something tougher than these expensive padlocks.

Thanks for this.

Mex5150 (author)Precision12016-03-24

Padlock shims have been around for a *VERY* long time, and yes the bad guys do know about them. The shims can be defeated by tighter tolerances on the locks (if you can't fit a shim in, you can't use a shim to defeat the lock), but that's goes for picking too. You get what you pay for.

LeslieGeee (author)2016-03-24

LOL now we know how all those bicycles got stolen without braking the chain.. SMH Great tip though :)

FamousyoutuberLife (author)2016-03-23

wow i did it worked

fraser02 (author)2016-03-23

Thats really handy, thanks for sharing!

fraser02 (author)2016-03-23

Thats really handy, thanks for sharing!

activeboned (author)2016-03-21


chalawandan (author)2016-03-21

No way!

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