It's pretty easy to break the SD card slot on a Raspberry Pi (I broke mine by dropping it on the SD card). If you break yours, there's no need to cry over spilled Pi. Replace the disappointing SD card slot with a new one.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Soldering Iron
Flux Pen
Solder (Lead-free solder is harder to work with but less toxic. Choose wisely.)
Solder Wick
Wire Cutters
Würth Elektronik 693 063 020 911
Valcon 412D02F-09PC003-SV SD Card Slot (OEM Part)
A Well Ventilated Area or a Fume Extractor
The Internet

What appears to be a direct replacement for the SD card slot (Valcon 412D02F-09PC003-SV SD Card Slot) is available from Toby Electronics in the UK, but shipping to my place in Detroit is almost more than the cost of two new Raspberry Pi model B's. Currently Digikey stocks a suitable replacement (Würth Elektronik 693 063 020 911) that's much more economical for those of us in the USA.
<p>I can confirm that this works well. I just did a replacement with the part ordered from Digikey in the US. Thanks for the instructions. Good work!</p>
<p>Good job, I done follow this instrustion.</p><p>By the way, I Get a replacement slot from logictoyz</p><p>http://www.logictoyz.com/raspberry-pi/replacement-sd-card-slot-for-raspberry-pi-a-rpi-b.html</p>

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