This is a really easy cheap project that transforms a boring old office swivel chair into something unique and lovely.

An old swivel chair
Enough fabric to cover the back-rest and seat of your swivel chair

Step 1: Dis-Assemble Your Swivel Chair

Both the back-rest and the seat of the swivel chair are probably screwed into the main frame, have a look at your swivel chair and dismantle it. On the one pictured there were two screws holding the backrest in place and four screws holding the seat in place.

Once you have unscrewed the back-rest and seat, you need to take the padded part out of the frame, with this chair it was simplya case of levering the padded part out with a flat-head screwdriver (used as the lever).
<p>Thanks for your great tutorial. I definitely will be doing this asap. I'll add a swift spray on for the plastic parts to lighten it all up. Your work is great. onward and upward.</p>
<p>Thank you so much for this! I just re-did my chair. I ended up painting the frame too. I love it! </p><p>Also, mine didn't have a separate back/chair piece, which was interesting. I just stapled the bottom (no one sees that) and then covered the staples on the top part with eyelet lace. Thanks again!</p>
Great, a few weeks ago I brought an old chair home from the office (instead of taking it to the tip). I was wondering how it would look re-covered - this has inspired me!
I Like it.... My chair is realy Dirty . First day = Yellow . but now is Black ! :D tnx man
Nice job, and exactly what I have been instructed to do by Kitewife.

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