Picture of How to code in echo form in notepad
To create a Game in notepad is not difficult just you need code and method to do,
for beginners I advice to start with simple programming.....PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.. 
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Step 1: Coding

Here are your code :- (note:- brackets are added  to show you the code do not add brackets while programming the game)

1) (echo) code "echo" are used to write a text for e.g " echo Welcome to EAT games ".

2) (cls) code "cls" is used to cancel the  written notes because after we have saved game as batch file and when you start the game        text you have written does not go it remains we have to scroll down for further text. {see the video for better understanding}

3) (set/p my=Command :- ) code "set/p my=" is used for typing the answer of quiz question or  any type of other programme
   and you can write anything after "=" for e.g Your answer or What you want to do etc.

4) (:text) code ":text" is used as hyperlink see the video for better under standing.
    You can write anything after " : " in the place of text.

5) (if %my% )

6) (color 3) code color defines the color you want to use for text.

7)(start) code start is used to start other progame.
Nice work, I couldn't help but notice the spelling and grammar mistakes within the batch file. Please revise your work and correct any mistakes.

Secondly, in the first step, you didn't give an explanation for line 5. Also, the explanation for line 2 (cls) could have been better structured as it probably makes little to no sense to the "beginners" of batch files.

I am looking forward to reading more of your work in the near future.
code source (author)  Prof. Pickle2 years ago
Thank you...
For your comment , from onward's I will take care of that..
BattyAssassin4 months ago
Very cool! Thanks for it! AWESOME!!!!
Rumor0015 months ago
Hi, can anyone maybe help me with a game im programming? Having problems with it and dont know whats up, please mail me at thanks

nice not a bad quiz but can you teach me how to code things in notepad

i did this, but i added my own tweaks like different questions and junk...
I've worked with batch files in notpad before, but just stuff like the matrix effect thing and junk like that, but never something as cool as this...
i am blown away by even the most simple computer programming stuff
thank you so much you are awesome
code source (author)  god squad 1012 years ago
Thanks for your comment.....
I have been trying for simple programming, checkout my other simple batch instructables too....
No problem, I'm just trying to help out the community. You may be wondering why I'm posting a new comment instead of simply replying but I cannot seem to find the reply button (don't call me old or stupid, it's no where to be seen).

Anyway, best of luck to you!
code source (author)  Prof. Pickle2 years ago
No I really appreciate your answer..
And hey by advising is not stupid, so i like your comments and keep advising or help me and others...
I'm writing comments (similar to yours) to other people. You might spot some eventually. They are mainly the first and only comment on peoples instructables.

So, now onto what I came here for; what is your next expedition (instructable), and could I help in any way?
code source (author)  Prof. Pickle2 years ago
ya, I am going to launch a simple HTML tutorial, for begineers..
Unfortunately, I have not yet had the pleasure of learning HTML and I will be of no use.

Maybe another time.
code source (author)  Prof. Pickle2 years ago
Hey plz visit my new website , and do leave a comment on it in developers tool, it has windows 7 look..
I just made a comment. I must commend you on your work. I haven't seen anything like this, ever, and it is well done and well designed.

I was just wondering, are you going to add more help articles onto it?
code source (author)  Prof. Pickle2 years ago
Oh yes, I am going to add more articles, If you have some beautiful articles then tell me I will add it and you can give me more ideas.

Lastly if you want help in designing a website for you then ask me frankly about it.