Introduction: How to Clean Out a Rusty Gas Tank and Replace Oil on a Moped

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I did this at TechShop Menlo Park.

I have a 1978 Sachs moped that I finally got to work. It's 2 stroke motor was frozen so my friend rebuilt it. Now its time to clean out the rusty gas tank and replace the oil so I can get on the road.

Step 1: Removal of Gas Tank

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Unscrewing of the nuts and bolts holding the gas tank to the moped.

Step 2: Pouring Gas Out

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Old rusty gas gets poured out of the gas tank.

Step 3: Cleaning

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About 2 cups of thinner swished around the tank got the grime and rust out. Then the tank got installed back onto the moped.

Step 4: Oil Replacement

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Unscrewing the oil compartment and filling it with oil.

My moped is road worthy now. :) Exciting!


joetribe (author)2014-07-12

U know that just a motorcycle not a moped just saying sorry to be so negative

halamka (author)2012-12-07

wow groovy.

pheenix42 (author)2012-12-01

Hail, fellow moped rider! Thanks for the info--I own an '85 Tomos myself, and this info will be handy to keep in my head!

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