Step 2: Print parts

Picture of Print parts
Head over to Thingiverse and download Fixbot's STL package. You'll notice that you have a choice between two different sets of files. The first set contains all standard parts including the main chassis, the rotation axis, as well as the finger. The second set of files includes the same parts, but we've added some extra feet on the bottom layer to stop the models from curling. If you have a really well calibrated 3D printer or Makerbot, feel free to use the vanilla files. However, if your Makerbot is as quirky as ours, use the anti-corner curling feet variety.

Also, make sure you print one (or all) of the bases for the robot. You have a choice between a vertical screw-mounted base that you can screw onto anything, a GoPro compatible adapter to use with GoPro mounts, or a horizontal screw mounted base.
iramey2 years ago
Is there any way of getting the 3D printed parts without a 3D printer? If so, where at?
projectsugru (author)  iramey2 years ago
hmmm, this is a good question.
So, you could upload the files onto Shapeways and order from them.
Alternatively, you could do a google search for 3D printing companies in your area and send the files to them. You could be very surprised about how many companies can do this. Finally, you could hit up your own social group and see if someone you know can print this for you....