How to program Attiny85 with Arduino UNO in most easy way

Step by step tutorial, with no steps to skip by Awesome PCB.

Step 1 - What do we need?

Step 2 - Connecting Arduino board with ArduShield and ATtiny85

Step 3 - Setup Arduino IDE

Step 4 - LED set up on bread board

Step 5 - Programming and veryfiacation

Step 6 - Additional tips hot to improve your experience with Arduino and ArduShield

Word of introduction

As it is known, we can program ATtiny25/45/85 with Arduino UNO.

Thear lot of way to do this. You can connect Attiny85 to Arduino UNO via cables, but there is an easier way to do this.

Than main target of this instructable is to show you how to do this with low effort and with only USB cabel.

You can download PDF directly from here.

Step 1: What Do We Need?

What do we need?

1. Arduino UNO ( could be also Arduino Micro or Arduino Nano).

2. ArduSHIELD – most universal shield for Arduino boards.

3. Bread board.

4. LED to check result if everything is working fine.zz

5. Resistor from the range 220R to 2k – current limiter for LED.

6. ATtiny85

7. USB B cable (depent what type of Arduino board you will use)

8. Arduino IDE

Where to buy ardushield?
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