How to Cook Turkey Chili/taco/burrito Filling





Introduction: How to Cook Turkey Chili/taco/burrito Filling

In this instructable I hope to show you how easy and inexpensively you can make a tasty, filling and fairly healthy meal

Step 1: Intro and Ingredients

Our local grocery store (WinnDixie) sells tubes of processed turkey for a dollar ($1us) a pound, its kind of strange with an odd consistency but for a buck a pound.... Here's a couple of ideas I came up with, actually a 2 for 1 recipe

Here's what you'll need
one pound package of processed turkey
one package of taco or chili seasoning
one or 2 cans of chopped tomato and chillies (I use rotel habenaro)
one medium onion chopped
2 chopped peppers
Hot Sauce(s) and red wine vinager
garlic (I use prechopped)
oil for frying

Total cost of about $3us not including the pantry/partial use items

Step 2: Lets Get Started

first lets get the pan warm and add some oil

Step 3: Sizzle

put the processed meat in the skillet, hear it sizzle!! use the spatula to break it up some

Step 4: Flavor and Veggies

Now throw in the chopped onion, peppers, garlic and packaged seasoning, stir and cook for a few minutes

Step 5: Tomatos and Chillies

open your can or 2 of tomatos and chillies dump in the pan, juice and all, add hot sauce of your preference, I use a couple good splashes of each of these (I like it HOT) then stir and heat

Step 6: Its CHILI !

oooops I made it a little 2 juicey at this point it would make a great chili but its going to need to thicken a LOT for taco or burritos, I raided the pantry and found a box of rice... that'll work!

Step 7: Fini

I let it simmer per the rice instructions when I tasted it, I decided to add a little more water and cooking time, it took about an hour all told

Step 8: ENJOY

Theres a couple of ways to enjoy this, put some in a bowl add a little cheese and eat like a thick chili or use it as a burrito/taco filling, I chose the burrito tonight



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    It's starting to get a little cool outside.....might be making this stuff this weekend.

    Thank you for leaving a comment

    u an also use ground hot sausage with the turkey it keep the turkey from drying out and having that tongue taste

    yes you definately can add sausage to the turkey and I usually do when making chili but this ible was more about the cheap protein. Thank you for the comment

    Haha, we buy that processed turkey sometimes too. The only things I'll eat it as are burritos or shepherd's pie. Good recipe!

    Some people prefer to chop everything themselves when making a recipe. Could you even can this chilli?

    I almost always use freshly chopped peppers and onions etc and Im not sure where that comment comes from... I suppose you could can or jar the finished product but theres really only a couple of meals worth with the recipe the way it is, I have occasionally frozen indivdual portions for a couple of weeks

    oops... I should have spell checked! >= I

    I'm sure this is enjoyable but I have never seen processed turkey before and hope I never do again.
    I am interested in the hot sauce - what are you using?
    (I like hot)