In this guide I'll show you a simple way to root your phone. This guide should work with recent HTC android phones.

This guide is for Macintosh computers ONLY!

Materials Needed:

1. Macintosh Computer
2. Usb sync cable for phone.
3. Rooting software

Step 1: Download the software

In order to root. You need to download the correct software to root your phone.

To do that go to http://unrevoked.com and select your phone. Next, Click on the Unrevoked3 link. Click Download for Mac os.

The software should download.
<p>I personally used <a href="http://www.anyrooter.com/android-root-pro.html" rel="nofollow">AnyRooter Android root pro</a> application to root my Galaxy S6, it works fine and safe. I highly recommend you give it a try!</p>
<p>Yea that's nice and all if Unrevoked didn't have only options for 5 different phones. No help at all. </p>
i have a generic tablet, and i want to root it, what should i do?

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