Picture of How to Start a Fire With Swedish Firesteel/Flint
Here I will teach you how to start a fire my way with Swedish Firesteel. You can find the materials in any house or garage.

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Step 1: The Easy Find Materials

Picture of The Easy Find Materials
What you need:

Steel wool
Fuel (cardboard, more paper, wood, etc.)
Fire pit or a small tray
5 min.

Step 2: Spark

Put your steel wool in the pan and spark it. It will start to burn, but you wont see a flame. This is how you want it. it will burn out fast.

Step 4: Add Fuel and Have Fun

Picture of Add Fuel and Have Fun
put the fuel on and have fun.
dadagaga4 years ago
Thanks. I bought one today, and wasn't able to "light my fire" until I tried this. It worked after 3 swipes.
Just to clear up some possible confusion, add the term "flint" by firesteel, mostly because I know quite a few people (myself included) who refer to that type of product as a "flint"
okay, thanks for the tip.