Picture of How to Wall Mount a Television (using a Cheetah Mount)
Cheetah Mounts are enormously popular on Amazon. As of this writing, 1557 reviewers have given the model APTMM2B mount a 4.8 star average review. Since the vast majority of the reviews are positive and the mount costs less than $30, I bought one to mount a television in my bedroom.

This is an easy project. The mount actually comes with decent directions, but many Amazon readers complained that the directions were difficult to follow. Since this is a project that many beginners take on, I'll describe the installation process as simply and vividly as possible. There will be many pictures. And I'll do my best to describe workarounds to help you avoid purchasing or borrowing extra tools. 

Basically, my goal is to point friends and family to this 'ible rather than getting roped into doing the project for them. I'd also like to address the needs of the guy who shared the following review. (Holla atcha boy, Jeffrey S. Binford.)

The install instructions were the worst I have ever seen in my entire life. There were extra parts not even listed in the manual, the holes were drilled in the wrong spot, the washers were too small...

This shouldn't take more than an hour and a half. That includes enough time to make two egregious mistakes and one small snafu. Not that you would, but this is a DIY time estimate, and nobody ever believes those. A beginner can easily do this inside of an hour.

I have two these both was around 25 bux each and they work perfect. I need get third for the bedroom.

I attached my 50" plasma to wall using a 12€ metal support which keeps snap-fit tools braces and metal drawers... I replaced them with a pair of steel (U section) bars drilled for the TV. I obtained a very sturdy wall snap-fit support for that 30 Kg beast!
wilgubeast (author)  andrea biffi1 year ago
That sounds awesome. You out-cheaped me!
zrcochran3 years ago
I just put one of these together and it's great! Thanks for sharing!
wilgubeast (author)  zrcochran3 years ago
Nice. Share a pic in the comments and I'll set you up with a free 3 month pro membership.
Here's my wall hanger...
Here's a photo of the completed installation. I was a bit worried at first given how inexpensive these mounts are, but they are really quite sturdy and I was excited how easy it was to put up. Thanks for the instructable!
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Nice work. The magical pro membership button glitched, so you now have a pair of 3 month pro memberships. They're transferable, so you can bestow three months of decreased ads, PDF downloads, and pro status upon whomever you feel deserves it.